PLP Question $1.5M Legal Fees For Waterfront

March 9, 2015

[Updated] “The revelation that the OBA paid out nearly $1.5 million in legal fees to seek guidance on how to void the Hamilton Waterfront Lease is an affront to every Bermudian who has been forced to bear the burden of that organization’s version of shared sacrifice,” Senator Marc Daniels said this evening.

Senator Daniels said, “Assuming the OBA’s chosen law firm allocated a senior counsel and junior counsel, and even a QC to review the advice, and to address the legal issues arising from retroactively voiding a contract, it is inconceivable that such counsel would incur in excess of 1,000 billable hours to produce an opinion.

“The public should further expect even more money to be paid out as the OBA’s attempt to justify their actions before the courts is expected to continue,” added the Senator.

“In opposition, the OBA spoke out against what they characterized as ‘friends and family plans.’ Despite this, they have engaged in activities that by any standard would be considered highly suspect.

“The OBA must reveal the name of the law firm that has received such a sizable amount of our tax dollars and if any OBA member has a connection with said firm.

“We call on the OBA to come clean and justify this outrageous spending in a time when salaries are being cut and positions are being frozen. The Premier must be held accountable for this nonsensical spending,” added Senator Daniels.

Citing “costs and losses”, Michael MacLean’s Allied Development launched legal action over losing the lease, which they signed with the Corporation of Hamilton in late 2012. The RFP process to award the lease was criticised in an Ombudsman’s report, and the lease was overturned following a vote in Parliament in 2014.

Last month, Allied Trust and Allied Development Partners Limited filed legal documents seeking $90 million in financial compensation, and in response to the legal action, Attorney-General Trevor Moniz said the Government “will be defending it vigorously.”

Update 6.14pm: The “Ministry has not spent $1.5 million to obtain advice on voiding the waterfront leases,” and such “assertions are completely misleading and false,” Minister of Home Affairs Michael Fahy said today [Mar 9], adding that ”to date less than half the requested amount has been spent.” The Minister’s full statement is here.

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  1. Sky Pilot says:

    The plp want WHAT??? accountability?


    • "Family and Friends Plan" says:

      “The TRUST DEFICIT OF THE OBA in this matter is huge….

      The Brilliance of Senator Mark Daniels. This a very significant FACT. This is clearly a situation that has OBA in a very difficult position. The OBA cheerleaders will indeed spin this to remove this, as they are known for not holding their government accountable, more so TRANSPARENT. Instead they believe if they highlight the PLP, it excuses their government’s failure to be TRANSPARENCY AND HONEST AND ACCOUNTABLE. Yet pre-election the OBA promised to Govern Differently…. ooh for real…..what a weak rationalization of a government that has failed to earn the trust of the people of Bermuda.

      One expect the OBA supporters to write comments that will remove their government from taking any responsibility to this case. The concept of the Friends and Family Plan only applies to the PLP, in their eyes. Their Political noses will continue to grow, so long that they can not see beyond the OBA wrong doings.

      The Intellectual dishonesty by the OBA will be revealed in their comments, which follow below. Its speak loudly to their lack of willingness to hold a government accountable, unless if refers only to the PLP…really ….point proven…..

      FACT: “The revelation that the OBA paid out nearly $1.5 million in legal fees to seek guidance on how to void the Hamilton Waterfront Lease is an affront to every Bermudian who has been forced to bear the burden of that organization’s version of shared sacrifice,” Senator Marc Daniels said this evening.”…….

      TRANSPARNCY ….will mean that the OBA has not problem in…..“The OBA must reveal the name of the law firm that has received such a sizeable amount of our tax dollars and if any OBA member has a connection with said firm.”….but yet they fail to do so……really



      Will the “#BLINDFAITHFULNESSDIEHARDOBAubp” Fans continue to fall for such..paid bloggers working hard to turn this around, but FACTS ARE FACTS…and all will come forward soon enough,,,,,,

      • Purple Koolaid says:

        So you see no problem with a 200 year old deal? Many in the PLP have a huge problem with a 30 year deal been given to those developing the airport but see nothing wrong with their own deal for the hospital contract or a 200 year old deal for the right to the CITY of Hamilton, or the 99 year old Coco Reef deal or the 25 year old deal for Whites Island. Aren’t many of those involved caught up in their own legal battle amongst themselves?

