CCTV To Expand To 150 Cameras Island Wide

February 13, 2014

[Updated with video] A press conference was held this morning to provide an update on the new CCTV system, which will consist of 150 cameras island-wide, with the latest technology to allow the police to do such analytics as facial and vehicle recognition and tracking.

Present at the press conference were Acting Commissioner Mike Jackman, Ian Cook, Chief Operating Officer at BAS Group Ian Cook, Senior Accounts Manager at CCS Group Nick Brown, and Facilities Manager and project lead George Mensah.


Mr. Jackman said: “You will be aware that on September 26th 2013, Minister Dunkley gave a press conference announcing that BAS/Serco was the selected vendor to provide the expansion of CCTV.

“Work has been ongoing since then between BAS/Serco and the Bermuda Police Service to ensure there is a transition between the CCTV services provided by the current vendor and the services that will be provided by BAS/Serco with effect from April 1st 2014.

“The transition will commence with the replacement of obsolete and defective cameras at the current locations and will expand to island wide coverage as the old cameras are replaced.

“The new CCTV system will have the latest technology and equipment and will allow the Bermuda Police Service to be able to do such analytics as facial and vehicle recognition and tracking and will consist of over one hundred and fifty cameras island wide.

“We eventually expect to link the system with cameras being used in the City of Hamilton, the Town of St George’s and at Dockyard.

“The use of CCTV cameras both as a deterrent to those who would commit crimes and as an investigative tool after a crime has been committed have been very effective in the past and we will have enhanced capability with the additional cameras and technology.

“The Bermuda Police Service wishes to thank G.E.T. Ltd. for their support and service; they stepped to the wicket at a time when Bermuda faced its most serious challenge from gun violence and was able to show good community spirit by working with the Bermuda Police Service and being willing to go the extra mile when asked.

“I would like to reiterate the comments of Minister Dunkley that the CCTV expansion is a crime-fighting tool, not a ‘Big Brother’ intrusion into the lives of law-abiding people.

“We look forward to working closely with BAS/Serco for the next five years,” concluded Mr. Jackman.

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  1. Triangle Drifter says:

    Great! Will these cameras be viewable online by anyone? I don’t expect them to be controlable by anyone online but there is a further deterrent to the bad guys if it is not known when somebody might be watching live.

    All across the US, Canada, lots of places, the various DOTs (Department of Transport), have networks of webcams viewable by anyone anytime. The past few days have made for interesting viewing with the weather taking a peek at familiar areas real time.

    • Occasional visitor says:

      Jackman favored GET Ltd. Why did he change his stance in the last minute?

      Kevin Smith I feel sorry for him :-)

  2. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    George Orwell’s time has arrived!
    (Google the name if you don’t understand).

  3. HeyNah says:

    Well it’s about time!!!!! All you law breakers beware!!!! Especiallly you wanna be gangsters and gun shooters!!!!

    • Impressive says:

      The best way to invade someone’s privacy is to manipulate people in actually asking for them to give up their freedom.. time is here

    • Lifeblood says:

      They have already wiretapped all electronic communications; now they want to install advanced face and vehicle recognition surveillance technology island wide? It is clear that this has little to do with detecting crime. So what logical reason is there for keeping a small island population under this level of constant surveillance? Citizens should ask some probing questions and demand some detailed answers.

  4. We all we got says:

    this is prob the biggest (Crime FIghting) measure done in a long time..Big Brother?

    But really tho, that is a lot of cameras

    • Terry says:

      Not many at all.
      Roughly 16 per parish or there abouts.

      • J says:

        If you really think that these cameras will be divided evenly over every Parish, you, my friend, are an idiot.

        Their rationale will no doubt be that they will concentrate the cameras in “high-crime” areas… because we all know that nothing illegal occurs in Tucker’s Town or Fairylands.

        Besides that, the idea of a surveillance-state goes against the definition of a democratic and free society. What’s next? What is the final picture that “they” want? This is now… what will be the “solution” 10 years from now?

        I used to look at the US and laugh because they are smack in the middle of a police state, yet they blindly state that they are the land of the free… but now look. It’s right in my back yard.


  5. $hotta says:

    great now de p*** can watch what everyone does….welcome to de police state everyone smfh.

  6. David Henry says:

    Now if they were smart (that’s a BIG ‘if’), they can also use this to completely solve our excessive speeding/dangerous driving issue.

