Two New Books On Bermuda History At Library

September 4, 2016

Local author Jonathan Land Evans recently made two new books – which are not presently available for purchase anywhere –  available to the Reference Library at the Bermuda National Library.

The author said, “The first is my privately-printed, text-only Preview Edition of ‘Bermuda in Painted Representation, Volume III: the Bermudian era’ [the concluding volume of that trilogy, which takes the reader on a lengthy but hopefully not too exhausting guided tour of how and by whom Bermuda has been depicted in artworks, from the earliest days until recent times].

“The second new work is ‘A Carto-Bibliography for Bermuda, 1511-1948′, which sets out, chronologically and in schematic detail [including their publishing-history and indicative rarity-ratings], all of the old printed maps of Bermuda that are known to me.

“The latter work [which I have been compiling for many years] was originally intended to be the main appendix to my forthcoming illustrated history book ‘Old Bermuda Maps’ [National Museum of Bermuda Press, autumn 2016], but the Museum has decided not to include it there so as not to make ‘Old Bermuda Maps’ too long a book.

“I am pleased to say, however, that the National Museum will be making a digital-download version of the Carto-Bibliography available for purchase through the Museum’s website in due course, and in the meantime has graciously consented to my privately printing a small number of copies of the Carto-Bibliography for donation by me to a few leading libraries and the like. The Museum also plans to publish an illustrated edition of my ‘Bermuda in Painted Representation’ trilogy at some stage in the hopefully not-too-distant future.

“Given the Museum’s well-deserved reputation for producing high-quality and handsomely-illustrated scholarly books on Bermuda’s history, I am sure that readers will have much to look forward to there in due course; and in the meantime my own more homespun text-only volumes, noted above, will hopefully serve as a valuable resource for researchers, collectors and others interested in the huge variety of artistic and cartographic depictions of Bermuda that has been produced over the centuries.”

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