Photos & Results: Racket Blazers Jr Tournament

July 1, 2015

Grotto Bay Tennis Club hosted their Racket Blazers Junior Tennis Tournament over the weekend at the Grotto Bay Beach Resort.

Sponsored by Cedar Aviation Services Ltd., this was the 2nd of the quarterly tournaments in the Racket Blazers series with competitors participating over the two day event.

The competition was organized using the Quick Start tennis format, which utilizes shorter, narrower courts and 3 different balls that have varying levels of compression.

The lower compression balls allow the game to move slower giving kids more time to react. The balls bounce at the children’s height making it easier for them to hit and travel less distance, giving beginner players better and longer rallies.

With the emphasis on fun, the kids compete with players of similar age and skill level in a low pressure environment. This format allows the kids to gain play experience and confidence by rotating and playing multiple opponents in short, continuous matches.

“The Quick Start method is a successful introduction to tennis for the children,” states Tournament Director and Grotto Bay Tennis Head Coach Romar Douglas. “We are delighted with the progress, confidence and enjoyment the kids experience with this format. Their development is enhanced by introducing various skill sets at different levels using the Quick Start program” he added.


Winners in the Category 1, utilizing the Red Ball were:


  • First Place: Maria Ines Ramirez
  • Second Place: Nadia DeSousa
  • Third Place: Noah Astwood


  • First Place: Alex Lefebvre
  • Second Place: Micah Looby
  • Third Place: Matias Drew

Winners in the Category 2, utilizing the Red Ball were:


  • First Place: Mia Ortola-Madden
  • Second Place: Jae Gibbons
  • Third Place: Amya Edmead


  • First Place: Manning Smith
  • Second Place: Phoenix Bower
  • Third Place: Lewis Johnson

Winners in the Category 1, utilizing the Orange Ball were:


  • First Place: Emma Astwood
  • Second Place: Makaylie Smith
  • Third Place: Sarai Packwood


  • First Place: Antonio Warner
  • Second Place: Aydin Arouzi
  • Third Place: Nuno Rebelo

Sportsmanship Award Recipient:

  • Tiago Rebelo

Trophies and prizes were provided and presented by Cedar Aviation Service’s Managing Director Anthony Richardson who said: “Cedar Aviation is delighted to sponsor the Series 2 of the 2015 Racket Blazers Tournament, hosted at Grotto Bay Tennis Club.

“We congratulate all the players who participated in the tournament. We encourage them to continue to demonstrate fair play and good sportsmanship, which are important characteristics that contribute to successful athletes, individuals and communities.

“We look forward to sponsoring Series 3 of the 2015 Racket Blazers Tournament, scheduled for November 14 & 15, 2015, and will be offering additional incentives for the participants.”

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