        C’mon give us a break and stop being so F’n arrogant by assuming you are so much smarter than most of us. Do you really think that contract was awarded without bias and in the best interest of the people of this country? Did you ever look at any other proposals? Did you even see the public presentation that was put online by the group that Sir John helped organised. Mr Magoo could see what was really going on!

        If I am wrong make the presentation public so the public can compare ideas and decide if it was worth a 200 year old contract.

    • Tough Love says:

      Why does misuse of funds in the past, excuse misuse of funds in the present? Not to mention voiding a valid contract. Why are you looking only at what the PLP did and not what the OBA is DOING?!?

      • Come Correct says:

        Voiding a valid contract? Are you kidding me? The plp cheerleaders don’t want foreigners working here let alone holding property for the next 200+ years.

      • Purple Koolaid says:

        It was a 200 year old deal, that is why. That means your great, great, great, great grandchildren probably won’t be alive to see the end of that deal!

    • concerned says:

      The plp does not know what accountability is.

  2. Family Man says:

    Marc’s already shown by his past actions that he’s OK with the Friends & Family plan. He’s just upset that somebody closed the lid on the cookie jar.

    • "Family and Friends Plan" says:

      YOU are NOT holding your government Accountable, what makes it better if you give the OBA a free pass and yet want to call the PLP out on everything. I thought the OBA was going to “GOVERN DIFFERENTLY”, so far I do not see any sign of such.

      This is outrageous, regardless of which government is doing it, and folks expected CHANGE…but what did we get…..looks like just another OBAubp rearing their ugly heads once again.,….and you think it is okay…really weak pass at best……

      • Come Correct says:

        I see many ways they govern differently, not all good not all bad. You might be more credible if you were intelligent enough not to comment with “Betty T’s” avatar, which means one of two things…1. You’re the same person trying pathetically to create the illusion of popular opinion…2. You legit screwed up and I noticed just like last week when another of the plp comment squad used a different name same avatar in a response to someone. When they say “by any means necessary” stupid typically isn’t one of those means. Come better than that…or…just come correct.

  3. Jadon says:

    “Transparency” is our goal they said…

    Trust us they said…. LOL now come on let’s here how this was the PLPs fault or how the PLP did something similar but 10 x worse….

    • Sky Pilot says:

      as a matter of fact,they did,a lot worse than 10x

    • jt says:

      What is an “affront to every Bermudian” is that the legal advice needed to be sought at all.
      I’d bet the farm a lot of pockets were set to be lined off this and the only thing that prevented it was an election result that surprised the principles.

    • sigh..... says:


      who do you think got this lease in place in the first place???? NOT THE OBA!!!! surely you are not under the illusion that the reset button was pressed when the OBA took the reins? they inherited an unbelievable mess, the likes of which there was NO transparency on, when they took over. do you REALLY think we can just magically come out on top after 2 years? the math has been laid out for us all. the situation is DIRE. wake up, Jadon – this is OUR island – all of ours, together. and the OBA has been way more transparent (and I would say weak, even, in not really highlighting just what a mess this island is in, which is thanks COMPLETELY to the PLP…)

      suddenly marc bean and his cohorts are calling into question how and what is spent? it’s a laugh. they were perfectly happy when the money was disappearing (with millions and millions still unaccounted for) and the island was going downhill fast. having 7000+ people leave bermuda in the past 7 years has hurt us all, badly. we have less of everything, and less people paying into our community, paying their everyday bills, gas, grocery, restaurants, etc…which translates into higher costs for the rest of us, and failed businesses, meaning less choice as well. surely you can connect those dots…. our entire population can’t even fill an average college football stadium, yet people like you think we can magically fill every need of a sophisticated community with the highest standards from it.

      yes, i digress from my original point, which was that indeed, the spending of this money in legal fees is a DIRECT result from a PLP action. the clean-up costs of the past government are going to continue to be astronomical for years to come. that is the legacy of the PLP.

