Bailey’s Bay Withdraws From ECCA Participation

August 5, 2015

Bailey’s Bay Cricket Club have withdrawn from any further participation in the Eastern County Cricket Association’s competition,  saying that “the actions of the association’s members and executive have left us with no option but to remove our club.”

This follows after the Cleveland County Cricket Club vs Bailey’s Bay Cricket Club match, which resulted in a number of Cleveland players being issued reprimands and bans.

A statement from the executive and management of Bailey’s Bay Cricket Club said, “It is with the utmost regret that Bailey’s Bay Cricket Club would like to inform its followers that we have withdrawn from any further participation in the Eastern County Cricket Association’s competition indefinitely.

“The actions of the association’s members and executive have left us with no option but to remove our club from the association and it’s competition.

“We would like to apologize to our many fans and supporters. Words can not describe the terrible injustice our fans had to endure at the last ECCA match held on 18th of July.

“The behavior displayed, and ultimately allowed, by some senior ECCA executives has cast a shadow on the classic match our county communities so dearly look forward to every year.

“For those of our fans that had the unfortunate displeasure of having to witness that match on the 18th, or who may have purchased a spot for the next games, we would strongly encourage you to seek a refund for the remaining two matches.

“No longer can we sit idly by and watch a ‘by any means necessary, win at all cost’ mentality be allowed to destroy the integrity of the game, bringing it into disrepute, and tarnishing years of Eastern County history.

“As long as the current Eastern County Executive refuse to aknowledge and correct these issues Bailey’s Bay Cricket Club will withdraw its team from the competition.

“Bailey’s Bay will continue to uphold the highest standards of behavior and quality cricket and will actively pursue creative ways to raise the standard of cricket in Bermuda. We will stand strong for what is right for our beloved fans, family and community at large.”


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  1. enough says:

    Sometimes it hurts to take a stand but I have to admire you all at Bailey’s Bay for taking that stand. You will all come out on top for making this move so don’t be discouraged. You have manay many supporters who will stand with you.

    • Make a new plan Stan says:

      If BBCC felt that CCCC’s conduct was so deplorable why did they rejoin them on the field after a 40 minute wait? That would have been a perfect time to take a stand……BUT it would have made BBCC look like they were afraid of CCCC and that surely can’t be the case.

      Is all of this indignation as a result of what truly happened OR as a result of losing to such a low score AFTER everything that happened?

      I would think that had BBCC won this match outright and convincingly there would be no hue and cry of injustice because the cup would be in the hands of the team that THINKS they deserve it the most.

      If you had won the cup and THEN withdrawn from what is NOW being called a spectical… THAT would have been saying something.

      IF you return to the ECCA, have a meeting with your fans and try to encourage them to stay off the field and refrain from jeering batsmen when they get out…..a sore winner is no different than a sore loser.

    • ReALLyBettty says:

      The decision was made by the ECCA to give the Cup to Bailey Bay. The ECCA made a case to the Appeals Committee to uphold the decision. The Appeals Committee ruled differently, and according to the By-Laws, Code of Conduct and Constitution of the ECCA that the decision was outside of the regulations. The Appeals Committee is made of individuals that are not a member of the ECCA. Due to this the ruling stands.

      I think that Bailey Bay should stand with the decision. Too often when things do not go as we want we tend to withdraw and no longer participate. Is this a quick emotional decision by Bailey Bay. I think so. After all the call by the Appeals Committee was within the rights and rules of the ECCA league. There was nothing that was done to impact their decision which is wrong.

      I would prefer if Bailey Bay stood firm and made a difference towards working in the future to ensure that certain Laws and Regulations with in the ECCA are upgraded and revised. This is the battle that Bailey Bay along with other clubs need to be focus on, rather than attempt to end a long tradition of cricket between communities.

      It looks as if many Rules and Laws governing the ECCA may have become somewhat outdated and require a realignment. This is what the BBCC and other Clubs need to put their immediate attention too, rather than running away and taking their marbles home and not playing any more.

      Many may not agree with with, but too often Club run away, rather than work on fixing the problem Lets not think emotionally but rationally.

      • ReALLyBettty says:

        Also please note the ECCA did not REVERSE its decision. The APPEALS COMMITTEE did not uphold the ruling of the ECCA. The APPEALS COMMITTEE IS A SEPARATE group of individuals. Clubs should be aware of the process of how the ECCA is set up, and hopefully St. Davids will carefully review their decision. The fight should be to upgrade the old outdated Laws and Regulations that govern ECCA, not withdrawal from the game.

        • Islander says:

          hopefully St. Davids will carefully review their decision – I don’t know who it was that said we would support BBCC whoever it was definitely is corrupt in mind. If they truly knew us or was one of us you would know that. NEVAH would we support them

  2. smh says:

    Eastern Counties = JokE…BBCC well done.

  3. Triangle Drifter says:

    Will the Dep of Youth & Sport be suspending taxpayer money granted to the club as well? Seems that if they don’t deserve it they should not get it.

    • PBanks says:

      Are you referring to Cleveland or Bailey’s Bay in this case? Or the ECCA, as organisers of this competition?

    • Baygirl says:

      Why would the Dept of Youth and Sport suspend funds given to the club??? They had a very successful youth program this year (and every other year) and they are still playing in the league. They have only withdrawn from ECCA games which I don’t think government pays for anyways. They are taking a stand for what is right so stopping hating!

      • PBanks says:

        One thing you definitely have to commend Bay for, and St. David’s and Flatts for that matter, is the attention they’ve shown to their youth programmes.

        • PBanks says:

          Amendment: Cleveland also, apologies for the omission.

