Drugs Seized & Two Men Arrested In Sandys

August 28, 2014

A search warrant executed at a Sandys Parish home today [Aug 28] lead to the arrest of two men after what the police termed a “quantity of drugs” was seized from the residence.

A police spokesperson said, “The Bermuda Police Service executed a search warrant at a residence on Beacon Hill Road in Sandys Parish today.

“As a result, a quantity of drugs was seized and two men, a 39-year-old from Sandys and a 31-year-old from Pembroke, were arrested and are currently in police custody.

“An investigation into this matter is underway and the police would like to thank area residents for their patience and understanding for any disruption the search may have caused.”

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  1. Bermudian says:

    Scumbags of the nation.


    Considering what really happened versus the story above, they are a very disgusting bunch.

  3. MAKE MY DAY says:

    RE: A quantity of drugs was seized!!! Obviously to make $$$!!! They are the *DEMONS* preying on our/YOUR innocent children and youth!!!

    Send them to prison for several years and make sure that they do some “Hard Time”!! (what a “joke”…Hard time in BDA!!!) That’s the way it used to be until ALL the Liberal A….Holes progressives came and screwed-up the legal system

    There is one BIG thing in life I have discovered over the last 70 yrs… It’s called **KARMA**!!! What goes around – usually comes around…. One way or the other!!!

    If I could get “paid” for my life experiences – then I could have retired many yrs ago!!!

  4. Reality Check, One Two says:

    um i dont know anything about this case, but what makes it disgusting?
    other words might be more fitting…. odd

  5. enough says:

    so what really happened, please enlighten us.

  6. Reality Check, One Two says:

    Every nation that legalized drugs found a marked drop in crime and even drug use. Contrary to what clueless citizens and politicians may think in their minds. Reality has proven the results, but imagination is a powerful tool, and when wielded by the ignorant who know nothing, is a weapon.

    why continue to ignore the facts and reality, and keep supporting the illegal drug market and perpetuating addiction and abuse? Legalize drugs and you will find what every other nation has found.

    you can live a daydream in vain, or live reality – wake up and smell the coffee!

    the cure for cancer and 300 diseases is cannabis, but has been suppressed by corrupt politics for decades.

    every illegal drug that dealer’s sell is used as medicine in doctor offices and hospitals!

    people have a right to feel good, and it is their choice to use something if they want. Other people don’t have the right to deny them that right.

    Drugs are illegal because it creates a black market, which means dealer’s are justified to sell the product at HYPER-INFLATED prices.

    Heroin is made for pennies a kilo, but sold for hundreds of thousands. This street value is only existant because of the black market, which only exists because of the laws which are made that enable the market to exist.

    if you want to smoke crack in your bedroom at night good for you. As long as you don’t rob or hurt anyone then who should really care?

    people are such hypocrites, since alcohol is one of the most dangerous drugs out there, and yet it is legal. Our kids start drinking at 12 years old, and most are binge drinkers by their mid teens. Millions of people die each year from alcohol, which is a poison that literally kills your brain. Why is this legal but other drugs not?

    Smell the coffe please, Bermuda!

    Psychedelic drugs have been 100% proven to be non-addictive, non-harmful, and actually medicinally beneficial to humans. But they are illegal too. Opiates are dangerous, but good for pain relief, but are all illegal.

    Cocaine is safe to use in moderation once a month, with no harm to the body. Crack is whack, but hey, if you are legally allowed to drink booze until blood pours out your mouth and ears, then why not be allowed to take a puff off a crack pipe if that is what floats your boat?

    Stimulant drugs enhance your skills, but booze is a sedative that literally DUMBS your brain and nervous system down, decreasing skills.
    Why is one legal and one illegal?

    Drugs can make you feel great and work hard, but humans are denied the right to enjoy them. You can buy bleach for $3 and drink it and kill yourself or anyone else with it. Why not make it illegal?

    Drug crime ONLY EXISTS because of the black market which only exists because of illegality of drugs – which HYPER INFLATES their sale price.