Brown: Dr. Heatley Should Resign Immediately

March 30, 2014

Dr Edmond Heatley Commissioner of Education  Bermuda, October 20, 2013-6[Updated] Following new information coming to light due to the release of Dr. Edmond Heatley’s job application for the position in Louisiana, Shadow Education Minister Walton Brown said that Dr. Heatley should resign immediately as his position has “become wholly untenable.”

The application from Dr. Heatley — who serves as Bermuda’s Commissioner of Education — was one of 44 applications released by the Louisiana school system in response to a public records request.

Dr. Heatley, an American, took up the post in Bermuda in September 2013 and earlier this month it was revealed that he applied for a job as the Orleans Parish schools superintendent in the United States.

After the news broke that he was shortlisted for the job in Louisiana, Dr. Heatley said, “I can confirm that I am a finalist in a superintendent search in Orleans Parish.

“This was not a proactive search by me; I was invited to apply and I did. I have not applied for any other jobs. My resume is not ‘out there.’ And frankly, I was also surprised that my name was announced publicly in open session, as a finalist by the search committee.

“Back in December when I allowed my résumé to be put forward, there were a number of major, and from my perspective, unsettling changes within the Ministry,” continued Dr. Heatley.

“The PS had resigned, the Education Ministry had been merged with another Ministry and the Minister had been replaced. However, since then, I am pleased to report that I have built a very positive working relationship with the current PS and Minister.”

According to the released application, Dr. Heatley listed “increased public education approval rates from 23% to 93%” as one of his accomplishments while employed at Bermuda’s Ministry of Education.

This is a 70% increase in approval ratings in under six months, and what survey this was extracted from is unclear at this time, however we have asked Dr. Heatley for a citation and will update as able.

We also asked the Ministry of Education for clarification on this 70% increase, and a spokesperson said they “are neither able to comment on, nor defend, the information contained in his application.”

Screenshot from the job application that was released, click to enlarge:

Fullscreen capture 03292014 112408 PM

The job application was through the Hazard, Young & Attea recruitment firm and states that Dr. Heatley is under contract and is paid $190,000 for the position in Bermuda. The reply to the question “when does contract expire” was “with a 30 day notice.”

In his statement issued earlier this month Dr. Heatley said that he had not applied for any other jobs, however Lousiana’s Times Picayune reports that “Heatley applied for another job at the same time. The job title was redacted by the School Board.”

Screenshot from the job application showing one line blacked out,  click to enlarge:

Fullscreen capture 03292014 111133 PM

The Orleans School Board interviewed four finalists earlier this month, but has not made a decision on the position yet. Dr. Heatley is reported to have attended the interview in Louisiana on March 20th.

Some 44 people applied, and according to the Times Picayune, the Orleans school system released over 300 pages showing all the job applications, including Dr. Heatley’s 8-page application.

Shadow Education Minister Walton Brown’s Comments

After seeing the full job application, Shadow Education Minister Walton Brown said, “Dr Heatley has engaged in such a significant mis-representation of his application that his credibility as our Commissioner of Education is completely vanquished.

“To state in his application for the US position that he increased public approval rates in public education in Bermuda from 23% to 93% is simply untrue‎. To take such a sensitive issue and distort it for his own personal job-seeking agenda raises an important ethical issue.

“This is compounded by the fact it that seems from his online application to the employment agency that he has in fact applied for two positions, while telling Bermuda he had applied for one.

“As a result of these two further revelations I have come to the conclusion that Dr Heatley’s position as Commissioner of Education has become wholly untenable and I call on him to do the honourable thing and resign immediately,” added Mr. Brown.

Education Ministry’s Comments

In response to our queries, the Ministry of Education said, “Dr Heatley applied for the position of schools’ superintendent for the Orleans Parish School Board without the Ministry’s knowledge; therefore, we are neither able to comment on, nor defend, the information contained in his application, or the details of the timeline for the application.

“We can confirm that Dr Heatley began his employment with the Department of Education in September 2013. Dr Heatley is currently abroad on leave. The Ministry will meet with him on his return to Bermuda to discuss his application and the now publicly available information contained therein.

“The Ministry shares the concerns of the public and is resolved to address these matters in the best interests of Bermuda’s students.”

Independent MP Terry Lister’s Comments

Update 4.51pm: Independent MP Terry Lister — who previously said that Dr. Heatley should be told to “get cracking” — said he was “disappointed to learn that Dr Heatley had his name submitted for more than one job although he told the country that he had allowed his name to go forward for one post only.”

He also said he was “surprised to learn that Dr Heatley, in his application document, stated that he had restored public confidence in education, raising the level from the 23% he found when he arrived to a high of 93% at the time of the survey.”

Mr. Lister said, “What is to come next? Either Dr Heatley will be offered one of the two jobs that he has applied for and leave our shores or the Minister will finally accept that this conduct is not appropriate for the person who is serving as Commissioner of Education and end his contract.”

