Butterfields Partner With “More Than Sport”

August 19, 2014

buterfeil_mens_navy_grandeButterfield Racing, the husband and wife team of professional triathletes Tyler and Nikki Butterfield, proudly announces a new partnership with More Than Sport, a non-profit organization founded by fellow pro Chris Lieto to provide a platform for professional athletes to connect their competitive efforts with charitable causes.

Bermuda’s Cornerstone Foundation, a faith-based charity supporting at-risk and incarcerated youth in becoming productive members of society, will be the beneficiary of the Butterfields’ current charitable efforts.

“Tyler and I have always wanted to link up with More Than Sport somehow,” said Nikki. “We think it’s incredible what Chris is doing. He’s nailed the problem for athletes that want to make a difference and, being in the media spotlight, have a prime opportunity to espouse a cause, yet lack the time, resources or knowledge to do so.

“More Than Sport provides a fantastic framework for us to partner with the charity of our choice–in our case, Cornerstone Foundation–and devote as much time as we’re able within the confines of our race and family schedules.”

The Butterfields recently ran the annual Appleby Bermuda Half Marathon Derby [which Tyler won and where Nikki placed second] on behalf of Cornerstone Foundation and had an opportunity to learn about the organization’s efforts in support of youth in Tyler’s home country.

“What really stood out to us is the work they’re doing to reduce the number of kids joining gangs,” said Tyler. “It’s become a huge problem in Bermuda in the past few years. There have been a ridiculous number of shootings for such a small nation–it’s nearly always in the news. It’s disturbing to know that this is happening on the beautiful island where I grew up and where my family and friends continue to make their homes.”

“We want our family and everyone living in Bermuda to feel safe,” continued Nikki, “But even more so, we want to help address the root cause of the violence. What leads these kids down that path in the first place? Are they missing a solid family foundation? Are they lacking in stimulus and mentorship?

“Do they simply have too much time on their hands and no means to apply themselves to something productive? Whatever the reason, Cornerstone Foundation wants to make a difference and they have a number of different programs to engage youth in exciting ways. For Tyler and myself it was sport that kept us both busy and out of trouble; now we want to help Cornerstone Foundation positively impact the lives of youth in Bermuda and the community there as a whole.”

Another reason the partnership is an intuitive fit for the Butterfields stems from Tyler’s family being members of Cornerstone Bible Fellowship, a non-denominational church in Bermuda.

Anyone wishing to donate may do so via the following methods:

  • The purchase of a custom designed Bermuda-themed shirt in honor of the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii [a grueling triathlon competition consisting of a 3.9-km swim, a 180-km bike and a 42.2-km run], available for sale via the Butterfield Racing/More Than Sport webpage, with international purchasing and shipping options and all proceeds going directly to More Than Sport and Cornerstone Foundation.
  • A direct donation on the Cornerstone Foundation website.

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