Bermuda J105 Invitational Regatta Concludes

November 24, 2014

The final day of the 2014 Bermuda J105 Invitational Regatta, sponsored by XL, saw three races completed in a stiff northerly breeze.

The opening race [8] of the day was in 14-18 knots, and the fleet had to deal with large wind shifts as well as difficult chop that this wind direction always brings. The race went to Yabsta [Trevor Boyce] – his second bullet of the regatta, ahead of Chequemate [Peter Bromby].

Race 9 [the final International race] started with a shift to the left in strong breeze. A coming together shortly after the start saw protests hailed and flags raised, as the finer points of rules were discussed on the racecourse.

Sadiiqi came out of this mess pinned out to the right and behind, never to recover. After two laps Passion [Bill Lakenmacher] beat Chequemate [Kevin Murphy] to the line.

Race 10 [the final Bermuda race] rounded out the series, with Chequemate [Peter Bromby] taking the final win ahead of Passion [James Macdonald].

A fun distance race “Last Race” then took the teams on a tour of the Great and Little Sound’s, before working down Granaway Deep back to RBYC. Yabsta won this race for the prize presented by Triangle Rigging.

After a brief hearing, by International Umpire Bob Duffy, to sort out the protests, the final results were tabulated and prizes were awarded.

The “boat of the day”, sponsored by Butterfield Bank, went to Chequemate.

For the International Trophy, sponsored by Bermuda Tourism Authority:

  • Passion [Bill Lakenmacher] 13 pts;
  • Yabsta [Stewart Neff] 15 pts;
  • Sadiiqi [Richard Mitchele] 16 pts.

For the Bermuda Trophy, sponsored by Goslings:

  • Chequemate [Peter Bromby] 10pts;
  • Morning Glory [Glenn Astwood/Jon Corless] 15 pts;
  • Sadiiqi [Pete Ramsdale] 18 pts.

For the Overall Trophy, sponsored by XL:

  1. 1st – Chequemate [Kevin Murphy, Henry Colie, Scott Callahan, Ian Feathers, Peter Bromby, Lee White] 29 pts;
  2. 2nd – Morning Glory [Jason Owen, Andrew McIrvine, Paul Wiseman, Glenn Astwood, Jon Corless, Paul Wring] 33 pts;
  3. 3rd - Passion [Bill Lakenmacher, Daniel Lakenmacher, Peter Sutch, James Macdonald, Mary Geraghty, Nik Smale] 33 pts.


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