      • "Family and Friends Plan" says:




        • aceboy says:

          We have seen more transparency in the past two years than the previous 14 combined.

          • Family and Friends Plan says:

            Blindfaithfulness you suffer from can not see beyond your long political OBA nose……thus your comment and others like it..

  4. liars says:

    This looks and sounds exactly like the Plp before they got elected last time, always making waves always firing up the black and white people that have enough to get by…its a form of propaganda,which l have been ble to see through since the beginning.

    • "Family and Friends Plan" says:

      THIS SEEMS LIKE THE OBA are FALLING ON ITS promises of “TRANSPARENCY TRANSPARENCY AND ACCOUNTABILITY”……why promise this and in two years we see no change.

      Folks voted for change, and now it seems like we might as well left the PLP as the government. Why are you failing to hold your government accountable, rather than use the old poor excuse of well the PLP did this or that…really…..was the OBA supposed to do better……looks like they are worst than the PLP in many, many ways……

      Trust Deficit is killing the OBA……..only a dream I guess……

      • Come Correct says:

        “Betty” why would you leave the same inept party in power? There’s no way to hold them accountable if you do that. You keep voting them out until one gets the point.

  5. mr speaker says:

    PlP take a break. How bout the $1m you paid out to Beyonce for a 1 hour show if that. How bout the money for Alicia Keys smh a waist of Tax payers money.

    • "Family and Friends Plan" says:

      That is why folks voted for change….but look at what they are now getting? NO TRANSPARENCY, NO HONESTY, NO ACCOUNTABILITY, NO HOPE OF CHANGE IN GOVERNANCE…….really…… I think the OBA needs to be held accountable…NO KEEPING TO ANY PROMISES PRE-ELECTION…….WHY SHOULD FOLKS BELIEVE THE OBA NOW…..the Trust Deficit is zero at best……

    • Tough Love says:

      How long ago was that? So you’re saying because it was done then, that the OBA can do it now? What sense does that make?!?

      • Come Correct says:

        I don’t think that’s what they said at all unless the oba is bringing Beyonce back.

  6. aceboy says:

    This money has been spent because of the PLP’s idiotic move to remove the right to vote from the ratepayers and the consequences of that on the subsequent municipal election and their favoured peoples actions once they got into office.

    To fix their attempt to hijack the waterfront an expensive legal fight is the result.

    Thanks AGAIN PLP.

    • Just Curious says:

      Bingo, ding ding ding . PLP trying to get out on the front foot on this story. Twisting, squirming like an eel on the line . Only the fools are fooled .

    • First, allow me to make this quite clear, I do not condone any wrongs that were displayed by the former P.L.P. Government nor the point raised here by Sen. Marc Daniels, (if true) is something that should be
      If there’s any or had been any skullduggery surrounding this matter then please do “place all cards face up” Premier Michael H. Dunkley / Finance Minister Bob Richards or anyone else that can resolve this “matter”.

    • Tolerate says:

      So what your saying aceboy; is that the PLP screwed up and the OBA had to spend $1.5 million to fix their mess “AGAIN”.
      And Mr. Daniels has the audacity to question money used to achieve the fix?
      Really can’t make this up can you?
      Kinda like people complaining the financial position Bermuda is in and blaming the stance the OBA HAS to take to fix it.
      In the words of Ron White (I would not want to be accused of plagiarism) “You can’t fix stupid”.

      • "Family and Friends Plan" says:

        NO what he is saying is that the PLP had nothing to do with the above situation. Go read and get the facts…and maybe if you stop playing the Blame Game and for once hold the OBA Accountable you would be able to get the real FACTS behind this matter. PLEASE read carefully the real FACTs in regards to this matter before you shoot off your mouth in haste to save the OBA….really

        • aceboy says:

          You are the one ignoring facts. Who removed the ability of rate payers to vote in the Municipal elections? The PLP. This situation is ALL about the PLP….a white guy named Graeme was simply put out as a surrogate to deflect the fact that this whole thing was a PLP stich-up.