    • Former Union Member says:

      Absolutely! Put a couple of them on Harbour Road on the straights or some of the corners where folks DIE now and then.

    • Whistling Frog says:

      How? They haven’t stop nothing thus far… A camera can’t stop nothing, it just Identifies what comes across it.. What about vehicles that will be stolen or removed without the owner’s consent? Will the cameras know that at that very moment that the vehicle is stolen? I guess in the eyes of some, this is the perfect solution for criminals, speeders and drunk drivers…
      What ever happen to MADD?

      • David Henry says:

        Simple. Bike or car crosses one of these cameras at a ridiculous speed, a picture is taken of the license plate. A ticket is mailed to the corresponding address. Ticket it either paid or not paid. Unpaid speeding tickets and you can’t renew your license or registration at TCD. Get caught without license or registration, you get a serious fine or jail time. Sure not everyone would be smart enough to connect the dots and slow down, but I’d rather the really hard-headed who have no regard for their life or the lives of others be at Westgate rather than on our roads.

        • Legal Beagle says:

          Ok Dave, how does a picture of a cars license plate identify the DRIVER who would be responsible for answering to a speeding charge. The owner is not necessarily the driver. Also, mailing a ticket to someone’s address does not mean that the ticket has been served on anyone – big difference…

  7. Jenkins says:

    just another way for the goverment to “watch us” … smh freedom? whats that?

  8. Ohhh! says:

    Why put up more when you can’t even manage the ones you have up already???

  9. Malachi says:

    They’ll be in our bedrooms next!!

    Consider this in evidence at a divorce hearing:

    “Your Honor, we can prove that the co-respondent in this matter did in fact have sex with Mr. Smith, and we have the official government tapes to back it up.”

    LMAO :)

  10. cicada says:

    yeah whatever. I was attacked by 4 guys on front street right under the view of a camera. When the police showed up after watching from their van the whole time, they said it didn’t work.

  11. 1minute says:

    If you are not guilty of a crime then why worry about the cameras.

    • haha says:

      because it’s an intrusion into my privacy that I didn’t ask for duhh…..welcome to police state!

      • Like Button says:

        They are not looking into your home! They can view me all day when in public, I have nothing to hide.

    • J says:

      Really?! You really just said that? It’s nimrods like you that won’t realize what you had until it’s gone… or maybe you won’t. But I guess ignorance is bliss.

      • Sandy Bottom says:

        And if crime goes up you would complain the government didn’t do enough.

        • J says:

          It’s amazing that you know what I would do if crime went up. On that note, I have to make a few big decisions in my life in the coming weeks… maybe I should let you know the scenario so that you can tell me the decision I would make.

          Everyone is acting like Bermuda is riddled with crime. Stop sensationalizing everything. With the addition of these cameras, we are essentially prisoners in our own country. smh

          Crime has already decreased in all categories, as noted by the MilkMan. So why the need for this??

  12. Grand Architect of the Universe says:

    Bermuda is the guinea pig for the New World Order tactics upon poplaces. It is disgusting how such vile abominations of privacy can be made humane or legal to use, especially without our consent.

    This facial-recognition software has a BAD NAME and reputation in everywhere else on earth. It symbolized dictatorship!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Come On Man says:

      @Grand Architect of the Universe you are so right we have a government who are falling into the Globolist New World Order trap. And the sad thing about it is the dumb down public fall for it everytime.

  13. Boom bye bye says:

    This is a very scary idea.

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      Only for criminals. The rest of us are ok with it.

      • Come Correct says:

        Lol NWO lemming.

        • Sandy Bottom says:

          It’s the 21st century. You’re on camera all the time. Whenever you go into a shop or an office. Already on many roads. The only reason to be overly concerned is if you’re up to no good.
          Maybe that’s your concern.

          • Come Correct says:

            Nope, I’m a law abiding citizen just like you. I still don’t like being watched by the government. We got a conviction for the serpentine liquor armed robbery caught on camera yet? The fool brandishing an assault rifle outside woodys? More cameras are definitely the answer.

  14. Boom bye bye says:

    So the police can’t manage 21 sq miles on their own. That’s a lot of cameras on top of the ones we already have.

  15. Common Sense says:

    I seem to recall the Police have a very strict protocol dealing with potential misuse of CCTC cameras such as the fictitious scenario mentioned by Malachi.

