Connecticut Yacht Club Host Bermuda Kite Event

April 14, 2014

The Norwalk Yacht Club in Connecticut hosted a Bermuda kite making session this past weekend, with the event taking place courtesy of Bermudian Louisa Lima, who serves on their entertainment committee.

Ms. Lima moved overseas almost 30 years ago, but has always aimed to keep Bermuda’s traditions alive wherever she goes, and her skills were on full display this weekend as she brought a well-known Bermudian tradition to the members of the Connecticut club.

Norwalk Yacht Club members making their Bermuda kites:

Norwalk Yacht Club Bermuda kites 2014 (1)

The club’s members, ranging from children to adults, created their own Bermuda kites and finished the day with a colourful array of kites to fly over the upcoming Easter weekend.

According to the Club’s Facebook page, the members plan to fly their Bermuda kites on Good Friday.

Norwalk Yacht Club members show off their finished Bermuda kites:

Norwalk Yacht Club Bermuda kites 2014 (2)

- Photos courtesy of the Norwalk Yacht Club

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  1. Common Sense says:

    What a fabulous way to promote Bermuda and our unique tradition of making Bermuda kites to fly on Good Friday. Our family also has a tradition of making our own kites and it is heart warming to see the skills being passed on from one generatiuon to the next.

    Congratulations to Louisa Lima for spreading the joy abroad.

    Happy Easter to all

    • Thanks BER News . Nice for all of us sailors to connect with Bermuda — a place we all love. We’ even have a few Norwalk Yacht Club boats competing in the Newport Bermuda race soon! – Steve Mason