          • Family and Friends Plan says:

            See you still failing to read and accept facts….this has nothing to do with the votes…..oh your reading the wrong OBA script. ….read up get learnt on this matter and than your comment might make sense….

  7. Creamy says:

    Lawyers cost money, as I’m sure Marc Bean, a lawyer, knows.
    This is less than a tenth of the Port Royal overspend, still under investigation. Ask Zane about that, Marc. That would be a good lesson in “accountability”.

    • Mockingjay says:

      Mark Bean a lawyer,really and a certified pilot.
      Man of many talents

      • hmmm says:

        and a doctor to children apparently.

        • Ladybug says:

          holistic doctor at that. lol

          • Sky Pilot says:

            witch doctor!

          • "Family and Friends Plan" says:

            Does not change the FACTS aha….

            “The revelation that the OBA paid out nearly $1.5 million in legal fees to seek guidance on how to void the Hamilton Waterfront Lease is an affront to every Bermudian who has been forced to bear the burden of that organization’s version of shared sacrifice,” Senator Marc Daniels said this evening.

            Senator Daniels said, “Assuming the OBA’s chosen law firm allocated a senior counsel and junior counsel, and even a QC to review the advice, and to address the legal issues arising from retroactively voiding a contract, it is inconceivable that such counsel would incur in excess of 1,000 billable hours to produce an opinion.

            • Creamy says:

              Yeah, but the problem is that those are not the FACTS.

              You wouldn’t be able to follow a sequence of FACTS if it bit you in the ass.

      • Family Man says:

        Marc Bean’s NOT a lawyer. But then he’s not really a doctor either although he is a bit of a tea connoisseur and taxi driver.

        • Creamy says:

          Yeah, I meant Marc Daniels. I agree with your comment though.

  8. obasellouts says:


    you oba ppl are sooo damn funny.

    If you are in charge and just blame the next man for everything then maybe we just put the next man back in charge.

    You oba ppl don’t take any responsibility

    • Well then says:

      When has the PLP EVER taken responsibility for their actions over their 14 years in power. You know the whole debt thing? The lost money. The unlimited amount of ridiculous spending. Please? Tell me how the “oba people” are not taking any responsibility. Enlighten me, please. I’m kind of getting fed up of people not realizing how pathetic they sound when they are insulting a party who is actually trying to get this country back on track. If you care about your country, stop trying to criticize the oba; if you dont like the fact they are trying to save our country then you can vote them out next election and enjoy watching our country “burn” as one of your most loved politicians once said.
      I’m losing hope for our country.
      Peace out.

      • "Family and Friends Plan" says:

        The OBA was voted in for such a reason…Yet the People have been fooled and LIED do over and over again. Change in Government, expected more, but yet we get a huge lack of TRANSPARENCYACCOUNTABILITYHONESTYFAIRNESS ….really… expect to Trust this Government, when we voted for change and get this nonsense over and over again in less than only 2 years…… voting for change, expected more, and got a heck of alot less….really …..wake up…

      • Tough Love says:

        We didn’t have issues over the entire 14 years! That’s how they got elected MORE THAN ONCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        So tired of the OBA suck-ups trying to make it like the PLP was a nightmare ever since they got in office. Only the good ol boys were crying and upset that they weren’t in government 14 years ago. The voters showed that.