    We have now had Police CCTV cameras in operation for at least 10-15 years. Can Malachi, or anyone else please provide a list of all the abuses and misuses of CCTV that have taken place during that time. Surely with all of the neverending rumourmongers in our midst there has to be a long list of abuses by those monitoring the system.

    Anyone? Anything?

    • Malachi says:

      Of course, I was only kidding, and I am not aware of a case of misuse of CCTV camera footage. And to be fair, I have never even heard of a rumor of such misuse.

      The real answer, however, is that we simply don’t know.

      • Common Sense says:

        To be fair, if you have never heard of a rumour of even one abuse of the CCTV cameras in Bermuda then chances are there has never been one! The reason I say that is because we generally accept rumours as gospel truth unless the opposite can be proved beyond any possible doubt. Not one single rumoured allegation suggests to me that the Police CCTV cameras are not being abused.

        But we have heard about criminals being caught by cameras over the years including the Police CCTV cameras. One recent example was the man caught on camera stealing a bike in Smith’s Parish who would probably never have been caught without that evidence. Remember the case of the man caught on camera brutally assaulting an innocent person in a local bar? He was prosecuted and convicted despite trying to wriggle out of it. I guess the two men convicted of the bike theft and vicous attack could claim that their privacy was invaded but they won’t get much sympathy from me.

        So, one thing “we simply do know” is that criminals have been caught and convicted based on evidence provided by CCTV cameras.

        Just imagine someone committing a serious crime – a shooting – and then claiming he was home tucked up in bed, with his momma providing him with an alibi. But wait a minute, a Police camera at North roundabout clearly shows him driving along East Broadway shortly afer the crime was committed! I suspect that the Police would not care less who drives along East Broadway at any time of day, until the day when their cameras can prove that a suspect has lied and the cameras can provide the evidence that helps convict him. Does he have an automatic right to privacy, or do we the public have an automatic right to as much protection as possible for our Police Service?

    • J says:

      Strict protocol? Thank god for that.

  16. Watcher55 says:

    Don’t worry it won’t take long before it breaks down and the bps figure they have more important things to do that watch monitors

  17. Boom Bye Bye says:

    But wait…. BAS Serco what technicians do you have to install this system?? More work for foreigners and not Bermudians…again….

    • shaka zulu says:

      @Boom Bye Bye, i was thinking the same thing!! makes you wonder how they get this contract !! was it advertised somewhere??They have all the airport contract ,now this??And will this system be monotired 24/7 or the same as now??

    • ConspiracyTheory says:

      It says CCS right in the article… A local company.

  18. Come On Man says:

    Authoritarians strike again. Because crime is so bad here in Mexico,oh I mean Bermuda. We are turning into a Police state. Is this really necessary? If Dunkley had his way he’ll have a camera in every home. George Orwell 1984 is coming. People please wake up don’t be followers.

    • ConspiracyTheory says:

      You’re right. I would prefer unsolved crimes than a few cameras looking at the public streets…

  19. Shawn S says:

    Man i hope this works, cause for the price 112,000 per month which is crazy.
    Man i feel sorry for us the OBA just gave 750,000 to COH and now this.
    Can we afford 1,344,000 a year.

    O well, we know what the budget we be like next week.

    • Come Correct says:


    • haha says:

      Either you’re a complete moron or your just really bad at math! LMFAO and Corporation of St. Georges bra…smh

      • Shawn S says:

        Yes i made a mistake in saying COH when its COS,

        You are the Moron dude, at 112,000 at month equals to what????
        Try laughing at yourself,idiot.

  20. bdaboy says:

    Does anyone think they’ll be monitored properly, repaired or replaced when they break down? This is Bermuda, not the real world.

  21. Triangle Drifter says:

    Apparently many people on this forum don’t get out very often. If they do, they don’t look around & see how many cameras are all around. Cameras are at busy intersections, bridges, ATMs, gas stations, fast food drive throughs, inside restaurants, retail businesses, supermarkets all over, on traffic lights to catch you if you run them.

    They are already everywhere. What is the matter? Guilty conciences?

    • boom bye bye says:

      Those are private spaces. The streets are public. There is a difference.

      • Common Sense says:

        boom bye bye – Please take a look around you. How many ATM’s are located in public spaces and how many bars, clubs and businesses have cameras outside their buildings to monitor who goes in and out.

