Video: CNN’s MainSail Focuses On Bermuda

June 12, 2015

CNN’s MainSail segment, which focuses on the sport of sailing around the world, recently turned its eye toward the upcoming America’s Cup in Bermuda. visiting the island “to look at what it’s going to take to be successful in a bid to win the oldest trophy in sport.”

In the video, host Shirley Robertson says, “The next edition [of the America's Cup] will be sailed here and it’s on these waters that defenders Team Oracle USA are already out practicing.”

The video sees Ms. Robertson ride along during an Oracle Team practice session, saying at one point, “I can hardly catch my breath, it’s so fast.”

Following the practice session, Ms. Robertson said, “I’ve got a lot of respect for those guys because they make it look so easy, so normal flying around at over 35 knots.”

Team Oracle USA Skipper and Helmsman Jimmy Spithill said, “That is a really cool race track when you experience it firsthand; I think it’s going to be incredible. It feels tight, but there’s a lot of opportunity out there; there are a lot of passing lanes, and it really does reward good sailing.”

Ms. Robertson continues, “In the past, cutting edge technology has been a key to a Cup win, but that doesn’t come cheap. In the last edition, campaign budgets in excess of $100 million were the norm.”

“As well as new entrant team Japan, there are many teams that are very much in the running. Team France lead by Frank Comas and Swedish entry team Artemis is already sailing in Bermuda and very much in the hunt.”

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  1. BermudaRat says:

    Friends of Bermuda living in Hong Kong already have seen this aired and say Bermuda looks wonderful. Unquestionably invaluable publicity already coming in across the world.
    Please naysayers take note….this sort of coverage is of long term benefit to all Bermudians and is not just to help the privileged few. The island could never afford this high advertising profile that has just begun and which will continue for two years.

  2. Raymond Ray says:

    This is truly, “an exciting period” for all aspiring sailors! Equally exciting to former/present individuals that enjoy/ed countless hours with the tiller in their hands and the winds at their back…

  3. swing voter says:

    so wats in it 4 me? (jus getting a head start on stupid)

    • JUNK YARD DOG says:

      @ swing voter

      What is in it for you ? Well, lets see !

      You will have a front row seat to witness the most fantastic sailing event in history.

      There will be blood sweat and tears, you will see people give of their very best for their respective countries. Bermuda too will give its very best.

      Our children will see dedication, fortitude, and the persistence from those, who, will not Quit.

      There are lessons to be learned here, you are not stupid Sir !

      Join the club.

  4. Bird says:

    Swing voter. That all depends on what you want to make it.

  5. 32n64w says:

    The PLP recognized economic impact of the Newport Race on the local economy, as determined while they were in Government, was $10,000,000 for EACH event.

    The Newport Race lasts only a handful of days, every other year, and attracts about 1,500 visitors inclusive of sailors, family and friends.

    EACH AC team is expected to be supported by +300 people who will individually require food, lodging, entertainment and various other support services, supplies and discretionary outlets. Not just for a handful of days like Newport, but for months, and in a few cases years, leading up to June 2017 and beyond. On these metrics alone we’ve made a great investment in our product and should be proud about it. Unlike the Opposition who bleat on with disinformation and mistruths.

    And this doesn’t even take into consideration the hospitality benefits, international media exposure or long term goodwill created by such a prestigious event which caters to the high end of the leisure market which spends more and stays longer. Our sweet spot as far as tourism is concerned.

    Anyone who doesn’t recognize the positive, meaningful and massive economic impact of the Governemnt’s foresight in winning the successful bid to host this event either doesn’t understand simple math, or, like the Opposition, is so fixated on negativity and selfishness, they chose to put politics and personal bias ahead of our collective betterment.

    The AC is an opportunity for all of us to benefit. Not the alleged select few, not the alleged insiders and not a handful of alleged nepotistic beneficiaries currying political favour (although it’s not surprising why some may feel this way after 14 years of PLP helmed insider abuse of the taxpayer purse which subjected voters to the whims of PLP self interest and exclusivity at our great collective expense).

    We must rise to the occasion and work hard together to show the rest of the world what Bermuda has to offer. The lasting benefits will be both immeasurable and economically impactful for generations to come. Don’t let the PLP naysayers drag us down to their egocentric level of selfishness and personal greed.

    Stay strong Bermuda!

  6. bluebird says:

    The PLP/BIU is very much like the Democrats in the USA,
    Keep the voter’s poor dumb and dependant,then they will vote for you to keep you in POWER because you promise things that you will never get and at the same time play the race card.

    • Mockingjay says:

      And the U.B.P./oba is very much like the Republicans/Tea Party in the U.S.A, who don’t give a S!@# about the average working person but focus mainly on Business and Corporate who continue to suck the blood like vampires.
      The race card does not get played its a daily game that’s being played since we came over through the Middle Passage.

      • Proud to be an Onion says:

        Sadly you have that very wrong as the PLP/UBP are ultra conservative & more like Republican’s Tea Party!