Female Lawyer Assaulted At Supreme Court

August 28, 2014

A female lawyer was assaulted by a male litigant at the Supreme Court today [Aug 28], and a 59 year old Sandys parish man has been arrested, while the lawyer was taken to the hospital where she is being treated for facial injuries.

A police spokesperson said, “Police responded to a report of assault that took place at the Supreme Court today. A female lawyer was assaulted by a male litigant during a matter that was being heard in Chambers.

“The 59 year old Sandys parish man was arrested and is being detained at Hamilton Police Station. The female lawyer was taken to the hospital where she is being treated for facial injuries. A full investigation into this matter is underway.”

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  1. Squirt says:

    How much evidence will you need to convict this jerk!

    • Jay Maloy says:

      I think a person automatically loses the case if they do something like this in court.

      • RME says:

        You would think so wouldn’t you. But this is Bermuda. Watch, he’ll lawyer-up again and somehow plead not guilty.

  2. Steve Davis says:

    What kind of man attacks a woman?

  3. ComeOnBermuda says:

    What were the security guards/officers doing when this happened?

    • filobedo21 says:

      ComeonBermuda – It was in Chambers, not in open Court!

    • VJ says:

      I’ve been concerned about the lack of security at Supreme Court for awhile now. It’s so funny how you have to jump through hoops to get into Magistrate’s Court, but can get into the high court with relative ease.

      I’m speculating if this was a matrimonial case being held in divorce court. Often the wife doesn’t show up, but angry, hyped up men often do. Could have been rage vented at the wrong person.

      • pebblebeach says:

        Hold the speculation if you will…really…

    • MAKE MY DAY says:

      WHAT DO YOU THINK….THIS IS BERMUDA!!! HOW **PROFESSIONAL** do you really think the Islands police are??? They completely F….Upe’d the murder of a Canadian girl a few yrs back!!!!

      I tell you what BDA…. If you do NOT prosecute the obviuous criminal act…. then your **REPUTATION** as an idealistic SAFE haven for young woman -is going to STAY in-the-toilet!!!

      I will post this ALL over the Internet **WORLDWIDE** with my Russian friends!!! NOW DO YOU GET IT???

  4. What says:

    Lock him up and that’s it…Smh.

  5. Southampton says:

    Take him outside and beat the hell out of him. Has no respect for anyone. All he understands is a good beating.

    • Frank says:

      I`ll do it no problem. Pick on someone your own size and sex.

  6. Glenda says:


  7. Coffee says:

    What a dreadful man !

  8. Say it aint so says:

    Hmmm…..Lock him up and throw away the keys!

  9. Dudley hill paget says:

    such horrible news we have to hear today. I feel for this young woman. I pray she wil be just fine. they need to deal with him. that’s a cowardly act

  10. Paget says:

    What would it take for a person whether man or woman to be so frustrated that they assault someone. I was told growing up “what goes around, comes around” sooner or later.

    • Not that simple says:

      you are correct Paget, what would it take for a person man or woman to get so frustrated that they asault someone? some of you people on here are so self righteouse. I know the circumstances in this case, not condoning his actions but believe me some of you would have probably done worst for less. Ask the right questions you will get the right answers.

  11. Good grief…violence is not the answer.

  12. nomoremoney says:

    Ya, he’s done on all counts.

  13. serengeti says:

    Recently someone assaulted a female lawyer without warning and got two years in prison. Let’s see what happens in this case.

  14. Payback ! says:

    One would hope the Judge is Female !