Photos: Last Night’s Lightning & Thunderstorm

May 25, 2014

[Updated] Lightning could be seen — and heard — last night [May 24], with nature putting on an electrifying display as a flurry of lightning bolts came crashing down over the island.

The good news is it looks like the bad weather may have cleared in time for tomorrow’s holiday, with the Bermuda Weather Service saying, “High pressure begins to move back in Sunday afternoon, with mainly fair conditions and predominantly light winds through Bermuda Day, and into the middle of next week.”



Lightning Bermuda, May 25 2014-2

Lightning Bermuda, May 25 2014-3

Lightning Bermuda, May 25 2014-4

Lightning Bermuda, May 25 2014-1

Update: Another great photo of the lightning storm, this one shot by Daniel Hetzel from Hinson’s Island.


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  1. I love when God displays his handy work, to many people think that they are in control.So when the Heaven’s open up like this, it is refresh to know That God Almighty sit’s on His throne and is in control of this entire universe.

    I have a good friend of mine Calvin Johnston who died several years ago, that was always tell me,when ever you see fierce lightning and thunder,that the lightning is the Lord taking pictures of things and the thunder is Him being mad and so he is throwing around furniture, like Jesus threw around the tables in the temple.

    Even though that is humorous I love hurricanes and storms and any signs that is given to remind us who is in control, man are but mortal and have limited power and intellect, so next time you think of your self as powerful, remember you are not in control and that we all have a expiry date.

    • Ride says:

      Lighting is a natural event not a supernatural one. I don’t see how it its occurrence provides credence to the presence of a god’s handy work.


      • rich says:

        Where was “God” when one of his own houses of worship was struck by lightning? Maybe he’s not impressed by religion, creation of man that it is. In which case, I’m quite the fan.

        • The Skink says:

          God was right there. He is also there when my relative had cancer and died. We live in an evil world but God will return one day to reclaim his chosen ones and restore everything after judgement. It is up to you to believe. Remember God loves us all even if we don’t believe in him.

          • Ride says:

            This begs the question: If this god is there and sees these “evils” and has the ability to prevent them but does nothing then is it not an accessory to the evil and as culpable as the evil entities organising and executing the evil?


            • The Skink says:

              You actually believe in good and evil? You actually believe God has the power to prevent things from happening? Can a principle negate itself and still stand? To believe in good and evil you must acknowledge the creators of those concepts. Are you a moral person?

              • Ride says:

                There are concepts of right and and wrong and these are dependent on your social rearing and social environment.

                Religion has no claim on morality for it existed before religion was invented. Empathy, love, community, respect, fear, hate, and all these things existed religion was invented.

                None of these things needed a creator. Well, religion needed an inventor. People did that and continue to invent new ones.


    • foldgers says:

      I would be more impressed if the God you worshipped showed how he was in control by righting some of the wrongs in this world. If he was in control.. should not the world be a perfect place.. just asking

      • amazing grace says:

        Poor is ye who walks past the face of God and can not see past your own introvertedness.

      • John Thorne says:

        God does not want to control us which is why he gave us freewill to make our own choices and decisions. The problem with the world is we do not all follow his example of love but some choose to let the devil influence their actions and behaviour. We all need to take responsibility for our own actions and work together to make this world a better place to live in.

        • Ride says:

          Ha yes, the jealous lover argument. Love me, or I’ll kill you. However, in this god’s case; love and follow me or I’ll torture you for eternity. Yeah, I’ll pass on both those sorts of psychotic “love”.


          • The Skink says:

            Where does God say love me or I’ll kill you? I know he says “Choose you this day whom you will serve”. It is all about choice. You make your choice and live with the consequences. Study the facts from the source…if you dare.

            • Ride says:

              LOL – Really? You really want to go there? Ok.

              The examples are numerous. Lets start with 2 Chronicles Chapter 15:12-13

              12 And they entered into a covenant to seek the LORD God of their fathers with all their heart and with all their soul;
              13 That whosoever would not seek the LORD God of Israel should be put to death, whether small or great, whether man or woman.