Mr. Lister’s full statement follows below:

I am very disappointed to learn that Dr Heatley, only a few months on the job, saw fit to follow through with the interview for the job that “his friend” had put his name forward for. I am even more disappointed to learn that Dr Heatley had his name submitted for more than one job although he told the country that he had allowed his name to go forward for one post only.

The education of our children is critical to the future success of our country. As we recover from the very difficult situation that we are in, we will need a group of young people who are educated and committed to their career choices. We need the Ministry of Education to lead this mission. For success to occur we need trust in our educational leaders to be a given. Sadly, this episode has made this trust issue one that leaves the country wondering what will come next!

Honesty in speaking to the public about education began with Minister Gerald Simons, who started a program of educational reform in 1987. Twenty seven years have gone by. Many Ministers, including myself, have given 100% effort to restore trust and build success.

I was surprised to learn that Dr Heatley, in his application document,stated that he had restored public confidence in education, raising the level from the 23% he found when he arrived to a high of 93% at the time of the survey. I invite Minister Gibbons to make this survey public so that we can all appreciate this tremendous increase in confidence in the system.

What is to come next? Either Dr Heatley will be offered one of the two jobs that he has applied for and leave our shores or the Minister will finally accept that this conduct is not appropriate for the person who is serving as Commissioner of Education and end his contract.

If either of these outcomes occurs the search for a replacement begins once more. My recommendation is that the selection committee provide all worthy Bermudian applicants a fair interview process. Should a Bermudian be selected then let’s get behind that person and give him or her every chance at moving the system forward.

If the committee believes that none of the Bermudians is up to the task, then a candidate from the UK should be selected. We have moved our system away from a North American system and back in line with the British system and, to my thinking, if we are having someone from overseas the most logical place the person should come from is the UK.

Additionally, I further recommend that Government enter into talks with the UK government so that the top two Bermudians from the interview process can be offered places in the UK Educational system to prepare them to be able to compete for the Commissioner’s post when vacated.

I would suggest that the person coming in be given a three year contract with the two going out being given two year contracts. At the end of the two years in the UK the two Bermudians would return to Bermuda and show why they should be considered as worthy to take over the top post.

In the midst of this the Ministry is still being run by a part time Minister and Permanent Secretary. I am encouraging the Premier to act as soon as possible to appoint an Education Minister along with a PS. Education is far too important to have part-timers leading the Ministry.


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  1. O'Brien says:

    “Tell him get crackin’…”

    Terry said it best.

    • BETTTY TRUMP says:

      NO Surprise here !! Only to those folks whom choose not to listen or suggested that Bermudians petulance discouraged Dr. Heatley, yet failed to objectively view the underlying intentions behind Dr. Heatley agenda. A blind person only needed to do research in regards to his background and they would know he was not a good choice.

      Education is key to our children’s future. Bermudians have a right to speak and stand up on this issue, and speak loudly if we think this will not serve our children’s best interest. To be silent in this regard is not a good look.

      This man continues to play Bermuda for fools. What do we do, just sit back and allow this nonsense to continue on. This man needs to be removed as soon as possible.

      • BETTTY TRUMP says:

        Dr. Heatley has been faking it since he arrived in Bermuda to make it. He has managed to fool some folks at the Ministry. Mr. Brown gave the benefit of the doubt to the Committee and government, but now with this recent reveal of information he has learnt that this man needs to go, like yesterday…..WOW… The OBAubp government has failed us in regards to education…on of our Key resources is our children, and this is what we get as a country??


        1. To state in his application for the US position that he increased public approval rates in public education in Bermuda from 23% to 93% is simply untrue‎. To take such a sensitive issue and distort it for his own personal job-seeking agenda raises an important ethical issue. Information dropped in my ears indicated that:It is also untrue that he has reduce the size of the Ministry of Education as well, in fact he has increased the size of the Department of Education, and gone against the Hopkins Report. One needs to only look at the number of new post he has created at the Ministry.


        3. Distort it for his own personal job-seeking agenda raises an important ethical issue.

        How will the OBAubp faithful spin this one now. This man needs to be gone like yesterday and movement towards a qualified Bermudians must be the next step. A Bermudian tends to have an invested interest in their people, that is long-term and not short-term for a particular purpose only.

        There are qualified Bermudians whom merely may only require a short-term internship experience under someone, for no more than one year. This can be done easily. Lets go get moving on this OBAubp government and stand up for once.

        • what in the world says:


          Answer me this: what act has Dr Heatley committed that would lead to his termination?

          • Wait a minute! says:

            Lying is the act, even about his time in COE position. He started mid September 2013 which would mean in January 2014 he was employed for 4 months not 6 months. Most if not ALL of what he is claiming as accomplishments were already done before his arrival. And what survey was used to rate a 93% satisfaction? Why all the spin? More importantly, why go on the interview after stating he was committed to Bermuda. The honorable/honest thing would have been to withdraw his application and NOT be interviewed. A vote of NO CONFIDENCE!

