Hospitality Career Fair Being Held On Feb 26

February 23, 2014

The Ministry of Home Affairs in partnership with the Bermuda Hotel Association will host the 2014 Hospitality Career Fair on Wednesday [Feb 26], at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess.

The aim of the Hospitality Career Fair is to encourage suitably qualified Bermudians to apply for job opportunities in advance of the upcoming 2014 Tourism season.

Participating properties at this year’s event include Rosewood Tuckers Point, Fairmont Southampton, Fairmont Hamilton Princess, Cambridge Beaches, The Reefs, Mid Ocean Club, Grotto Bay Hotel and Coral Beach Club. The Bermuda Hospitality Institute and The Bermuda College will also be participating in the event.

According to organisers, this year’s event will be slightly different from years past in the sense that there will be hotels showcasing live interactive career stations, including spa, concierge, sports and recreation, culinary and food and beverage to name a few.

Also the application process for the job opportunities that will be available will be posted online via the Department of Workforce Development’s Job Board at

Today the Minister of Home Affairs, Sen. Michael Fahy said he hoped that as many Bermudians as possible attend next week’s Career Fair and take advantage of the opportunities on offer.

Minister Fahy said, “We remain committed to growing our economy and getting Bermudians back to work. The Hospitality Career Fair is one initiative that helps in our efforts to employ Bermudians, and we are delighted once again to join with our hospitality partners to host this year’s career expo.

“Our aim is to provide a different experience than in previous years, by making this event stimulating, exciting and interactive. There’s an array of careers available in the hospitality industry and we will have the expertise on site to explain to individuals the criteria needed to ensure that applicants are successful in some of these fields.

“We are of the view that the hospitality industry can be a very rewarding career choice, and we want Bermudians to reconsider joining this very important industry. So, we are hoping that as many Bermudians as possible attend the career fair and take full advantage of the orientation and learning process so that they can find the right job for them.”

The event takes place from 10.00am – 2.00pm in the Harbourview Ballroom at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess Hotel.

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Comments (35)

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  1. js says:

    I love the proviso “suitably qualified” it puts the onus on the person seeking employment in the more than likely chance they won’t get hired

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      I guess you would be happy if cabin staff were allowed to fly the plane or an EMT to perform the surgery on you.

      The onus is on the potential employee to be capable of the job.

      Nobody goes out & buys a car with bits & pieces of it still in the trunk neediing to be installed by the owner.

      • js says:

        different strokes for different folks

        I can personally attest that my foreign spouse was hired by an insurance company with no office experience, no recognizable degree and barely able to type

        she was offered the job immediately after the interview and their only concern was that she had a valid spousal letter

        she was clearly unqualified for the job but so was every other spouse of a Bermudian in her department

        the bottom line is if an employer wants to hire someone they will find any reason to consider them “suitably qualified”

        if they don’t want to hire someone they will find any reason to consider them “unsuitably qualified”

        I would have thought an astute blogger and observer such as yourself would be aware of this reality and be able to read between the lines

        perhaps you are beginning to believe your own bull@#$%

        • Vested says:

          This is so very true. Half of a person’s suitability though reflects her / his attitude during the interview process. No skills, right attitude is a much better combination than skills, and a ‘no’ attitude.

          I’m an employment consultant aka immigration consultant so I know what I am talking about. Applicants have to come across like they would be good to work with..would fit well within the team…this is much bigger than words per minute…if your attitude is a true ‘can do’ attitude….then the suitably test is half way satisfied…

          some people come in with a chip on their shoulder or an expectation….this is so discernable and so not desired

    • Right Stuff says:

      So you want them to say “unqualified persons should apply”. Some people are never happy!

      Stop picking apart little words, and try to see the big picture!

      • js says:

        they should say “all persons interested should apply”

        being “suitably qualified” is a subjective criteria established by the person hiring

        if interested people were to apply even if they did not possess full qualifications they may be able to demonstrate other skills which a potential employer may consider valuable

        unfortunately Bermudians tend to be ridden off even before they apply

        its generally nuanced and very subtle and can only be seen by picking apart little words

        • Vested says:

          “All persons should not apply” if they don’t have the basic requirements of the post.

          Why should an employer change the minimum requirements of a post to suit a given applicant? I need a nurse, RN actually. So the person in the laundry room should apply becasue she is interested in being a nurse? Give me a break PLEASE.

          This is what causes so much frustration for the unemployed and the employers genuinely looking to staff Bermudians…

          The idea that “Hey I am unemployed, so you have to hire me because I am a Bermudian. Who cares I don’t have a clue or understand all that you require….In fact I didnt even finish reading the ad, but I’m interested in a JOB with full benefits” Don’t ask me for references, a police clearance or any of that other stuff required in today’s environment. Just give me the JOB.

  2. James says:

    Why on earth would they want people who were not suitably qualified? I wouldn’t want to be attended at a hotel by unqualified staff?!

  3. somuchless says:

    Good luck to those who apply to Fairmont. They’re online process sucks and if you’re qualified you won’t get the job.

    Their hr dept can’t even help cause it’s company wide.

    • somuchless says:

      Because the online form is used company wide and the hr dept has no control of it.

      Now I’m not knocking/flaming the hr teams.

      Also there are a lot applying and get no where.

    • Vested says:

      Perfect example of one who does not read…the story above tells you to apply through the Job Board for these postings…so who cares about Fairmonts online process…Let the people in landfaraway fight over would be my expectation that those who use the Job Board will have some advantage

      • somuchless says:

        You will go there but they will still ask you to fill out the form. Guess you’ve never tried to apply there. It’s mandatory cause everything is done electronically.