  9. Let me see ... says:

    Let me see if I understand. The OBA spent $1.5 billion to void a contract that would have seen the Island effectively give away the waterfront. Even if the proposed development had failed to go through (and it didn’t stand a chance of getting off the ground) the lease would still have required anyone that wanted to do anything on the Waterfront would have had to deal with Allied Development, not with the Corporation or the government. Speaking of the Friends & Family Plan …

  10. mr speaker says:

    Yes PLP is to blame now the OBA are TRYING to help our country. If both parties would grow up and come together maybe the people of bermuda can come together aswell. Blacks & Whites end this Racial BS

    • "Family and Friends Plan" says:

      Help our country by wasting Taxpayers monies, when we are in such a difficult position…really…..I think your blindfaithfulness is killing you to believe and say whatever it takes to save the wrong behaviours of the OBA….this is typical response from such folks like you…..This is a waste of Taxpayers monies which could have been better used…else where……

      In opposition, the OBA spoke out against what they characterized as ‘friends and family plans.’ Despite this, they have engaged in activities that by any standard would be considered highly suspect.”

      Expected more from the OBA, but got so so much much less……where is the REAL ACCOUNTABILITY AND TRANSPARENCY……really…….

      I should just overlook this because the OBA did it…..what….

  11. Unbelievable says:

    This is not about OBA responsibility. This is about a PLP legacy.

    Yes the OBA now own whatever budget they release but the fact of the matter here is that we are in a PLP legacy that we can not avoid. The PLP were and, if they were still Govt, appear to still be bad managers of Govt matters. We can not avoid this. What people are looking for are PLP supporters who are willing to publicly question their party’s motives and decisions while in power. Oh they’ll say,”well we did that at the last election”. Yes fair enough but they PLP still go on and on as if nothing wrong happened.

    It will do us a world of good if PLP supporters also ask the important questions of the PLP.

    • mj says:

      We asked questions during Plp being in government, the result was what we have now!!!!! The Oba won the government. Now they want to act worse than the plp and ubp combined.. don’t try to deflect from what is happening now . The oba need to answer to what THEY are doing, and not doing. A simple answer saying we are cleaning up is not sufficient,. WHAT ARE THEY CLEANING SPECIFICALLY? the whole world is in debt.. the oba has plenty of company , .. what are they doing with not only debt but funds avaiblable to govern… they are spending it on Americas cup, they are not even putting things out to tender, they are operating in a cloak of secrecy? We will not forget and Divine Intervention is the only way to solve our problems coz Oba can’t step up to the plate and are not capable of governing us .. especially when they just want to blame a previous administration and not take responsibility maturely, they can’t even answer simple questions… tsk tsk tsk..

  12. Jo Blo says:

    I am no PLP supporter by any measure but I would be damned if I’m going to stick my head in the sand and pretend there is nothing wrong with what the OBA is doing here. And would furthermore be damned trying to justify it on the basis of the ole “look what the PLP did” as that is getting pretty old, which in itself speaks the frequency we are seeing folks have to come to the OBA’s defense on matters that are indefensible.

    • aceboy says:

      Read my post above,the PLP removed the right to vote from businesses and Team Hamilton took over. Team Hamilton then tried to give a 262 year lease to McLean to develop the land. To stop that turn of events the OBA had to stop it and thus the money spent to fight it.

      Let’s have some honesty here….do you think that Team Hamilton (who will NOT serve another term) should be allowed to give a 262 year lease to a developer of their choosing and control the Waterfront development?

      If so, then you are either a PLP insider or you are simply stupid.

      What exactly are the OBA doing wrong? They returned the right of the rate payers to vote and cancelled the Waterfront Lease. The developer sued for 90million and now that suit needs to be defended. If they don’t defend it, a developer will walk away with 90 million of our money.

      • Jo Blo says:

        Well I am no “insider” so I guess that makes me stupid aceboy. Just a stupid as the guy who is not capable of questioning the practices of the party he supports.

        • aceboy says:

          I guess so.

          Legal fights are very very expensive. Just ask the PLP, I cannot think of a single case they actually won, but we paid dearly for them trying in the past.

          As someone has already asked you….are you happy that a 262 year lease can be signed by a one term municipal government (who were elected AFTER the rate payers right to vote was removed) and have the entire Hamilton Waterfront handed over to a favoured developer?

          If you are them I don’t need to guess….you are stupid.

        • Impressive says:

          love it!! ;-) .. Finally a objective poster with rationale,,

    • jt says:

      So you were comfortable with this lease…both in terms of how it came about and what the results would be?