          • Cleancut says:

            Unethical but not illegal, but what does ethics have to do with an educator? Moral principles, as of an individual.

          • BETTTY TRUMP says:

            He has done a heck of alot. For you to overlook this suggest your attempting to take on the protection of a political position on this matter, rather than fighting in the best interest of our Bermudian children. He was put into one of the highest and most important Positions in Bermuda, also look at what he is earning. Take off your political blinders for a change and examine this matter for what it really is.

            This man needs to go like yesterday. Where is his commitment to Bermuda and our children. Why the need to tell mis-truths and jive his way thur the process?

            • what in the world says:

              No I’m not taking a political view, so please let’s not go there.

              I’m not pleased with his actions however the reality is he hasn’t done anything that’s worthy of terminating his contract.

    • Dudley Richardson says:

      If he is told to get crackin’, how much will it cost Bermuda for his severance package or to buy out his contract?

      • Hudson says:

        Zero – I’d fire him under section 25 of the Employment Act – he falls squarely into both paragraph a and b of this section. Not that I think he’d challenge, but if he did, any employment lawyer could justify his immediate termination. Signed: A faithful OBA supporter who thinks that the Board made a huge mistake with his hire, and the OBA for ultimately supporting the decision. The only silver lining here is that it would appear that both sides of the floor are in agreement on this one… Funny what unites people sometimes…

        • BETTTY TRUMP says:

          Thanks Hudson for letting folks like Trew know that there are some faithful OBAubp supporters whom believe he should also be gone. Yes, he should be gone, and we all agree regardless of our political ideology.

        • Suzie Quattro says:

          You think that applying for another job is “serious misconduct” that justifies immediate termination?

          • daughter of the water says:

            after a matter of weeks into the brand new one? um……yes. very poor judgement on his part. he should go.

      • bdadiva says:

        He stated, as a response to one of the application questions that his contract expiration was “with a 30 day notice.” So, lets give him 30 days notice to “Get Cracking”!

  2. biggadon says:

    grabs popcorn and pulls up a chair ……

  3. Bob Barker says:

    Before anyone says it can I PLEASE beg of you not to say “replace him with qualified Bermudians”. Education jobs should go the best candidate, regardless of nationality, because this isn’t trinkets we’re making. If a Bermudian is the best candidate, than yes, go for it. But PLEASE let’s all be big thinkers!

    The kind of statement Heatley made does make it seem he should be shipped out.

    • BETTTY TRUMP says:

      “Yes REPLACE HIM WITH A BERMUDIAN.” As there are Qualified Bermudians available. There has always been for the past 5 years.

      A BERMUDIAN OFTEN TENDS TO HAVE A DEEPER COMMITMENT TO OUR CHILDREN. THEIR INTEREST TENDS TO LONG-TERM INVESTMENT, unlike NON-BERMUDIANS THAT FILL THESE POST. Often their interest is not long-term nor is it serious level of investment in our children. Usually the non-Bermudians has another interest at heart.

      However, while this does not apply to all NON-Bermudians, there are some that I know that have a long-term commitment to Bermuda and our children. But we have to be careful that this interest is really there. This is not to take away from those Non-Bermudians who do show great interest and commitment. But we must consider our own first, and than possible non-Bermudian.

      At present I was told that the Department has recently hired another 2 non-Bermudians in post where there are Qualified Bermudians available. Parents spent monies to education their children to the highest level, and return home to this nonsense. Why is this going on? Because we as a people have been taught not to value our own, and that non-Bermudians can always do better.

      • Bob Barker says:


        I can agree with much of what you said. However, the #1 flaw in your logic is that Ph.Ds, M.Eds, and B.Ed. might make a person ‘qualified’ but that doesn’t mean they’re the people we want leading our education system.

        ‘Qualified’ should include, in this case, excellence in teaching and educational administration of a complete school board (albeit a small one – remember that our island is tiny). Do you a Bermudian with this experience?

        Our kids deserve the best we can give them, not just the best we can find looking inward.

        • BETTTY TRUMP says:

          @BOB Barker…..Of course the level of Education one achieves, is not the only requirement for the job, but it is an important one. But less not forget or discount that some of those Bermudians also come with those additional qualifications and experiences you outlined. Many have taught in the classroom prior to seeking further degrees. We must push to ensure that they also get to the next step, if not we would always be seeking out non-Bermudians and not pushing forward our own whom shares a more invested interest. But most important we must work with these individuals and ensure that the Best Education is provided for our children.

          Education will require a joint effort from the community and not just Administrators. Parents and persons in the Community must take a stronger stand and ensure that things are moving in the right direction. Accountability must come from the ordinary citizen in Bermuda, but with some support towards the individual that is attempting to do the job.

          Will it be an easy task ahead of us…NO…but can it be done…YES…it will take hard work and steady course. One of the problems in Education is the constant change of PLANS and Direction. This has to stop, Education must learn to stick with plan moving forward and see it to the very end, in order to ensure success.Regardless of whom the govt of the day is or was. Each year the Plan seems to change, and pushes teachers and students into chaos. Each time a new leader comes on board a new plan changes, and the old one thrown out the door. This will not lead to long-term success, but rather nothing more than fall out.

