Video: Prison Van Bursts Into Flames

February 3, 2014

Yesterday morning [Feb 2] a prison van caught fire on North Shore Road in Hamilton Parish, sending smoke pouring into the air as fire ripped through the vehicle. There were six people inside the van, however fortunately they all escaped without injury.

The Fire Service responded with two vehicles staffed with six personnel, and extinguished the blaze.

“A fire investigator was called to the scene to help determine the cause of the fire. The fire is still currently under investigation,” said Fire Service spokesperson Leonard Davis.

Photos of the fire can be viewed here, and the video below is courtesy of Melissa Botelho:

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  1. The Book Thief says:

    Prince that’s you?…no? Damn.

  2. Bermerican says:

    Hoping that this was not intentional!

  3. justmy2cents says:

    that fireman doesnt look to be in any kind of hurry lol

  4. X man says:

    This Story has more to it than meets the eye -
    The Bermuda Corrections Service has made tremendous cut backs in order to support the economic plight
    in Bermuda – this means shortcuts for new Vehicle parts and maintenance. which = incidents like this!

  5. Ride says:

    I rode by this while doing the charity ride route. The amount of damage was impressive. Glad no one was hurt. Does seem like it could have been an attempt at a break. Maybe I’ve been watching too much Breakout Kings.