Treadwell Gibbons Suspended From Squad

August 9, 2013

Treadwell Gibbons has been suspended from the cricket squad in light of his actions over Cup Match, the Bermuda Cricket Board confirmed today [Aug 9].

He had previously been named as part of the training squad selected to train for the upcoming ICC World T20 Qualifier in Dubai in November 2013.

“The national training squad was selected and approved shortly before the Cup Match holiday to be released on Tuesday 6 August,” said a statement from the BCB. “In light of the incidents during the second day of Cup Match Treadwell Gibbons has been suspended from the squad until investigations into the matter are complete.”

During the recent Cup Match Classic Gibbons was ruled out by an umpire and initially refused to leave the field, at one point waving the cricket bat around and being restrained by another player.

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  1. ISLANDER says:

    Common sense has prevailed as well he should be banned from playing for two seasons or longer

  2. Family Man says:


  3. Selective Amnesia... says:


  4. Sigh Of Relief says:

    We are really in a state because we all know there is no way he should have even been put on paper. Yes people do things out of order from time to time. He however has just been plain out of order for way toooo long. Hence the decrease in spectators at sporting events. Please step up and not allow players who show misconduct the opportunity to play! I’m sick of them setting bad examples for our youth. I’m not saying they have to be perfect. Honestly when you continuously act in a disrespectful tone towards fans and other players! You need to be shown the door! I’m no Somerset fan I’m a mother a teacher and a fan of cricket !I’m so sick and tired of this nonsense. You have not only embarrassed our team but your community ! NEVER EVER SHOULD YOU PLAY CUP-MATCH AGAIN ! RUDE!!!!!!!!

  5. Sunshine says:

    Thank God! How could we ever have someone represent Bermuda internationally that doesnt even know how to act at Cupmatch, which is cricket played between friendly rivals and its not even that much of a serious game for these cricket players. Cupmatch is mostly alot of Pomp and Pagentry, cause its a holiday for Pete’s sake! This is a gentlemen’s game and if you cant act like a gentlemen get off the field with your bad behaviour!!

  6. IslandGal says:

    He is such a good cricketer but really does have a bad attitude. He needs serious help

  7. LBBean says:

    Cup Match is a truly special Bermudian holiday with significant historic connections. It is a time when we have all segments of the community coming together to watch 2 days of cricket, play some Crown n Anchor, eat a bit of fried fish and/or mussel pie, check out all of the creative fashions that people choose to wear and catch up with friends and family who we do not get the opportunity to see all throughout the year – all in a festive atmosphere. Regarding cricket, we are all aware that this game is supposed to be the ultimate “gentlemen’s sport”. I must say that I was completely shocked and embarrassed to see the behaviour displayed by Treadwell Gibbons Jr. in the middle of such a high profile stage as Cup Match, with locals and visitors watching up close and personal.
    Whilst a participant may not agree with a umpire’s decision, the umpire always has the final say and temper tantrum in any form should not be allowed. In this case Treadwell Gibbons Jr. did not immediately walk off the field when he was given out, he started to dart at the Somerset players with his bat raised in the air and then he proceeded to charge into the stands in order to confront a member of the public. This behaviour was completely out of order and therefore he should receive a really stinging penalty from his club in order to let him and all other cricketers know that this type of behaviour will not be tolerated. My first thought when I watched this charade pan out on television for as long as it did was to say that Treadwell Gibbons Jr. should be banded from playing Cup Match for life. Some may think that this is a rather harsh punishment but Bermudians need to do what we can to hold onto our sacred traditions like Cup Match. We don’t want people turning away from the game because of such displays of poor sportsmanship.

    On another note in my opinion I think that the captain of St George’s, Ironed Bascombe, took far too long to intervene in the situation as it was unfolding on the field. As soon as Treadwell started to ‘act up’ Oronde should have approached him to try and calm him down and to encourage him to leave the field gracefully.

    I also believe that the president of St George’s Cricket Club, Neil Paynter could have made a poignant statement when first interviewed about this incident to let that public know that St George’s Cricket Club does not condone any type of disorderly sportsman conduct during cricket matches. So while Mr. Paynter may not have been in a position to say at the time how Treadwell GIbbons Jr. would be handled following the incident on the filed during Cup Match he should have at least said that the behaviour displayed was unacceptable.

    We keep letting our standards slip here in Bermuda and if Treadwell Gibbons Jr. does not receive a just punishment for his grossly inappropriate behaviour during Cup Match then we shouldn’t be surprised if we see other players display such inappropriate behaviours in future cricket matches.

    I am really curious to see how St George’s Cricket Club is going to handle this one!!!

    • I also agree with all you’ve written LBBean; Bermuda / Bermudians must not permit that type of behavior displayed to all spectator and need I say, “worldwide” He must be ban from competitive cricket matches yet alone Cup Match!

  8. David Gower says:

    Says something about him, but more about today’s society.

    We all know he has a bad attitude. No player is bigger than the sport, I personally would be happy to never see him again.


  9. Realist says:

    All of u stfu cuz u dk wtf went on and wa was said to him

    • Disgusted says:

      Regardless what was said to him on the field, he should have walked when given out. When you try out for Cup Match you should have the maturity to deal with what ever comes your way on the field of play. Also when you raise your cricket bat in anger, you should never be allowed to play again in Cup Match. Not surprisingly when I googled Treadwells name on island stats he was banned for two years in 2009-2011. Anger management course is what this young man needs to take. Some how apples don’t fall from the tree.


  10. filobedo21 says:

    Realist you need to shut the hell up. Enabler??? I too am glad he was pulled from the squad. Now let him think on that!

  11. Disgusted says:

    LlBean I agree with everything you said regarding Treadwell Gibbons Jr. Why is it taking St. George’s Cricket club so long in dealing with him. I heard Mr. Paynter say on the news he is waiting in the umpires report, for what I ask? I believe two years down the road St. Georges will have a problem getting a sponsor for Cup Match. As a spectator who pays out $1800.00 for a camp for Cup Match so much was lacking this year.
    The system to receive your drinks requires better organization. I couldn’t believe that there was only one person to attend to each camp, to then tell others to look for it. In the past your order was delivered between a set time. As well as the ice you had to pick it up yourself. In the past during lunch and tea a truck came around the grounds to collect your trash bags, no collection this year. As for the toilet situation, they shouldn’t be allowed to host any Cup Match until they can assure the public that problems that arose this year won’t happen again. Portable toilets were not cleaned for the second day again and only done in the afternoon after several people complained. Then late on the second day the one nearest the club house overflowed. Why haven’t St. George’s adopted the same practice as does Somerset. Their restrooms and portable toilets are monitored and cleaned throughout the day. So come on Mr. Paynter your and your committee need some house cleaning done.

  12. Ref to the comments made by, “Disgusted” it’s a crying shame when the Club only see $ signs and disregard the public needs. We Bermudians are losing our identity as a people :-(