          The Plan should not have to change regardless of whom the Minister, Government or PS or Commissioner is,if it is a sound based Evidence based Plan to improve Education. This is where we get it wrong. Change is not always best, but more costly expenses where we should not have to spent it. Look at how Heatley has now made the Ministry of Education Bigger, against the Hopkins Report. He has put back Education Officers posts that have increased the size of the Ministry. Bigger is not always better. More Officers than required for such a small Education system. More Money at the Administration level on Jobs, rather than in the schools where is should be spent. (Look at the education budget and see where the most monies are spent..on wages). So why now divert front his report recommendations? Here we go again.

      • Hudson says:

        Betty, when I ask this question, I am asking in good faith and do not wish to be criticized or have this question politicized as I am in agreement that he should be fired. But, you said, replace him with a Bermudian – there are qualified Bermudians available… My question to you is – Who? Can you name anybody who a) would be suitably qualified to take an entire (failing) public school system and turn it around b) would have the support of the general public c) would have thick enough skin to survive the criticism of people who were unsupportive d) who are a-political and would be willing and able to hold the post regardless of the government in charge with the bigger picture in mind and lastly e) would even WANT this sort of a job? I think you couldn’t pay me enough to take this job – you would need to be superman!

        • BETTTY TRUMP says:

          @Hudson, you have pointed out just what I am saying. We Bermudians “Do Not Value or Support our own people.” If we did we would work along with a Bermudians to ensure that the job of Educating our children does get done correctly.

          We would not just stand on the sidelines and take shots at the person, but rather work collectively with them to ensure that education moves in the right direction. Often we tend to sit on the sidelines and punch the individual regardless of their efforts or attempts to improve Education. This has to be a collective effort.

          Hudson, You are correct, it is not easy position to take on, particularly due to the mentality of Bermudians towards one another. We tend to bring one another down, rather than support and uphold each other, particularly those in such a position. Any person that stand strong to take on such a position will need the support of all Bermuda. The job will not be easy as Education is not an easy nor quick fix.

          We Bermudians must change our mind set to work with someone whom takes on such a post. The individual must also be willing to work with Bermuda and do not go into the position believing only they have all the answers, but listen to all. A real collective effort from all of Bermuda is required.

          • Just to be sure I understand ... says:

            You’re not answering the question.


            As has already been pointed out, simply having letters after your name doesn’t mean that you can do the job.

            And more importantly, we shouldn’t be appointing someone to a position like this simply because they’re Bermudian. It should be because they are the absolute best.

          • BETTTY TRUMP says:

            Hudson, we have much work to do, to change the mentality of Bermudians towards their own people. This is our major problem and it is a psychological one.

    • frank says:

      the house speaker can do that job or the fishcake man and they are bermudian

  4. Jus' Askin' says:

    “Don’t Hate the Player…” LOL
    Dr. Heatley is playing the game ;-)

  5. daughter of the water says:

    as i said before, i truly hope he gets the job in new orleans. he says he did not go looking for the job but was ‘invited to submit an application.’ he could have turned that invitation down (as he was only here for 3 months at that time) IF he was truly intent on making real inroads to our national education system.

    heatley appears to be nothing but an opportunist who spins what he needs to to look good for the cameras… the OBA was naive in hiring him. sad, really – their intent is good – the execution is poor. PLEASE go to new orleans, mr heatley. and take your so-called 93% approval rating with you. THAT was a laugh right there!!! buh bye….

    • Or says:

      Or he discovered the position wasn’t what he had been told. Even ignoring classic Bermudian xenophobia does anyone believe that he didn’t discover that no-one in the education establishment was interesting in changing things for any reason?

    • In short says:

      In short he was invited to apply. If he was comfortable in his current role he might have said “no”. Or he might have said “let’s keep my current employer honest. If the “other guys” are willing to pay twice what you’re currently paying me, fix it”

      But the real issue is the classic Xenophobia that Bermudians exude.

  6. Bermuda First says:

    Should be made to pay back all monies paid to him by the Bda Govt(us).

  7. Hudson says:

    Now it’s not often I agree with Mr. Brown, but I have to say, I agree – time to get cracking… The OBA were noble in his hire to begin with and it has back-fired. He is clearly not committed to his post and it looks to me as if he has now been caught in a red-handed lie. Yup, he needs to get fired OBA. That said, I hope he’s not unionized or we might end up having to walk to work again…

    • Onion says:

      The OBA didn’t hire him, the board did. There was no political interference in the hiring process.

      • BETTTY TRUMP says:

        THE OBAUBP did hire him, the Minister has the final say. This is a consultant post, not a CS post. Therefore, the Ministe/PS has to put his final stamp on the approval of the person hired. So stop it, the OBAubp had the opportunity to have a big say. Do not try to excuse the government from taking some level of responsibility in this matter. The Board is merely a process for the selection of whom should be selected. After the selections of at least 3 persons need to pick in the end.

