Hotel Association To Hold Recruitment Drive

December 15, 2021 | 1 Comment

[Updated] The Bermuda Hotel Association [BHA] — in collaboration with the Department of Workforce Development and the Bermuda Tourism Authority [BTA] — will be holding a Recruitment Drive on Tuesday, December 21st.

A spokesperson said they are “inviting all persons to participate, who are keenly interested in pursuing career opportunities in the hospitality / hotel industry for the upcoming 2022 season, to include and not limited to waiter-servers, stewarding, housekeeping, bartenders, front desk agents, and administration.”

“The Recruitment Drive is scheduled to be held at the Harbourview Ballroom at the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club. The details of which are as follows:

  • Registration: 14th. – 20th. December 2021- Apply via the* and register under the New Tourism Jobs section.
  • Time: 10am. – 4pm.

“Participating Hotel Properties:

  • Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa
  • Coral Beach & Tennis Club
  • Fairmont Southampton
  • Grotto Bay Beach Resort & Spa
  • Hamilton Princess & Beach Club
  • The Loren at Pink Beach
  • Mid Ocean Club
  • Pompano Beach Club
  • Rosewood Bermuda
  • St. Regis Bermuda
  • The Reefs

“Each participating hotel will have representatives on hand to provide details on positions that are available and to schedule interviews for those attending the recruitment drive. As this is a SafeKey event, all participants will be required to present a valid SafeKey along with your identification in order to gain entry to the event.”

Minister of Labour Jason Hayward stated “Tourism is an essential cornerstone of Bermuda’s economy, employing thousands across the island. As we enter 2022 and move toward the start of our tourism season, I thank the BHA, BTA and the Department of Workforce Development and the many participating hotel properties for working together to hold this recruitment drive. There are many career opportunities in tourism, and I encourage any Bermudian who is unemployed or seeking alternative employment opportunities to attend the event”

Tim Morrison, the BHA President and General Manager, Hamilton Princess & Beach Club said: “As we look forward to the upcoming tourism season, we are excited to have our visitors experience the wonderful hospitality and service that Bermuda and its people are renowned for”.

Stephen Todd, BHA CEO stated “As our destination moves beyond the adverse effects of the pandemic, our hotel property members are focused on ensuring that our hotel guest and visitors form memorable experiences during their time with us, and a key component of this is their direct interaction with Bermudians and residents as we have a long standing and enviable reputation of being one of the most welcoming and friendly countries globally. This in no small part is due to our colleagues in the industry, hence our strong desire to welcome them to join us in maintaining our reputation”.

The BHA added, “The overall objective of the recruitment drive is to engage local residents to join the industry and to play a vital part in welcoming and engaging with our visitors and hotel guests in the coming year as we collectively work to rebuild and grow the economy, and to ensure that Bermuda is once again the destination of choice for our future leisure and business visitors.”

Update: Charles H. Jeffers II, CEO Bermuda Tourism Authority, said “Engaging Bermuda’s workforce is vital for our plans to revive the tourism economy. That’s why this collaboration between the Bermuda Hotel Association, Department of Workforce Development and the Bermuda Tourism Authority is such an exciting one. We are preparing the sector for the staffing needs of 2022 and beyond, providing jobs, and training for Bermudians and getting the island ready for the injection of visitors we expect in the year ahead. We encourage those looking to be a part of Bermuda’s tourism recovery to register today. ”

Update: In explaining how to sign up, a spokesperson said, “This is the link : How to register:

  1. Login or create a profile on
  2. Go to
  3. Select ‘Job Search’
  4. Go to Employer and type in “ New Tourism Jobs”

*We have reached out to the BHA for clarification on the URL

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  1. I LOVEMY LIFE! says:

    From my own personal experiences working in the hospitality industry specifically as a Front Desk Agent I can attest to the fact that these hospitality jobs don’t pay well. Its sad and mind boggling that with the millions of dollars that some of these establishments make each year that they pay their staff crumbs. Staff members normally work long hours with split shifts and holidays included. How do you expect Bermudians to live off of $350-$500 dollars a week in 2021? How do you expect to attract young Bermudians to this career? Bermuda’s hospitality industry should be booming with young Bermudians but its NOT because here are NO incentives and they don’t pay well. Make this career attractive and appealing for Bermuda’s youth to get involved in this career path. Parents aren’t sending their children abroad to University to take up Hospitality for them to come back home to make $350-$500 dollars a week at a hotel and have to work split shifts and holidays with almost no room for upward mobility within the company. And if you wanna make more money you’ll almost have to kill yourself at work. Its sad when I go to a hotel in Bermuda and don’t see a Bermudian in sight. Hopefully we can do better for our locals and get them more involved and interested in this career.

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