      • Jo Blo says:

        The lease was secured legally. Christ even Fahy supported MacLean before he found himself having to go against that stance and ‘tow the line’. What I am not comfortable with is the perception that is increasingly building where they are the guys that will use all sorts of “sophisticated” (by yester-years standards anyway) legislative/policy-based tactics to do as they wish, including changing law/policy to void contracts retroactively! All while setting a precedent that would make ANY POTENTIAL INVESTOR feel skittish about conducting business with them! If thats they case then do decendants of Tuckers Town have a case for getting their land back??? Heck, OBA had to spend $1.5m of our money to even establish whether they could do this! While the OBA still has the chance to be the lesser of 2 evils, I refuse to be one of their blind faithful.

        • aceboy says:

          The fight over whether it was in fact legally secured is what is costing 1.5million dollars.

          You are not thinking and are simply blurting out some “suspicions” you have about sophisticated legislation etc. in an effort to try and make the OBA look like they are doing something wrong.

          I suspect you are just another PLP stooge trying to cover up the PLP’s deep involvement in this whole fiasco.

          What about the money that was paid for the Black Mayors Conference? That was “legally paid”. Now some con artist has walked away with the Corporation’s money. Do you support this conference? If so, as an fyi, it ain’t gonna happen. This island was taken by the same people who signed the 262 year lease.

          • Jo Blo says:

            PLP stooge trying to cover up… What the hell is wrong with you people??

          • clearasmud says:

            @aceboy The government has never claimed that the lease was not properly tendered! In fact Minister Fahy reported that he was in negotiations with Mr Maclean and an arbitrator was looking into the value of the canceled contract! He had no answer for the question as to why they were getting a valuation on the contract AFTER they cancelled it. One would have expected the government to have properly assesed the potential financial implications BEFORE they decided to go down the road of making retroactive laws!

        • jt says:

          And your thoughts on the Arlene Brocks report?

          • Jo Blo says:

            Reports like Arlene’s should have been compiled on many deals that have gone down in the past and while they were going down. This island was built on all types of “shady” deals so its nothing short of comical watching OBA/UBP/PLP supporters pointing figures at each other when none of their parties come close to being moral authorities. So in the grander context, in the absence of evidence speaking to the illegality of MacLean’s dealings, I dont think much of Brock’s report.

            • aceboy says:

              You are a PLP stooge.

              • "Family and Friends Plan" says:

                YOu seem to be the biggest OBA STOOGE as your nose is growing daily….seems like your not able to see beyond your Political OBA nose..”DEFENDING THE INDEFENSIBLE”….. I and others should blindly accept this action because the OBA did it….really….

                Folks voted for a government whom promised to Govern Differently. Who promised to govern based upon the principal of #TRANSPARENCYTRANSPARENCYACCOUNTABLITYNOTANYWHERETOBEFOUNDINTHEOBA ….but instead since day one there has been a big lack of TRUST and TRANSPARENCY….. but in your eyes its okay because it is the OBA…..really… does not matter who the government is, this is unacceptable and clearly wrong….TAXPAYERS MONIES IS TAXPAYERS MONIES…..wasted money is wasted in this matter during this difficult time..

                I expected more from OBA, looks like I am getting much much less……for real…

  13. watching says:

    1.5 MILLION DOLLARS!!! given to one law firm for one decision??

    • aceboy says:

      You have no idea what a legal fight can cost. Go ask EB and Co. They started a number of them and lost.

      You don’t get a decision from a law firm you numbskull….a JUDGE has to give a decision. To get to the point at which a judge can decide you have to pay lawyers for advice.

      What planet are you on? It seems to be a very different one to the rest of us.

      • obasellouts says:

        They haven’t started the fight yet!!! clown.

        The fight will cost tens of millions by this standard.

        Maybe you are part of the law firm that is milking the gov.

        Maybe you are friends and family.

        We will find out I am sure.