        • jt says:

          Betty – aren’t all of those serving on the board Bermudian? Don’t you trust their judgement as educated, knowledgeable Bermudians? Or should we have some foreign consultants come in to comprise the selection board?
          That being said – unless there are some major sorylines missing – I would tend to agree with Walton Brown’s statement.

          • BETTTY TRUMP says:

            They got it wrong on this one. It is possible they may have been impressed by a false “FACE VALUE” look his resume. Often some folks are good interviewers, but not good in the real job environment. But they also blatantly failed to do their homework, but looking at what was posted and said about him in his other job situation, speaks volumes. Why did they fail to consider this information? That alone spoke volumes. Why they chose to overlook prior information on Heately beats me. So NO I was not impressed with the board’s decision. But more so the government to accept it, and failing to listen to the voices of the people of Bermuda. Do not overlook that Board sometimes required subjective and objectives opinions, which was clearly overlooked here.

            • jt says:

              Many of us weren’t impressed, but I think we are perhpas looking at different styls of governing. In this instance relying on a group of people who were put in place due to their skill sets, backgrounds and experience appears to have failed, but I’d rather this approach than autonomous ministererial decisions by ministers who frequently don’t (didn’t) have the background skills/knowledge related to their ministry. That style didn’t work too well for us.

        • Terminator says:

          You are incorrect. This is not a consultant’s post. He was recommended by the Board to the Public Service Commission, who hired him as a Civil Servant. He reports to the Permanent Secretary of Education. The Minister is not involved in either hiring or firing.

  8. Mike Hind says:

    Yep. Time to go.

    • O'Brien says:

      When Mike Hind gets more likes than dislikes, you know Bermy has reached consensus. Heatley, pack ya bags bye…

      • Mike Hind says:

        Wow. That didn’t seem necessary… but… ok.

      • Hurricane says:

        @ O’Brien, totally agree with you on you comment about Mike Hinds.

        • Mike Hind says:

          Seriously? You can’t even show the respect to get my name right?

          I get that you might not like my posts, but come on. It’s not hard to read something then write it again.

    • Chris Famous says:

      We are on the same page

    • JAWS says:

      I’m with you Mike.

      Dr. Grant Gibbons my friend this Dr. Heatly is only committed to his self and his sea of lies. He reminds me of a clown fish.

  9. Scotty says:

    Which nation is Dr. Heatley talking about? Maybe someone should inform Dr Heatley that he is living and being paid $190,000 by a dependant territory. Well done Walton Brown for keeping your finger on the pulse. It would appear Dr. Gibbons is nowhere to be found. He has had no comment or taken any action on this issue. I agree with Terry Lister ‘get crackin’ Dr. Heatley. How many more insults does the Minister and the Department of Education need before they make an astute decision. I am sure you will assume this is a PLP supporter, but I am not. Right is right and this man needs to buy himself a plane ticket.

    • frank says:

      gibbons don’t care about public school education that’s why he has that jr. minister for education you will find gibbons where the money is

      • haha says:

        you ank got a clue what you’re talking about…get a life ya dummy

    • Coffee says:

      Dr.Gibbons you say ! Why , the good Doctor can always be found nowadays , but you must look in the high end real estate section were well heeled expats are lined up to buy Bermuda . Dr.Heatly is/was a tremendous waste of time , we should be looking towards India or Japan for intellectual capital to head up our school system .

    • looking and listening says:

      Thank God for Terry Lister. If he had not taken up that cross Dr. Healey would have had the first and last laugh at our expense. The Shadow Minister needs to be fired too. Give the post to someone who is truly interested in public school education for our children. He sat by quietly as the independent in the House took up the charge. He was very supportive of Healey’s appointment and said so publicly!!! Although he is now calling for the man’s head he must at the same time be terribly embarrassed to think how he strongly supported this farce of a person. And Dr. Gibbons it will be interesting to see how you waffle your way through this one. Like Terry Lister said the man should be told to get cracking!!!! Thanks Terry. You are indeed the only one on the Hill who makes sense these days. Another suggestion how many people who are teachers or how many who gave been Education Minister’s have or gave had their children in the public education system.
      Why should they have a vested interest in the system?

  10. Heavens says:

    Isn’t anyone asking how on earth all this became public? This is a man’s job application! If I were the Dr and the Orleans School District I would be asking how all this got out. Frankly, I don’t see anything wrong with people looking to improve and advance their career by applying for jobs while already in a position. It’s easier to get a new job when you already have one. That said, if the guy wants to leave, he should do the right thing and resign.

    • Family Man says:

      I wonder if he stretched the truth on his resume to get this cushy job in Bermuda like stretched the truth on his N.O. application?

      Sadly, without PATI we’ll never know.

