New Book Explores Bermuda’s Varied History

February 13, 2014

Local author Jonathan Land Evans has released his latest book, titled ‘Seasons of Change: A History of Bermuda from 1939 to 1959,’ a tome that details those 20 years in the island’s history in great detail.

The author’s official description of the book states, “Continuing the author’s series on Bermuda’s modern history, this volume examines the busy and notably change-filled period of 1939-1959, including the Second World War, new U.S. naval and air bases, the Imperial Censorship station, the island’s role in the Battle of the Atlantic and in economic and intelligence warfare against Nazi Germany, the history of local military forces, the proliferation of automobiles, the cedar tree blight, the post-war rebuilding of tourism, the Cold War, the flourishing of offshore business, and moves towards racial desegregation.

“The political scene, the advent of unions, improvements to the education system, changes in the retailing of food, activity in the arts, and many other subjects are also discussed.”

This latest book follows up on Mr. Evan’s previous works of Bermudian history, including ‘Peace, Prudence and Prosperity: A History of Bermuda from 1919 to 1939,’ and ‘A Colony at War,’ detailing the island’s involvement in World War II.

The book is available now from self-publishing book store

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  1. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    would be nice if it was available in Bermuda.