Video: Dalton E Tucker Primary Gets “Happy”

March 19, 2014

The students and staff of Dalton E Tucker Primary School recorded their own video version of Pharrell Williams’ popular song “Happy,” showcasing their dancing skills throughout the school and its grounds.

The video was the idea of Dalton E Tucker Literacy Coordinator Mrs. Elizabeth Scott, who worked with Art Teacher Mrs. Robyn Hooper to shoot the entire video using nothing more than an Apple iPhone.

Dalton E Tucker Primary School “Happy” Video:

The effort follows up on a recent video by Into Bermuda that saw people from around the island performing the same song as they showcased Bermuda.

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  1. downderoad says:

    It is wonderful to be reminded how joyful and expressive children can experience life. Each are unique in how they express joy.

    As adults, we can learn a lot from them about how to stay connect with each other and be joyful with each other. Greed, fear, jealousy (and more) are states of being that pull us out of our God given blueprint of love and joyfulness.

    Thanks Dalton E, Tucker primary for reminding me of what is really important!

  2. WONDERFUL says:

    This has made my day HAPPY. Good job all.

  3. tricks are for kids says:


    This is it!!! look how happy and carefree they are!!! That’s how it should be …children being children………LOVE this!!!!!

  4. Audrey says:

    Whoop Whoop!! Alright Dalton E. Tucker!! Showing them how we do it!! Good job to all involved!

  5. somuchless says:


  6. a photog says:

    I’m happy

  7. Love It says:

    Well done Dalton E. Tucker Primary & Mrs. Scott. This video was great!!!

  8. #LOVEIT says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed that…

    Would be nice to see all of our schools showing us what happiness means to them…whenever this song comes on -I Smile!

  9. Great way to combine literacy,visual art and fun!!! Great job students and teachers :)

  10. DC says:

    Just saw this – Awesome job!!!! That’s exactly how children should be!! And a child shall lead them…adults take note!!! :D