Video: Recap Of Bermuda’s First Hackathon

January 30, 2015

Code 441 recently held their first hackathon at XL Group on January 2, 2015, bringing more than 70 students from around the island together in order to learn about computer programming via active participation.

A newly released video highlights some of the day’s action, with the video’s description saying, “On January 2, 2015 we met at XL Group for Code 441′s very first hackathon and we thank everyone for making it a tremendous success.

“We had over 70 students in attendance and built three different websites including a personal webpage, solar system and a text animation.

“The students first learned about what programming is and why it is important in the modern age, especially here in Bermuda. We then learned about the fundamentals of front-end programming with HTML and CSS and started learning a little Javascript.”

Video recap of Bermuda’s first hackathon:

“Students came from all over the island and from all different schools. They made new friends, laughed with each other and completely finished four full trays of pizza. All in all it was an amazing day and we thank you for being a part of it.”

A spokesperson said, “With all of the turmoil going on over this past week, it is important to remember that our children’s future is of the utmost importance, now more than ever. At Code 441, we stand committed to offering a new outlet that can inspire, educate and empower our youth and we hope that you can work with us to achieve these goals.

“This year, our team is working on more events and outlets to help our youth express themselves creatively through technology. We recently started a Tumblr page where students can ask questions about programming resources, technology and entrepreneurship. If you or your child are curious about learning more, feel free to visit the site and ask a question.”

For more information on Code 441, visit their Facebook page, Twitter page, or Instagram page.

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