Freisenbruch-Meyer Named As Assurex Partner

April 2, 2014

After a thorough vetting process, Assurex Global invited Freisenbruch-Meyer Insurance Services Ltd. to be a member of Assurex Global as their exclusive Partner in Bermuda.

Assurex Global is a partnership of the world’s premier independent insurance agents and brokers, with more than $28 billion in annual premium volume and more than 600 Partner offices.

A spokesperson said, “The group is headquartered out of Columbus, Ohio and leverages its global network as having the best independent brokers in their respective markets. Each Partner is evaluated on integrity, breadth of service, overall quality, commitment to serve their clients, history of growth and market position.

William Madeiros, EVP GM of FMIS; Michael Freisenbruch, President of FMIS; Jim Hackbarth, President and CEO of Assurex Global; Tim Wiechers, Senior VP, Finance & Operations of Assurex Global:


“A significant benefit of being an Assurex Global Partner is the convenience of eliminating the “middle-man” broker by directly communicating with the local Partner as principal contact.”

William Madeiros, EVP, General Manager of FMIS said, “Assurex Global has a reputation for inviting only the best of the best into their network and the fact that FMIS was selected as a Partner for Bermuda is very rewarding.

“Being a part of their network means the scope of our broking capacity has increased exponentially and we can act as a conduit for other local companies looking for international exposure.”

Jim Hackbarth, Assurex Global President and CEO said, “Our firms go through a rigorous process in order to become Assurex Global Partners and are continually evaluated to ensure the quality of high standards we require is maintained. We are extremely pleased to add Freisenbruch-Meyer Insurance Services to our Partnership and look forward to their contribution.”

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  1. Water water evrywhere but not a drop to drink….life insurance after the age of fifty is pretty much untenable at one thousand and six hundred dollars a month within this isle …chock full of insurance companies…you would think…if you would think …that our omnipotent and wise wizard would ensure we have a product…or two….or three…or God forbid a few more that would offer up a reasonable facsimili of it
    . Is there an international insurance out there not affiliated with Bermuda?Bermudas’ is untenable.I best blog this right away.Boogle…or google it…sum such product that would accept a reasonable amount and offer comprehensive without quarrel or adverserial behavior inclusivity.Wat a minnit…is that?….why yes it is!….I hear her!….It’s Dorithy ….an she’s sngin somewhere….somewhere over the rainbow!

    • Mia says:

      Do you think about what you’re are writing before you post? You spout a bunch of nonsense…so you can be heard?!? Get a life. When you have something to write that an educated person may want to read….then by all means write it.