Charts Only: 2015-2016 Bermuda Budget

February 20, 2015

For those seeking a quick visual view of the 2015 Budget delivered in the House of Assembly by Finance Minister Bob Richards this morning [Feb 20], the charts extracted from the Budget are below.

For comparison’s sake, charts from the 2014 Budget are here, charts from the 2013 Budget are here, charts from 2012 Budget are here, charts from the 2011 Budget are here, and charts from the 2010 Budget are here.

View all our coverage of the 2015 Budget here and our live blog here.







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  1. sounds right says:

    Obvious points that would deserve additional comment:

    1) we are planning on losing an extra 220 million this year. which is sad.
    2) The second largest expenditure is interest. Which is extremely sad.
    3) What is involved with ‘national security’ and why does it cost us 143m (12.4% of our budget)? for comparison the U.S.A. spends 19% on its defense AND all its international assistance USAID programs.

    • Onion says:

      That’s the US Federal Government – state, city, and counties also spend large sums on security so if you factor in those costs the US spends far more than we do on “security”.

  2. Yes I says:

    Don’t cut from Education. That’s the sector that needs huge support. Send the prisoners to another jurisdiction for less or have them provide more “free” community service.

  3. Civy Says says:

    These tourism developments on page 8 are bogus. How can we plan for all of these and BELCO can’t even keep the lights on when it rains hard and our trash can barely be picked up on time. How is Bermuda planning to support all of these developments in 2 years…..hmmm.