Book Explores Bermuda In Early 20th Century

July 8, 2014

Local author Jonathan Land Evans has released his latest book, titled ‘Empire & Onion-patch: A History of Bermuda from 1898 to 1918,’ the chronological first book in his ongoing series covering the island’s history.

Covering topics including tourism, farming, the British military precense, immigration, politics, the environment, community, technology, arts, and more, the book also features a lengthy chapter on Bermuda’s experiences during the first World War [1914-1918], whose centenary is coming up in August.

This latest book follows up on Mr. Evan’s previous works of Bermudian history, including ‘Peace, Prudence and Prosperity: A History of Bermuda from 1919 to 1939,’ ‘Seasons of Change: A History of Bermuda from 1939 to 1959‘, and ‘A Colony at War,’ detailing the island’s involvement in World War II.

The book is available now from self-publishing book store and will also be on sale locally at the Bermuda Book Store later this month, according to its author.

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