    • tricks are for kids says:

      Don’t know if you have been following the story from the beginning but when a similar question to yours was asked it was stated that in the US (or maybe that particular school)applicants for that job are readily available online…I can’t remember exactly why, but if you go back to previous articles how it relates to this you would find the answer which actually came from the school rep……So I don’t think it’s a matter of information being “leaked”…..perfectly legit according to THEIR policies…

    • Real Talk (original( says:

      Believe it or not there are some countries in the world (real countries, not pretend countries like Bermuda) where the tax paying public can actually request information and *gasp* the government actually has to provide it. Isn’t that a novel idea?

      • Young Bermudian says:

        We have the legislation to request documents, PATI Act, but Bermudians aren’t mature enough to make the politicians enact it.

    • lisa says:

      The job applications are a matter of public record.

      seems like none of those interviewed impressed the board and more applicants were required to be interviewed.

  11. nuffin but the truth says:

    see the airport,get on a plane outta here!…ya been rumbled.

  12. SMH says:!

  13. Cleancut says:

    Looks like he took this job to have a better chance of getting the job he wanted.

  14. what in the world says:

    Not too sure what the big problem is here, as Dr Heatley has every right to apply for whatever job he likes. And yes it looks like he lied to the public stating that he only applied for one job when in fact there maybe more than one.
    And it looks like he lied on his application in New Orleans that he increased the confidence rate in the Bermuda education system. What does that have to do with his job in Bermuda?

    Again what ACT has he committed that may lead to his termination?

    This is just a fishing expedition. Regardless of whoever takes the post of Commission of Education or Chief Education Officer (whatever they choose to call it nowadays)there will always be those who think that they could do a better job or that they would like to see the person fall flat on their face.

    If he chooses to leave, then good luck in his endeavours, but if he chooses to stay then we need to rally around him and stop this crab in the bucket mentality.

    • Seriously says:

      You obviously don’t have children in the public education system.

  15. watchfuleyes says:

    @Heaven… you don’t see anything wrong with a man lying and saying that he only sought a job at one school and we now know that was a lie. What else is he lying about? oh yes that he has improved the public education approval rate by 70%, is he serious? where is the proof? I suppose that exaggeration or outright lie is ok by you too, if it is true This man probably lied or misrepresented himself on his application for the job here too, who knows. The Ministry Of Education need to do a better job at background checks, our childrens’ futures depend on it. Once again the Ministry has egg on their faces. @Bob Barker… I am going to say that they should have hired a Bermudian for the job because there are qualified persons here who can do the job. The Ministry did not do their due diligence when hiring this man and now we have to clean up yet another fiasco by the Department.

  16. Sandy Bottom says:

    So if you apply for another job and your employer finds out, you should be fired?

    I don’t believe the Employment Act allows for that.

    • Hudson says:

      Good question – the answer of course is no. BUT, if you apply for another job and your current employer finds out that you lied and misrepresented yourself it calls into question your morals and ethics.

      • Sandy Bottom says:

        According to Walton Brown. Who has a hard time with ethics himself, of course.

      • Suzie Quattro says:

        And you think applying for two jobs (if he actually did that), and not publicly disclosing that, should be grounds for immediate termination. Interesting.

        Let me give you a hypothetical case. What would you and Betty think if an employee called in sick, and while out sick that employee was caught doing another job for pay. Would that be grounds for immediate dismissal?

        • Hudson says:

          Suzie – you did not read my post above nor this one. Whether he applied for one, two or ten jobs is irrelevant – he can do that without issue. It might make his employer irritated, but there is no grounds to fire him on that basis. However, he allegedly LIED on a publicly filed application – TWICE! He wrote factually incorrect statements to bolser his application without considering the implications calling into question his morals, ethics and wisdom. Further, his actions have caused such a furor that he has lost the support of the community and caused his employer to not be able to conduct reasonable business with him in this position going forward IMHO. Hence, time for him to go…

          Oh and in answer to your other hypothetical question, yes, it’s grounds to be fired – unless he is unionised which would then be grounds for the entire BIU to strike if he was fired so might not be worth it…

  17. Pebblebeach says:

    Based on all that occurred with the Dr. in Clayton County, Georgia, it was just a matter of time and I am afraid, the time is here.

    The Dr. has to go.

    Grant…your move.

  18. M.T. Pockets says:

    Makes me wonder why when ordinary citizens use google and get the scoop on applicants the decision makers don’t also use this free and informative research tool. It reminds me of the public objections some years ago about the Jamaican gentleman brought in to be Commissioner of Prisons. The public did their research and said he wasn’t suitable, friends of mine working for the service did the same, yet they still hired him, and how did that work out? With him being sent crackin!

    We don’t seem to learn nuffin from past experiences.

  19. Confused says:

    How can you have the best interest of the Country’s future…namely our children at heart, when at the first sign of trouble or change you are applying for jobs elsewhere?

    Sorta makes you wonder.

    We need someone with a vested interest in seeing our youth strive to enable our society to grow and prosper.

