Mohawk Radio Releases “Lifetime Sunshine”

November 15, 2014

Mohawk Radio, a Manchester, UK-based band which includes Bermudian singer Mia Chambray Page, has released their latest music video for the song Lifetime Sunshine, which was written about the singer’s experience of leaving Bermuda and going to Manchester.

Mia Page said, “We’ll be playing at a Manchester City square in a few weeks; it’s to be confirmed, but we may have a very special Bermudian introducing us.”

That Bermudian has been revealed by the band to be football legend Shaun Goater.

A spokesperson for the band said, “At the forefront of Mohawk Radio is Bermuda born Mia Page, whose powerful vocals are a blessing sent down from ‘Rock N Roll Heaven’.

“Her range and power not only sounds great, but when you add her larger than life stage presence into the mix you have an accomplished rock artist/performer who commands the stage in much the same way as her more famous predecessors, such as how the likes of Cher and Stevie Nicks made an impact with a rock band behind them.

“She may be born in Bermuda, but she’s fast becoming a Manchester sensation.

“Although the focus is on Page’s stage theatrics, it should be noted that the musicians behind her are key to the whole Mohawk Radio package.”

Mohawk Radio “Lifetime Sunshine” official video:

“With a solid rhythm section of Dave Quinn on drums, and Sean Frankland on bass, and the illustrious guitar craft of James Gregory, who’s one of the most innovative in the underground scene, Mohawk Radio have the foundations to create something a little unique and special.

“They play with all the gusto and passion of a heavy rock band, but peel it back just one simple layer to make the sound so much more captivating and melodious.

“At times it sounds like stripped back metal that’s restrained, bursting to detonate from its constrictions, but its Page’s control of the tempo of each song that won’t allow it to become too hard hitting, and that’s what makes the band so engaging and interesting.”

“Songs like ‘Rock n Roll Heaven’, off their first EP, are instant fans favourites; a classic, hard hitting track that appeals to every one of us that wants to be saved from a routine existence. The line, “Take me to Rock n Roll Heaven” is one that we all secretly crave, and Mohawk Radio do a fine job in taking you there.

“Songs off the new EP have been well received. ‘Curious Morality’ is a wonderfully written emotive ballad that’s personal to Page as it tugs at the heart strings. ‘Lifetime Sunshine’ charters Page’s journey to Manchester from Bermuda while having a tongue in cheek dig at the weather in the form of ‘I’ve had a Lifetime of Sunshine, I need a little bit of rain.’

“It’s a pop orientated song in its verses, which explodes into life for the chorus and as the song progresses.

“On the back of winning ‘Stockport’s Finest’ in 2013, Mohawk Radio are on course to really explode in 2014 and take their distinct rock sound to the next level.”

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  1. Bermystyle says:

    Congrats Mia and Mohawk Radio…you guys rock!!!!

  2. Justin says:

    Awesome song! Just one request though, and I confess I haven’t heard any of your other songs, but can you give us some music that gets us in party mode? Love the song, but we need something that we can play during Cup Match sort of thing.

  3. Todd says:


  4. Hazel says:

    Congrats Mia & crew. Proud to be BERMUDIAN.