Senator Marc Daniels On CCTV Implementation

April 7, 2014

Senator Marc Daniels has called on the Government to let the public know when they should expect the CCTV cameras to be up and running under the new service provider.

The new island-wide CCTV system was expected to be operational as of April 1st, however has been delayed in being implemented.

The new system is due to consist of 150 cameras island-wide, using the latest technology to allow for analytics including facial and vehicle recognition.  In February officials said it would be operational starting on April 1st.

In September 2013, National Security Minister Michael Dunkley announced that BAS/Serco was the selected vendor to provide the expansion of CCTV, with the 5-year contract costing $1.3 million per year. The service was previously provided by GET Securities Ltd.

Senator Daniels said, “The OBA decision to remove CCTV, which is critical to crime detection and prevention, from areas without the replacement contract holder being in a position to honor their contract puts communities at risk. What is even more alarming is the OBA Government’s deflection to the Bermuda Police Service and the Governor.

“As government, the PLP ensured that CCTV was implemented in certain areas to provide a better level of security and comfort to the residents. Now these residents have had this security compromised.

“The Minister of Public Safety, Michael Dunkley, must respond to these concerns to reassure Bermudians that their safety is a serious concern.

“He must also let the public know when we should expect these CCTV cameras to be up and running under the new service provider. Silence is not an option when we are talking about peoples’ lives.”

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Comments (27)

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  1. Triangle Drifter says:

    So far the new CCTV provider is 7 DAYS late in being ready to provide service.

    The over & over promised new BPS station was how many YEARS late & how much OVER budget under the PLP watch? Was it 7 years, 8 years 9 YEARS?

    Marc, go find something real to complain about.

    • watching says:

      Apples versus oranges.

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        I guess the BPS & the BPS having the proper tools i.e. a suitable station to operate from, has nothing to do with public safety in your world.

    • Let's talk about the problem says:

      @Trinagle Drifter your name describes you correctly a Drifter. The issue here is safety! All CCTV cameras have been taken down. I agree with Senator Mark, when will the new ones be installed? Are we waiting for somwthing to happen and then install?

      • Bermuda Man says:

        Under the plp the cameras were up but now working! Do people forget these things? Alot of shootings happened up 42nd st and for years those cameras were there for SHOW!

    • hmmm says:

      We have already been told the reason for the delay….HOW SLOW is Daniels….does he live in a vacuum.

    • tricks are for kids says:

      EVERYTIME an issue is raised under OBA reign there is ALWAYS at least ONE “diehard” that brings up something from the past…smh….how are we supposed to” move forward” (as promised by the OBA)….stick to the article at hand….

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        Where were you from 1998 till 2012. Did you not hear all of “It was the UBPs fault for this” & ” It was the UBPs fault for that”.

        14 years of trying to blame the UBP for PLP failures. Bermuda was in decent shape when handed to the PLP. There was no over $200,000 needed per day to cover debt like there is now.

        The OBA has been around for less than 18 months. They were left a bucket of pig swill by the PLP.

        You want to forget the unfortunate past as created by the PLP. You want it to disappear. Nobody is supposed to remember what is very fresh in memories.

        Much is expected of the OBA. Much more than was ever expected of the PLP. Those who expect the most of the OBA seem to be PLP supporters who were happy with destruction from the PLP.

        Go figure!

  2. good boy says:

    April 1st was April fools and oba fell for it. Biggest joke of the year

    Oh wait no sorry second biggest I forgot a theif shot himself the other week. Lol…idiots

  3. Bermuda Boy says:

    Go to the OBA for answers, not the PLP / BIU

  4. watching says:

    Why is Minister Dunkley silent on this? He was certainly present when they had a press conference about the new CCTV contract.

  5. Ruthless says:

    I am glad that someone recognizes that it is not the Police Service fault but the government has deflected blame away from themselves. To bad the Commissioner is to scared to speak up. Government knew better than trying to lay blame somewhere else while Penny Bean was Commissioner!! He would have told them right where they could go! Mike DeSilva stop being a …….. And speak up.

  6. Concerned says:

    The new system will be a lot better that the GETS system which was hardly working and suffered from many technical issues. A lot the bad press in the media and radio is coming from GETS/PLP, hence no surprise there considering the various under table alliances in play.

    • Occasional visitor says:

      Ask people in BPS [Those that knew] they will tell you GET cameras worked. Why change something that worked?

  7. The Dark Knight Returns says:

    The press should be allowed to go to where ever the CCTV is supposed to be housed and report exactly how many cameras are actually operational. Some how I do not trust the police to properly inform the taxpayer. One thing for sure, if the cameras were operational the Commissioner would be quickly inviting the press to show them off.

  8. Concerned Citizen says:

    The BAS Group is OBA friends and family at the core. Dunkley grants a contract and there are questions as to whether or not BAS can meet the basic terms and conditions, so how were they granted the contract in the first place? One thing is for sure, Dunkley and Gibbons do know how to hide from any controversial issue…..especially Dunkley. At least Sen Fahy faces the music! This is a crony contract for Dunkleys mates!

    • Be Like Me says:

      So GET should get the job.. why… because their bid was more expensive… Or that they had enough trouble supporting the few cameras that they installed….

      • watching says:

        You don’t just give to the lesser bid, even if you know they aren’t able to perform the job. That makes no sense.

      • MoonShine says:

        @Be Like Me.. you may want to do some homework on your statements.

        How about someone provide the truth and identify who all the bidders were on this contract along with their proposals (including infrastructure and costs).

        Also I am still trying to understand why it is taking over 9 months to install CCTV equipment. BAS/SERCO has received their money..where is our service. Are there any financial penalties in place for failure of delivery??
        And YES despite what is being claimed this was a political decision in who got the contract.

        A full audit should be carried out on the CCTV system from how it is currently operated including BPS’role with the contractor up to the current selection of vendor process.

        At this point I want my tax paid money to be returned and the vetting process to begin properly.

        • 1minute says:

          Why only audit “how itis currently operated” GET needs to be audited on the number of hours their equipment was working. The one time that CCTV could of helped me I was told that it had been out for weeks…

        • Occasional visitor says:


          BPS, procurement office….

          People dropped the ball

      • Occasional visitor says:

        GET bid was one third of BAS according to some people in the know

  9. nuffin but the truth says:

    Its NOT the Government at’s the Provider who clearly LIED to the Government about April 1st.

    • sense says:

      THe BPS need to invest in their own cameras -what is going to happen once this vendor has finished.

  10. Coffee says:

    Apparently safety wasn’t the issue , it was the cash involved , so maybe the equipment is still on the dock . There is no hurry .

  11. Mr Hollywoods says:

    Is is my imagination, or do Senator Daniels and Senator Baron not look like guys who should be adult movie stars in the Valley, and not wasting time with this Bermuda gutter politics?

    Their earnings could contribute to paying down the debt.