              In this example even the little kids that questioned the religion were to be put to death. There are many more examples of this sort of psychotic “love” from your god. Shall I continue with more?

              The choice you speak of is clear: Love me or I’ll torture you for eternity. Well, in the case above it is love me or die. It is the threat of violence to subjugate. This violence is core to your doctrine. Religious thuggery.


            • LOL says:

              “Study the facts from the source” might be the most hilarious statement on this page. What facts are you referring to? Is your source the Bible? I wonder if you have actually read the whole thing, because if you had I doubt you would make such a statement. If you had read the Bible, you would know that it is full of contradictory statements. This is because it is a collection of writings from several individuals, none being God or Jesus. And if you tell me that the authors were inspired by God, I’ll tell you that J.K. Rowling was inspired by Dumbledore.

              • Ride says:

                Yes, so true. I responded to The Skink’s request to “Study the facts from the source” where I gave the example of 2 Chronicles Chapter 15:12-13 for one of the many cases of “love me or die” that he seems to think is not explicitly stated through out his bible. However, that is still stuck in “awaiting moderation” at the moment.


      • The Skink says:

        He will right the wrongs. Because judgement is not executed speedily does not mean it will not happen. God operates on his terms not ours. When we accept that, we acknowledge he is God, when we don’t, he is nothing more than a fairy tale.

        • Ride says:

          Have you judgment chat with the little girl or boy savaged by the pedophile. Or perhaps with the tens of thousands of children that die each week from hunger. Or the many people brutally murdered each week.

          You mean to tell me that this god sees all this and does nothing?

          Is it willing to intercede but not able? Is it able but not willing? Is it neither able nor willing?


          • The Skink says:

            You have already made your choice. Even if God intervened you still would not believe him.

            • Ride says:

              Let’s have this god intervene so we can see. I’ll venture to say it wont as there is no evidence to suggest that it even exist. And if it (or they) did exist it/they mightn’t even be the god/s you worship.

              In the mean time, I’ll not slave myself to this doctrine on the hopes of some unverifiable reward. I find it far more sincere to be a moral person without the promise of a reward.


    • William says:

      yes Thor was dazzling us last night indeed

    • Put pupils first says:

      Why do you refer to God as a he?

      • d says:

        Well he sure as hell isn’t a woman.

      • JUNK YARD DOG says:

        There are many including our pet animals who need consolidation during storms because they are terrified by thunder and lightning.

        The best place is to retreat to the interior of your car which is considered to have the properties of a “Faraday cage” failing that stay in doors and PUTT THE PLUG on all electrical/ electronic devices including microwaves prior to the on coming event.

        • Family Man says:

          I saw that movie too. The poor guy got consolidated with a fly. But I don’t think the fly was his pet.

          • JUNK YARD DOG says:

            I am not the only Dogggie who make typo errors.

            At least you read my post and thank you for pointing out my terminological inexactitudes.

  2. Mumbo jumbo says:

    You byes should leave your minds open,being opinionated…is part of being an onion…energy is in us all…all matter contains energy at some level,it is where we come from and where we return to…..I like to think it is just that.This is interpretive to many many other attributes from many different religions,many different cultures….and of course we all have our own meaning we will attach tuit… is awe inspiring from all aspects,deal with it any way you choose ,create a nursery rhyme if you like….

  3. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    Correction :- Delete “PUTT”



  4. Hurricane says:

    Thank you Bernews, you are THE BEST!

  5. Juice says:

    Great pictures Bernews!

  6. el says:

    Yes great pictures Bernews!!!great coverage all the time!!!You guys really are the best… very interesting postings above, this conversation is thought provoking…why don’t we all know who “god”he’ she ‘ allah ,ect. is? should be plain as the “SUn” in the sky? But Mother Nature trumps all!!! who is SHE? hE CANNOT DELIVER, HE DOESNT HAVE A WOMB.. Womb-man has the womb and water to deliver! the woman represents the #4 and males are three dimensional, lacking the ability to deliver the offspring! We both need each other and we all need the Earth, the “heart of the Universe..and when she reacts to the forces that come from within us then the actions are felt or seen .Beautiful pictures of the lightning bolts..