OBA, PLP Pay Tribute To Dr. Clifford Maxwell

November 1, 2013

[Updated] The Opposition Leader has today paid tribute to Dr Clifford Maxwell, who was well known and respected for his work both as an educator and as well as helping to strike down legal discrimination through his work with the Progressive Group.

Opposition Leader Marc Bean said, “The PLP joins Bermudians in celebrating the life of Dr. Clifford Maxwell.

“Through his work with The Progressive Group, Bermuda was moved closer to a place where every Bermudian, regardless of the colour of their skin will be treated with fairness and equality.

“Through his work in education at The Berkeley Institute, he helped to shape the minds of scores of Bermudians who, to this day continue to contribute positively to our island home. We owe Dr. Maxwell and his wife Florenz a tremendous debt.

“The prayers of our people are with the family of Dr. Maxwell and Bermuda is thankful for his life.”

Dr Maxwell, who ended his career in education as the Principal at Berkeley Institute, was a math whiz who started out as a maths teacher at the Bermuda Technical Institute.

He was a member of the Progressive Group, and played a key role in helping to organize the June 1959 Theatre Boycott.

This Theatre Boycott, and the work of Dr Maxwell and many others, was instrumental in ending the legal discrimination against black Bermudians that had been the legislatively supported norm ever since Emancipation in 1834.

Update 3.01pm: The OBA said they would like to “add our voice to those of others paying tribute today to Dr Clifford Vincent Maxwell, a well known and distinguished educator, principal of the Berkeley Institute, whose teaching career in Bermuda spanned a period of over 40 years.”

Mr Thad Hollis, OBA Chairman, said “Dr Maxwell left his mark on thousands of Bermudians who were his pupils during those 40 years. He made a very substantial contribution to Bermuda during his life. We offer our heartfelt condolences to his family.”

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  1. Chris Famous says:

    God Speed Dr Maxwell

    Thank you for all that you have did for Bermuda . Thank you for all your extra lessons which helped me to understand Mathematics

  2. swing voter says:

    There are 2 PLP groups. Dr Maxwell and many other old school stalwarts will be remembered for their high values and persistent efforts to level the social and economic imbalance. Through it all he never ever held his hand out nor comprimised his position for financial gain. Maxwell joins Cox Snr. LBE Allen, Ball, Wade, EFG, and the many others who gave up so much to build the original pLp that has died little by little as the true freedom fighters fade away one by one. RIP Sir

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      What would he describe a “swing voter” as? Oh, that’s right, not worth a description. No compass, no culture, just kissing up………RIP Dr. maxwell, thank you for just being you.

  3. Student says:

    Swing voter,you are correct,Dr.Maxwell was old school with morals and integrity.
    The new PLP cannot wear his shoes.

    • watching says:

      and the OBA wouldnt even be able to shop in the same shoe store.

      • Hmmm says:

        but segregation of people is one of the things he fought against.

        We are all in the same shoes.

    • Mazumbo says:

      I must admit the old PLP and the new are not the same but the old ubp and OBA are!!!!LMAO

    • Paul says:

      Student you are so right… the president of the USA needs to take a page from this great man … Doctor Maxwell had morals and integity…. this president is going down as the worst president ever ……..

  4. Former Berkeley Student says:

    I am really saddened to hear this news. When we were younger, some of us didn’t quite appreciate all that Dr. Maxwell stood for…he was the principal so that kinda made him public enemy number one. I’ll never forget when the news came out that Dr. Maxwell, amongst others, was deeply but secretly involved in the civil rights movement in Bermuda and the theatre boycott that achieved so much for people of colour. I felt so bad that I never truly appreciated the man that he was when I had the frequent opportunity to be around him for five years of my life.

    I will always remember his humbleness and his quiet but strong demeanour. Bermuda has truly lost a hero.

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      A silent, powerful warrior.

      • Glen Alban says:

        Amen! I know and and agree totally with your comment Former student!

  5. Raymond Russell Jr says:

    Always had nothing but respect for Dr Maxwell.

    even when he used the cane on me, lol

    RIP Sir

  6. Malachi says:

    I attended the Bermuda Technical Institute from 1962 to 1967 and Dr. Maxwell was my math teacher. He was a very strict teacher when he needed to be, but when he saw the entire class involved in a math debate he exhibited an intelligent sense of humor.

    Thank you Sir, for explaining the Geometry, Trigonometry and Algebra which I still find exciting today!

    • Malachi, I also extend my gratitude to Dr. Clifford Maxwell for teaching me at Bermuda Technical Institute…Much of what I do know today I accredit him for,(yet even more,i.e. that which one did’t learn in school back in the early ’60s)
      Dr Clifford Maxwell had been everything you’ve mentioned…truly a real teacher yet simultaneously, a “disciplinarian” one that many of the former Tech bies;’ can attest to :-)
      May those related to the former Dr. Clifford Maxwell find a semblance of peace in his physical absence and I do take this opportunity to extend my sincere condolence.

  7. Zario says:

    Yes he was a strict math teacher at Tech, but I also remember playing table tennis against him, and he also worked with those interested in photography, in the photo lab.

  8. Glen Alban says:

    This was a great and beautiful man, who truly cared about Bermuda and its’ people!

  9. JONO says:

    All of the above but more importantly, a TRUE CHRISTIAN

  10. Ride says:

    He was a great teacher and principal. He left an exceptional mark on Bermuda. My sincere condolences to his family and close friends.


  11. Answers says:

    Dr.Maxwell would cringe at the present PLP!

    • swing voter says:

      As have so many others who fought out of moral conviction instead of the ‘promise’ of political power, a bloated MPs salary and undeserved pension…never would the Dr. Maxwells of the old school PLP utter ‘DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?’

  12. Takbir Karriem Sharrieff says:

    To Mr. Clifford Maxwell …( The quiet Warrior..Enough Respect….)my first contact with Mr.Maxwell was as my ..gym teacher at West Pembroke Elementary School ….! (Two tough guys…)at least we thought they were at the time…..were playing hookey and trying to distract and get the attention of the students on the playing field and disrupting the classes ….!Bad Mistake…!Mr Maxwell and another male teacher spoke to them to no avail…finally both the male teachers dealt with them and drove them away from the school and the windows….I again was taught by Mr.Maxwell at Berkely Institute with equal respect for him as a man and therefore it came as no surprise to me that it was revealed that he was instrumental in the forming of The Theatre Boycott…!Many Quiet Warriors still exist today as Icons for us to emulate and follow…!Nuff Respects …..( Quiet Warrior …)Peace be unto you in your resting place while your spirit will live on forever…The spirit never Dies….Allah -u – Akbar….G-D is the Greatest…!

  13. Tiger Lily says:

    Thank you Dr Clifford.