  4. Teed Off says:

    This is a good initiative I have an idea that Might be useful. Can we have the Immigration department and the hotels present how many jobs that are work permit holder, when their contracts will be up and it will also give Bermudians an idea of what is available and when and the training can begin. I would like to see the BIU out there checking those numbers and looking to employ Bermudians as well. If we are serious hold hotels, immigration, BIU, OBA and PLP accountable. I am just saying

    • Coffee says:

      Best comment award !

    • Right Stuff says:

      You would like to see the BIU there???? Why, they have not assembled a group of qualified and respected people since the Otti years.

      . Couldn’t run the CO-OP, Credit Union, Taxi Dispatch, Liberty, their accounts (which were 11 years behind at one point)and whats the story again on the Berkeley/ Procative Project and PHC deal. The BIU (under its current leadership) should not be invited to give advice or participate in anything. Another Union YES, Ottiwell Simmons yes, the BIU as we know it NO WAT!

    • Tommy Chong says:

      Won’t happen because immigration, a huge number of employers & government previous & present love to assist others with their remittances.

  5. Don't believe the hype says:

    So there will be no training for those with potential? you had better be qualified for the position or don’t bother.

    • Right Stuff says:

      See that is what is wrong with this island…everyone wants everything to be handed to them and be trained on someone elses dime!

      I know three people that lost their jobs at the same place 9 months and I encouraged them that now would be a good time to take night classes, community classes, Bda College classes, online courses or even Volunteer somewhere! I (and others) encouraged them to do something so that when new opportunities arise, they could show that they did not just sit on their backsides but instead did something positive.

      One followed my advise, and got a job three months later and is doing VERY well and still studying at night. The other two have done nothing but sit on their butts and sponge from the system, their families, friends for months and done nothing to better themselves or their community.

      We need to learn to STEP UP or STEP ASIDE. Nothing is owed to us!

      • Tommy Chong says:

        So why is it that many foreign workers her have received a job without night classes, community classes, Bda College classes, online courses or even volunteering somewhere? One out of three is not a conclusion it’s a coincidence!

      • Vested says:

        love it

      • Tough Love says:

        Since when is asking for training comparable to a handout? If people have been unemployed for 6 months or greater, and have no relevant experience, how would they get a job in hospitality? I guess they won’t and we’ll just bring in the guest worker.

    • R.I.P. says:

      Those with potential but no qualifications or experience, start at the bottom of any company. Show true potential, make work on time, work hard, take a night class or online class and you get promoted.
      That’s life in the real world.

  6. Birdie says:

    blah, blah, blah OBA.

  7. ABC says:

    sad part have de contract workers r not qualifed either

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      No disputing that but what is their attitude towards work & learning a job? Are they ontime? Do they happily do extra time when the job load requires it or do they walk off & put extra work load on their fellow workers?

      • Tommy Chong says:

        If you’re going to generalize Bermudians why not do it outright instead of asking rhetorical questions with answers that are only opinionated fallacies of yours & the other prejudice buffoons out there?

  8. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    Hospitality Career Fair. What a fantastic idea. Go for it !

    Going forward, I have heard that , lets do the same thing for all the other employment opportunities.

    May be next “Sea Venture” would be to take the idea in to the schools.

    Schools need to modernize, the old Victorian way of thinking and educating is over for them siting at a desk waiting for 3.00 PM. has failed.

    Show our children the real world give the a reason and a burning desire for learning.

    I am tired of seeing gun violence on TV .

    I would be happy to see CITV with even our SENIORS running some hands on courses, not only just for children for every one.
    Subjects , Insurance, banking, cooking. Car Driving, bike riding, first aid ,how to change a car wheel. and more.

    For example How to apply for Employment. How to write a resume. How to dress and present you self for a hotel job interview.

  9. Thanks, but... says:

    Does anyone know people that are hired through these Fairmont career fairs? I don’t. At the last fair they openly said there were no jobs available, go figure!

  10. somuchless says:

    I had lunch at Fairmont and was served by a Filipino. Nice service. Listened to the table (tourist) next to me ask the waiter for directions to the ferry stop. He had no idea and said he had to get his manager. I intervened and helped and when the manager arrived, I told him they’re fine.

    And this is the city business hotel. Welcome to the new Bermuda.

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      Sounds like a real story, because people that don’t look like us obviously never use the ferry. They’re shipped in every day and never see the ferry terminal. They also never use bus stops, shops, beaches, or hotel facilities, so they cannot answer questions about those things. They also have no idea what the weather is likely to be like. They live in little isolated boxes. We can tell this, because they look a bit different to us.

  11. The Messenger says:

    Chances are there are positions in the hospitality industry for which I would be suitably qualified. However, because of age discrimination in the workplace, I would not qualify as I am 23,740.7 days mature. :o ))

  12. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    “The Messenger”. Good Morning.

    Age discrimination in the work place that is the thin end of the wedge.

    The Minister of home affairs is going to have his hands full dealing with other employment issues.

    My Wife and I have our own bitter stories to tell, but, not here, don’t want to bring you to tears.

    This is not funny, but both BIG companies that employed us have gone under.

    Unions are a good negotiating tool when all parties do the right thing around the table and not in the streets, its called arbitration.

    One employer bottom line ploy is to hire a younger person and pay a smaller wage, claiming a lack of experience or expertise,it is thought that many young people even up to the age of 30 still stay at home with their Parents and consequently have less expense.

    Question…….Do employers ask if you are married with kids ?

    There is no “The End” in the book of dirty tricks, one of the best tricks I know, is to let older people go just before retirement age, I am wondering if insurance companies do the drop policy trick with health insurance premiums at the same time.

    However , its a double edged sword even when young people get the axe for some unjustifiable and feeble excuse.

    We all know that a mature reliable experienced employee is the better investment in some circumstances, we older people have many talents in many areas and we can do allot, even for the tourist industry.

    May be, I am running a Mega Apple Computer here.