        99.99% of all images captured on CCTV cameras are of no value and are discarded after just a few days, but if a crime is committed the CCTV cameras can be checked and any images that might be helpful can be saved.

        If we had CCTV cameras on all of our buses some folks would probably complain that it interferes with their right to privacy, but chances are it would greatly reduce assaults against our bus drivers and antisocial behaviour on public transport. I rest my case after seeing and hearing the images of a certain young lady screaming obscentities at a bus driver. I look forward to hearing her mouth off in court!

  22. Jus' Askin' says:

    Let the games begin ;-)
    BPS – Bermuda Police State

  23. X man says:

    I just hope that the visibility,detail,and overall clarity is a lot better that whats used now.

  24. OhDear says:

    I knew this day was coming haha .. I even told people OBA would win the election n that it wont have anything to do with votes …. humanity needs to wake up

  25. Y-Gurl says:

    This is what happens when you keep sending the BPS management off to England, they come back with these fantastic ideas on how to spend our money and infringe of our privacy under the banner of security, fact is the vehicle registration ID (RFID) was put in place with great fanfare and great expense and to my knowledge has never once been a factor in catching anyone, facial recognition….really if you cant see a face you cant recognize it, and what idiot thinks people intent on carrying out shootings, murders or armed robberies in Bermuda are going to take their own bikes or identifiable vehicles to the crime scene, if its anything like the last CCTV exercise or the BPS keep up, their usual lack of interest in anything that requires hard work it will all fall apart in a couple of years and which point I predict based on past history another large contract will be given in secret to “upgrade” the existing infrastructure.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      At least this time they came back with something useful instaed of a another waste of money boat totally inappropriate for the needs here.

    • Come Correct says:

      Actually the RFID did catch someone. Remember the crippled guy driving his unlicensed car to go see his mother in hospital. I think he racked up close to 17,000 in fines, as if his mother’s hospital bill wouldn’t be bad enough. At least we know we’re keeping criminals off our streets, one unlicensed car at a time.

    • Common Sense says:

      Interesting that Y-Girl has no knowledge of the vehicle registration ID (RFID) ever once being a factor in catching anyone with an unlicensed vehicle. Would she change her mind if she discovered that hundreds of drivers have been caught by that system.

      I suggest she takes the time to demand from the Minister of Transport the true facts regarding how many have been caught with the system – and if she is proved wrong that she offer a public apology.

      • Y-Gurl says:

        Sorry I was talking about serious crime, while an unlicensed vehicle is an issue and yes it’s against the law it’s hardly the type of crime that puts Bermuda in the toilet, my emphasis was on the impact on crimes against persons or community

        • Common Sense says:

          Sorry Y-Gurl. I got the impression that it was you who raised the issue of the ID (RFUD) when you wrote, “fact is the vehicle registration ID (RFID) was put in place with great fanfare and great expense and to my knowledge has never once been a factor in catching anyone.” I was merely suggesting that this may not be the case at all and that perhaps hundreds of unlicensed drivers have been caught with that system.

          Might it be possible that you also have no idea how many times CCTV cameras have provided critical evidence in identifying, and in some case, convicting criminals for serious crimes?

          I’ve heard of cases where the police have been able to identify criminals on CCTV and when confronted with the evidence they have pleaded guilty so no mention has been made of the CCTV evidence. I suspect that there might even be some reluctance on the part of the Police to boast about successes with CCTV because they don’t want to tip off criminals to the fact that it has been very useful in fighting crime.

  26. Jus' Askin' says:

    OBA – Order By Artifice

    It is amazing how this script can be used over and over again, around the world and people gobble it up.
    More to come, as OBA has 4 more years ;-)

  27. Somerset OG says:

    Did you ever stop to think why cops are always famous for being dumb? Simple. Because they don’t have to be anything else.

    Orson Welles

    Check out 1984 ^^^^^^^^^

    • Common Sense says:

      If that’s the case then I guess the 8 young men and women who were just accepted into the Police Cadet scheme with a payment package of $40,000 a year plus a college euucation and other benefits must be really dumb in the eyes of Somerset OG!

    • Legal Beagle says:

      Somerset OG(what a pen name), your comment is quite pointless.

  28. Occasional visitor says:

    GET Ltd. had the best technology. They should be awarded the contract.

    Investigate BAS/Serco for their mess-ups in England.

    GET and Kevin Smith is a saint :-)