  20. LaVerne Furbert says:

    Dr. Heatley should have never been hired, and the Board that chose him should also hand in their resignations. That’s been my opinion from the beginning. Added to that the current Minister should also resign as should the previous minister who now sits in the Senate. Warren Jones is already gone.

    • jt says:

      Your threshold for terminations has declined considerably in the last 15 months Ms. Furbert.

  21. Take it Easy! says:

    Ya playing games with the children of Bermuda! Get cracking!

  22. Terry says:

    Laverne and Betty jumping in.
    Truth is a bitch.

  23. Just how much more shame n scandal in decision making? How much longer will we continue to settle for a 6 when in fact is a 9? How much longer will it be when sweet words, sweet prospects, sweet flowers will lose all lose their sweetness because of gullibility n vulnerability and failure to listen or make the right choice.
    Just asking. As l notice many different issues arising and hush, hush dear Charlotte plays in the background.
    That’s an about face disgrace to our children first and teachers second…
    Sad state of affairs… NB!!!

    • JustAsking2 says:

      Us Bermudians have always been naive and gullible…

  24. Andrew Carmichael says:

    I’ve had to do a lot of scrolling to add my two cents. There was an uproar when Dr. Heatley was appointed, and rightly so. I am not a fan of the education ministry, and believe that not only should Dr. Heatley should go, but a few of those in that ministry that are playing puppet master to further themselves and bolster their pockets. He was bought in to be a hatchet man for those puppet masters. He has made an intended mess. Now either the Minister grow a backbone or get out of the way. As to the Bermudian public, when our so called leaders in things that do not sit well with the general public, DEMAND answers. I personally don’t accept whatever is handed to me. Those you elect, those that are hired in the public sector, work for us, John Q Public. So lets start acting like a boss!

    • BETTTY TRUMP says:

      @Andrew I agree that some of the OFFICERS/Ministers are more concern about holding on to a job, rather than standing up to this issue. I can understand their need to hold unto a job, as they have family to support. But the fight for our children is lost in this matter and as a result of their weakness so our children are put at a lost. REALLY

      Many are not standing up strong, and waiting for others to do their fighting and bidding for them. But as a collective group I am sure it they came together something can be done. They have no backbone, as you clearly point out. The weak Unions have still failed to address this matter… WHY NO WORD from the UNIONS? THIS IS IMPORTANT FOR OUR CHILDREN FUTURE< and they sit on the sidelines silence as a mouse.

      This puppet master game has to stop, and stop now..Stand up

  25. drunken ursula says:

    Lisa Smith should replace him…an educated young lady with personality she is the great principal of Harrington Sound Primary, our loss at HSPS wound be public education teachers and students gain..

    • Interested says:

      A great personality isn’t enough to do this job. Running a school doesn’t necessarily mean that you can run a whole system.

  26. Sandy Bottom says:

    One thing is for sure. Education in this country is frikkin awful. Someone needs to be there to shake it up.

  27. Inspector Gadget says:

    Wait…. who is this guy again? Aint never heard of him. I still can’t fathom why on earth HE was the one chosen to run our edu system. Did they just throw a rock and the first person they hit was this guy? I am sure he’s done well for himself and the people in the USA, but this is Bermuda, and someone who has ties and feelings towards our young people should lead. He may have an unbiased approach, some my argue, but there are plently of qualified young peoplw with fresh ideas in our own country. Lastly, why go for an American guy (whos educational system is the worst in the world?). WHy not go for an Indian or Chinese or British? Those of which who have the best EDU system in the world!? LOST!

  28. godson says:

    OBA COULD CARE LESS ABOUT OUR YOUNG PEOPLE!!!! They have appointed a non-committed Minister….Plus they scrapped the ministry of youth….They have taken away too many grants, scholorships, and opportunities for our young people…Its obvious, they are too busy chasing the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$…… There are/will be more people from outside of Bda who will hoodwink our money hungry Gov’t….The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil! Get a qualified Bermudian in this position(with the love and passion for our kids), train them(if neccessary) and let’s help our kids!!!

  29. Tony Brannon says:

    BERMUDA’s Education system needs a complete rebuild. From TOP to BOTTOM.
    Our KIDS come first. We need the best qualifies teachers in the classroom. Once again FINLAND made the decision 30 years ago to restructure their Education system and are now # 1 in the world. In he past 30 years BERMUDA has spent over 4 BILLION on EDUCATION……The same behemoth is still in place. We failed to move in Tourism and in Education, because no one was prepared to change the STRUCTURE.

    BERMUDA needs to emulate the BEST Education system in the world. WHY are we not following FINLAND ?

    • The Finland Phenomenon
    • What can the world learn from educational change in Finland?
    • The Finland Phenomenon 1 4 2011 Full documentary:
    • The Finland Phenomenon 2 4:
    • The Finland Phenomenon 3 4:
    • The Finland Phenomenon 4 4:
    • On a mission to save PUBLIC SCHOOLS in the world: Finland: an education phenomenon?