    • Jus' Wonderin' says:

      20+ million dollars overspend at port royal to someone/people. UNACCEPTABLE!!!

      • "Family and Friends Plan" says:

        Yes and so is this Money now….not acceptable in any way….. ACCOUNTABILITY NO MATTER WHO THE GOVT IS……

  14. johnny says:

    Nothing is ever the OBA’S fault. Everything bad that the OBA has done is the fault of the PLP, the OBA can do no wrong, you know why, because they are all perfect. Even though they doubled the debt in two years, it is not their fault. There is no way we can blame anything on the OBA, just no way. And when something else comes up tomorrow, that will be PLP’s fault too. By the way when we get shafted by the Americas cup, that will be PLP’s fault too. While we are at it slavery was PLP’s fault too.

    • Mockingjay says:

      No slavery was not P.L.P’s fault but they would say “well Africans captured them and sold them”.

      • Jus' Wonderin' says:

        Africans were one of the first to put their own into slavery btw…thought you were an expert on this topic?

      • Greenie says:

        Mockingjay…you are singlehandedly the most hateful poster on Bernews. Hands down, bar none. You must be so proud to be walking around with that much hate.

        • Ed Case says:

          Mockingay: You are a typical example of someone who will never be free – until to throw away your own shackles.

          But then you’d have nothing on which to base your all too frequent complaints.

          You are a very sad case.

    • Grow Up says:

      No one is saying the OBA is perfect. The fact is, the PLP drove us to the brink of economic failure. The OBA is attempting to clean up a catastrophic mess, and sometimes things look worse before they get better.

      • Johnny says:

        sometimes things are worse and never get better.

    • serengeti says:

      They “doubled the debt in two years”? Zane, is that you?

    • obasellouts says:

      the oba can do no wrong.

      That is no wrong they cant blame on the PLP.


    • Seriously says:


    • Greenie says:

      Doubled the debt….seriously? You need a lesson in basic economics. Look at a graph showing the level of debt over the last 15 years and you will be shocked at what happens in 2008 onwards. Then we’ll talk. Until then, don’t spread rumors just because you don’t understand. SMH

  15. Common Sense says:

    How much did the PLP cost the people of Bermuda in their losing court cases (ending in the Privy Council) to try to prevent the media from publishing the information about the BHC scandal? This was a case of the PLP using public funds to the detriment of the people of Bermuda. Transparency??

    • Dude says:

      How about the PLP cost to the people of Bermuda over Conscription! They talk a whole lot of nonsense and all the while spending our money all the way to the Privy Council on that issue too! Bye, SMH.

  16. obasellouts says:

    the oba sucks.

    but they have to get all they can before the next election. lol

    tick tick tick

  17. Rick Olson says:

    Anyone no what a retainer is ?

    • Ed Case says:

      Some people wear them on their teeth.

    • Sky Pilot says:

      Rick,you of all people,I’m surprised….it’s KNOW

  18. Triangle Drifter says:

    The PLP has never been very good when it comes to their 123s, especially when those numbers are talking about money.

    No doubt clearing up the waterfront debacle that they created has cost us a bundle. The lawyers must love the PLP with all of the work that they have provided, & will provide for quite some time. Whatever the legal costs have been on this issue just imagine the millions, no, billions future generations would be paying for the use of their docks had this crooked deal not been nulified.

    It would make building the new air terminal look like buying a porta potty.

  19. Charlly X says:

    Smdh if the OBA is So great why did the UBP get voted out for. 14yrs? Then come back reincarnated as them . Its obviously not who’s running the government but the games people play in politics! And for supports of the oba to use degrading derogatory comments to describe anyone who questions their behavior is so ridiculous!! Then they claim to love thy neighbor ??? Let’s not forget the past and make the same mistakes again!! We’ve had all sorts of data collected on many problems. Let’s see how we can improve the script and the cast !! And stop the crab in a bucket sindrome !!!
    Are you smarter than a fifth grader ? Do you remember the definition of insanity ??

  20. God 1st says:

    Marc Daniels apologize for being loud,strong and wrong .