Bermuda Lawyers Contribute To New Law Book

November 21, 2013

7671484__FINAL BOOK COVER_1Local lawyers have contributed to the Family Law Jurisdictional Comparisons [2nd edition], published by European Lawyer/Thomson Reuters.

Rachael Barritt and Adam Richards, directors of Marshall Diel & Myers Limited and senior members of their Matrimonial and Family Team were invited to co-author the analysis of Bermuda family law for the publication, which is now available to purchase from all Thomson Reuters and Sweet & Maxwell websites and from leading bookshops throughout the world.

This chapter was carefully edited by the Head of the Matrimonial and Family Team, Georgia Marshall. Georgia Marshall also recently authored the Bermuda submission to the text, International Trust Law and Divorce Litigation.

Managing director Kevin Taylor stated, “The publication of the analysis of Bermuda family law in the 2013 Family Law Jurisdictional Comparisons is a testament to the expertise of our firm’s contributing attorneys.”

The Matrimonial and Family Team at Marshall Diel & Myers offers an unparalleled breadth and depth of experience. The team is led by Georgia Marshall, who has over 25 years of experience and is the only Bermudian matrimonial attorney who is a fellow of the International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers.

This team regularly provides advice on all areas touching on matrimonial and family law matters including divorce, financial settlement between spouses, custody and access issues, and maintenance for spouses and children.

The team also has considerable experience in drafting domestic contracts including pre-nuptial contracts, nuptial settlements and separation agreements. They have developed a reputation as knowledgeable and effective advocates who appear in all levels of Court in Bermuda.

Georgia Marshall added, “Our team’s knowledge of the current jurisprudence, sound judgment and strategic approach has always ensured that our clients’ cases are presented effectively and persuasively. We were more than willing to use this base of knowledge and expertise to contribute to this important international publication. It was truly an honor for Rachael and Adam to be invited to participate in this publication.”

Family Law Jurisdictional Comparisons is already the “must-have” publication for all family and divorce lawyers throughout the world who require a comprehensive and practical guide to the key components of family law across a multitude of major jurisdictions. Marshall Diel & Myers Limited believes that it will also stand as an excellent resource on family law in Bermuda.

According to Rachael Barritt “This publication is the culmination of what has been a substantial research project and I am proud to see the finished result. Our objective was to provide the reader with a simple and accessible guide in which those at the very forefront of their fields highlight the different family law issues which are defining and changing family law around the world.”

“By again adopting the Q&A format for each chapter, the aim has been to take what are, at times, emotive subjects, and give them a clear and logical response which could aid any international practitioner”.

“Given the importance of this publication, Marshall Diel & Myers Limited has decided to donate copies of the book to the Supreme Court library, the Bermuda College Library as well as the libraries of other law firms. We are also reaching out to the various high schools to inquire as to whether the publication would assist with providing students intending to study law with a local Bermudian perspective”.

The unprecedented success of the first edition of Family Law Jurisdictional Comparisons, published in 2011, is indicative of the growing importance of international family law and the huge appetite among family lawyers for a definitive guide to family law in core jurisdictions around the globe.

Against this background, Marshall Diel & Myers Limited felt that it was vital to include Bermuda in this second, definitive, edition of Family Law Jurisdictional Comparisons which includes 16 new jurisdictions as diverse as Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Monaco, Spain and the United Arab Emirates.

Adam Richards confirmed, “There has been a marked increase in the number of family law cases with an international element, and there is no evidence that this growth will abate any time soon. The trend is partly caused by the growth of truly ‘international cities’ such as London and New York, but also by the myriad of international conventions that govern issues such as child abduction.

“Against this backdrop, it was essential to provide family law practitioners with an up to date, and improved, comprehensive resource book. By ensuring that Bermuda is included in such a publication we have really put Bermuda on the map for international family law practice.”

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  1. Legal Eagle says:

    The HIGH COST of BDN familily law lawyers –particularely MarshallDM’s lawyers- basically bankrupts both people going through a divorce! Unless they are rich, the lawyers get almost everything! The old saying “It’s cheaper to keep her” has real meaning in BDA–but also leads warring couples remaining together to engage in domestic+child violence!!