Photos & Videos: Fire In Devonshire Marsh Area

March 17, 2018

[Updating] Firefighters are currently battling a blaze in the marsh area of Devonshire this morning [March 17], with flames seen in the marsh as smoke pours into the air.

Lieutenant Francis of the BFRS said, “The Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service Emergency Dispatch Center received a call for a brush fire at 0820hrs in the marsh near the Island Construction grounds.

“On arrival we found a large area of brush on fire and spreading due to heavy winds. We are currently fighting the fire and will provide updates shortly.”

Dwayne Caines, from Bermuda Police Service said, “Presently there are major traffic diversions around the location of the fire. We are asking for the public to please stay away from the area until the fire is fully under control.

“Residents in the area should close their windows and doors as there is heavy smoke and ash in the air. We will alert the public as to when the fire has been extinguished.”

Live video replay:

Update 11.20am: The fire has traveled east, and also some sparks and flames can be seen at a property across the road. Smoke continues to pour out, and what appears to be ‘ashes’ are also in the air. Water trucks, the ladder truck and an airport fire truck are on scene.

Update 12.10pm: A man was seen running down the street with a horse, leading him/her to safety away from the fire and smoke.

IMG_1105 (1)

Update 12.19pm: A police spokesperson said, “At last check in an abundance of caution police officers have been going door to door in the neighbourhoods of Upland Street and Vesey Street, Devonshire – encouraging residents to voluntarily evacuate – as thick smoke and embers from the fire are reported to be entering those areas. Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service continues to battle the blaze and traffic diversions remain in effect. Further updates are anticipated in due course.”

Update 1.00pm: BFRS said, “Please be advised that majority of our operations have now moved to the Vesey Street side…. we are still working to protect the buildings on Marsh Lane.”

Update 2.30pm: The roads remain blocked off as firefighters continue to work

Update 5.15pm: The fire has been contained, full report here.

Update 5.54pm: A police spokesperson said, “As of 5pm today [March 17th] the Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service confirmed that the fire is contained. There have been no reports of any property damage at this time. As a result, traffic diversions in the area are no longer in effect. The Bermuda Police Service would like to thank the motoring public for their patience and cooperation.”

Update 7.00pm: The BFRS said, “At approximately 8:22am on Saturday, March 17th, 2018, the Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service [BFRS] responded to a report of a brush fire near the Island Construction in Devonshire.”

Fire Service spokesperson, Lieutenant Russann Francis, states that “initial reports are that there was heavy smoke with flames that rushed from the area near Island Construction garage yard and were heading toward the Middle Road and Brighton Hill Road junction in Devonshire.

“Due to the high winds, which severely posed a challenge for firefighters, embers from the flames were blown to areas of dry trees and grass which caused the fire to spread. We quickly responded by dividing resources to make a 3-point attack which helped to restrict further spread of the blaze to any exposures.

“The fire was eventually brought under control at approximately 3:00pm with the roads open to traffic; however, crews will remain in the area during the daylight hours for the purpose of wetting down hot-spots and areas of concern to prevent the potential of re-ignition. We responded to the incident with all available vehicles and personnel.

”At this time the BFRS would like to take the opportunity to thank the motoring public for their patience as we worked to get the flames under control. We would like to thank all members of the public who assisted by providing water to extinguish the flames, and for those who provided refreshments for our firefighters. We also thank the Bermuda Police Service for their assistance in securing the roads for everyone’s safety.

”All roads are now accessible to the public.”

Update: Click to enlarge photos:

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  1. Brady says:

    Must be all that hot air from parliament hill yesterday.

    • Susana says:

      What an insensitive comment! We have residents in the area who are being affected.

  2. Toodle-oo says:

    Thank you for the coverage Bernews. It’s almost like being there !

  3. Tanya says:

    Anyone please give updates. We have evacuated our home and only have one of two pets. We want to go back to look for our cat and see what is happening.

  4. Imjustsaying says:

    Can some one please explain to me why W&E are continuing to work on railings on North Shore Road with a traffic light up and traffic backed up all the way to Clay House Inn from where they are working, makes no sense with Middle Road closed. I I know it’s probably over time for them but my God the amount of traffic that is backed up. Is it really necessary to continue work today.

    • Bdabye says:

      No common sense, just came through that nightmare, shut it down!!! South road backed up due to collectors hill traffic lights. Anyone going East better be prepared for a long wait.

  5. Triangle Drifter says:

    Then there are all of the looky loos getting in the way. Get out of the way. Let the BFS do their job.

  6. Izzypop says:

    Either that hard wind we had this morning caused lines to spark or someone deliberately set this.
    Very sad.
    I remember the last big fire there
    Could hv been a lot worse with houses and businesses being destroyed
    Thanks to BFS and any water truckers for your hard work to get this fire out

  7. Oh really says:

    They want overtime obviously. They work very slowly all week stretching out the job so they can get in the overtime. Not one of them could survive working for a construction company. Then they wonder why companies bring in workers. A foreign worker will give you an honest full day of work. Now a government worker you would be lucky to get 3 hours.

    • Gerri65 says:

      I was in the traffic on North Shore, however I don’t like your comment. Have you thought they want to repair the road ASAP because it is crumbling due to the rains we have had over the past week?
      Plus if they did this through the we will hear more complaints of traffic jams.

  8. Puma says:

    A fire innah marsh…
    Must have waste oil etc. Innit…
    Gee…I wonder where that came from….
    I need this water tested for fuel oil waste or by products of trucks and heavy machinery.
    Logical right?
    All that rain we had…four inches in one night

  9. Puma says:

    This marsh actually provides food for our reef system…destroy it and you kill our reefs…that’s nasty.

  10. Facts says:

    They work for East End Ashphalt dummy! Not Government! Stop hating and spreading lies!