  30. Tony Brannon says:

    We think that this argument has an important value to it. We believe that making school more engaging, personalized, less assessment focused and more adapted to the needs of a changing world is crucial to the future of education, but we also feel that this goal should never shadow the importance of education as a fundamental human right and a way to empower kids and give them the key to their future. Not only this right should be accessible to all, but should also grant all kids equal opportunities.

    • Raymond Ray says:

      Tony, I also agree with the two previous letters that you’d submitted on this important topic / subject. It’s truly a crying shame when people can claim to be so damn smart yet proven to be no-more than another bloody fool:-(
      The old saying is, “you can lead a horse to the trough but you can’t force it to drink”. I believe if one is to hold a horses head below the water long enough it has to consume the water, or die.

  31. Tony Brannon says:

    I too have heard amazing things about Lisa Smith !

    • Suzie Quattro says:

      Maybe, but running s school is not the same as turning around a top-heavy, inefficient government ministry. The skills needed aren’t the same.

      I agree with you: the whole system needs cleaning out and changing. But I think we should find the best people in the world to lead it, not be limited to the best Bermudians.

  32. Navin Johnson says:

    his type will not resign without a job to go to….no payout if he quits…

  33. Mazumbocann says:

    All conficidence is lost.
    The best person for the job is Kalmar “Crack The Whip” Richards. She is a leader and knows what the end product should be, and in order to get there the foundation must be good.

  34. Tony Brannon says:

    In Education the UBP / PLP & OBA are all to blame……so far

    Our KIDS come first. We need the best qualified teachers in the classroom. FINLAND made the decision 30 years ago to restructure their Education system and are now # 1 in the world. In he past 30 years BERMUDA has spent over 4 BILLION on EDUCATION……The same behemoth is still in place. We failed to move in Tourism and in Education, because no one was prepared to change the STRUCTURE from The UBP / the PLP & now the OBA. At least the OBA created the Tourism Authority. They also need to “Revolutionize the Department of Education” or create a Education Authority.

  35. Infidelguy says:

    Give this clown this walking papers post haste!!

  36. Starting Point says:

    H hopefully will resign, if he is fired Bermuda will pay out his salary, in a court based situation we have no case to terminate. Ethics is not evidence FYI, he would win.

    Personally, If he does not resign I am happy to toss the 190K out the window to get rid of him rather than see him stay.

    And I also feel a Bermudian could do the job, but I would prefer one with business acumen, could care less if he/she ‘cared’ for kids, this is not a class room teacher, it is an administrator who needs to manage, budget, create change, motivate etc. we are not spending 190K to have a smiley face go around to primary school and tell kids to ‘stay in school!’. We are paying for them to ensure teachers are doing their jobs, improving themselves every year, ensuring there is quality before, during and after school care to support working families etc. reduce bullying etc.

    Here’s a thought, make sure the PS is competent and have them do the job, save 190K a year that no one OBA or PLP would complain about.

    • lisa says:

      If his probation is not up yet can let him go without legal repercussions?

  37. watchfuleyes says:

    @Tony Brandon.. I agree that the Finland model is one of the best around but would our present set of teachers and principals even make the grade as they stand right now?the answer is No. Finland’s standards are very high, which is what we need but in the meantime, until we get to that level of qualifications in our teaching staff,who will train the teachers and support staff? And how much will that cost us? We are paying for having a poor standard of education right now one way or another, and Bermuda on a whole will continue to pay for its Educational lacking until we get it right. I do support the Finland model but are we prepared to oust teachers who do not make the mark? Are we prepared to oust the top brass who do not make the mark? Findland does not a friend and family package like we have here. Are we prepared to sacrifice friends, neighbours, cousins, godmas for our children’s sake, and get rid of the dead weight? I think not and that is the real shame!We are in our own way of progress.

    • Suzie Quattro says:

      Currently, no. There are some great teachers. But there are some lazy, incompetent half-assed ones as well, and everyone pussyfoots around them because it’s well known that absolutely nothing can be done to address incompetence.

  38. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Americans with their smoothe talk come here all the time and jip this island and go running with the loot. Look at City Hall…this island needs to stop having the wool pulled over it and get these jokesters outta here!!

  39. PANGAEA says:

    Um mum ! Many years ago we decided that Bermuda a country driven by greed was not the place to bring up children and 45 years ” down de road” the same holds true .

    The children are getting”a raw deal.

    Our public education system is a absolute pathetic failure, all you need do is get on a school bus to see the nonsense then you will see how your tax dollars are wasted.

    Who is responsible?

    Not the Parents, Not the Children, Not the Teachers. Not the Taxpayers. Not the Government. Not the Unions.

    May be if the parents had a vested interest and had to pay 51 % of the school bill there would be a public out cry of monumental proportions.

  40. CRE says:

    Am I missing something???? Does our Commissioner not know that Bermuda is not in Jonesboro, GA as stated on his application??? Or did I read this wrong????