Alvone Maybury On Trial For Alleged Stabbing

October 25, 2013

Alvone MAYBURY [large]‘Facebook Fugitive’ Alvone Maybury reappeared in Court today [Oct 25], where he is on trial for allegedly stabbing another inmate inside Westgate in October 2012.

The trial is before Magistrate Khamisi Tokunbo with Crown Prosecutor Nicole Smith presenting the Crown’s case.

Evidence tendered by three Correction Officers [CO] witnesses is that on 24th October 2012, the inmates from Housing Unit E1, which they refer to as ‘Echo 1’, were on outside recreation.

A Divisional Officer [DO] said that he responded to a ‘duress’ call from the recreation area and on arrival found that CO’s had calmed that situation down. The DO said at the end of the scheduled recreation period, the group lined up and were moving, in opposite directions to each other, prior to returning to E.

The DO said that during this time he was behind Alvone Maybury, and Sean Evans was with the other group. The DO’s evidence was that he saw Mr Maybury lean forward and then seconds later saw Mr Evans raise his right arm and heard Mr Evans say: “This is where it’s gone.”

The DO said that at this point he saw a metal object in Mr Evans’ forearm, and photographs produced in evidence showed that the object did protrude several inches from Mr Evans’ arm.

Shown a long thin metal shaft by the Crown Prosecutor, the DO said that he recognized it as the ‘metal object’ and that it was a metal bucket handle that had been flattened and sharpened at one end.

The DO said that this was the kind of thing called a ‘shank’. The DO said that in prison language, anything that’s been sharpened and that is intended to do bodily harm is called a ‘shank’.

The DO’s evidence was that immediately after, he ordered that this group of inmates should be locked down and fed, and that this must happen before any other groups were released for recreation.

The trial then adjourned for lunch, and continued again in the afternoon. A detective constable gave evidence that she collected evidence materials that included articles of clothing, a metal ‘pick’, and other items such as photos and CCTV footage.

Magistrate Tokunbo then adjourned the case to November 2013.

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Comments (14)

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  1. Family Man says:

    What’s the bet that if found guilty he’ll be given a concurrent sentence?

  2. 75 and sunny says:

    sad. i look at this face, and the first thing i see is this is someone who finds himself in a situation he would never have dreamed of…. his eyes tell it all. but yet, here he is…. how can we stop these boys from growing into these accidental life-wrecks? i bet everyone in his family would say he was a sweet child, they never saw this coming.

    further, is our system once that locks people up to rehabilitate them or to punish them? it has to decisively be one or the other – not a mix of both. we need to decide.

  3. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    you only get one life to live,he blew it!

  4. Bermuda Boy says:

    He is the first one to send away, no return.

  5. Miguelito says:

    I think I gotta go along with
    Nuffin but da truth…he blew his opportunity.

  6. Tiss Toss Tyrone says:

    Maybury he’ll turn his life around this time and Maybury he won’t

  7. longtail says:

    This boy is on a cloud… trying to live a life without consequences. Probably a learned attitude… a sad reflection on the state of Bermuda’s youth.

  8. Bully bug says:

    But don’t forget he’ll be out sonnet than you think!

  9. Bully bug says:

    “Sooner” damn spell check…

  10. bluebird says:

    Interesting that this alleged VIOLENCE is continuing in the prison which is better than in society.Shows the police department must be effective.
    Thank you to all Police Force.