        • Devin says:

          Excuse me but Cleveland is correctly first in all youth legumes and what your gonna say now cricket isn’t about winning its called exuces that why we don’t make it no where internationally cccc all day bay is to used to having stuff their way it’s a new upcoming cccc all day baileys bay no way

          • smh says:

            you sound dumb…

          • PBanks says:

            How you interpreted a giving props to the Eastern Counties sides for having established youth programmes, as some kind of “cricket isn’t about winning” thing, is beyond me. I suspect your disgruntlement is misplaced.

            The Eastern Counties is potentially on the brink of being dismantled through controversy and you’re on about CCCC all day, that will be of little consolation when you have no other opponents to play against. Come on now.

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        No problem with money earmarked & used exclusevly for the youth.

        Big problem if money is going to adults who do not know how to conduct themselves in sport.

  4. Islander says:

    Will the ECCA handle BBCC the same way they did St David’s when they boycotted teh game now Bay can see why we did what we did If you dont make a stand as we did you don’t realize the depth of hurt and dismay that comes upon your community but know this our community didn’t lay down or shrivel up we stood we were ridiculed by many and here Bay is doing the same thing but it isn’t all of the ECCA Committee to blame for this confusion I know this and many others Our clubs should call for the resignation of the person and those that think like them to be removed from office immediately Many families have grown up knowing this game to be the game of all games minus the threats and confusion of 18 July 2015 we haev great memories and made great friends who are now family and we as four wonderful communites are going to allow this foolish by persons who are supposed to be overseeing our County Cup NO Let us stand together and put pressure on our reps to oust these people United we stand divided we fall where do you CCCC Flatts and Warriors stand I say let’s move on and have a replay on 15th and the 29th can be the next round and the final on Sep 12 for the sake of our junior county players give them the full monty – everything which is necessary appropriate or possible .For the cup may go and the cup may stay Eastern County FOREVAH

    • Toleratate says:

      @ Islander, I agree with your comparison of when St.David’s took a stand.
      To St. David’s; I can only advise to tread carefully on this one. When you was fighting to maintain control over spots at your own grounds; monies that assisted in upkeep of your club and grounds and aided greatly in sports programs; no-one had your back. I believe the advice from ECCA was that you should not depend on that money, but find other creative ways to finance your responsibilities (sic). How many years did your players/community/fans have to suffer? Since that decision, look whats happened just this year with ECCA having control.
      Please St. David’s, be careful on what level you get involved in this.

      • Concerned says:

        Be careful Sir we have been through and are rising don’t ever forget the resolve of St David’s Islanders you speak as if you are a concerned member of the club far from it I suggest the ECCA revamp their rules and regulations and hold Yourself accountable in many ways The ECCA wants to, no let me put it this way, you should deal with what is before you and let the clubs talk amongst themselves for a resolve. the ECCA funds still to be recovered who is to be held responsible and who will be expected to respond with honesty as the politicians say be transparent.

      • Fisherman says:

        I have read your post and it sounds like you don’t want to move on Toleratate – are you speaking as an ECCA rep or perhaps you the President who is again attempting to make St David’s look bad, well it wont work. We are a peculiar people or tribe as we love to be called Warriors. We are a strong, proud and wonderful people who loves our Community, our families, our friends and our history. We are true to our blood line in that we love and accept people sometimes cautiously no matter where they come from you should know this. We demand respect as should we all. We don’t provoke confusion, we move around it and suggest the ECCA work on moving their Executive out or around and let the wickets fall where they may

        • Toleratate says:

          @Fisherman; not sure what are are referring to by “move on”, other than you did admit “it sounds like” so you may have misinterpreted my my blog. I am NOT ECCA rep or President (wow how did yo even come to that?).
          I’ll slow it down as your tone leads me to believe you took my advise to St. David’s CCCC totally out of text.
          Believe me; I KNOW, all about the St. David’s Community and culture as well as the strong proud people. I also know way before “we love to be called Warriors?” I think you are showing your age with that one.
          This is not to correct you, but only to clear up my original blog.
          My heart bleeds blue and gold and I’ve seen what came from St. David’s CCC stand against the ECCA and their spiteful punishment; while they breathed a sign of relieve to have St. David’s back. . As mentioned, I also saw that the club received NO support from ANY of the other clubs. With this, I caution St. David’s CCC on the stand they take on this current issue.
          That is ALL I am stating. Believe me when I say I don’t require a history or cultural lesson.

    • bill says:

      If I interrupt BBCC response to the ECCA’s final ruling after appeal correctly, they are saying that they would still like to participate in the series however they are demanding the resignation of the present Exec. Now if I am following them correctly they would be spot on considering the mishandling of this matter and the folly that came out of the spot sales. #eccareshuffle

  5. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Get all the JOKERS outta DODGE and then you’ll have some REAL CRICKET being played!

  6. stunned... says:

    @islander i tried to read your post and had to give up. there wasn’t a full stop/period in sight. is this poetry or something?

    • Hurricane says:

      Even poetry takes a break. Very poorly written @ Islander

    • Islander says:

      doesn’t seem like any of the six persons who liked it or the persons who disliked my post had a problem reading hmmm wonder why

    • Jr Smith says:

      you serious, giving grief for spelling? #grammarnazis

      • Ms. Poli Tician says:

        Using the term “nazi” is just offensive. Likening someone who corrects grammar to a nazi is both ignorant and offensive. If you must insult, find another way without resurrecting the painful actions of a murderous regime.

        And by the way, the grammar was awful and hard to read. I gave up halfway. If people want to be heard, and debate, the least they could do is learn to put sentences together in a cogent fashion. Local teachers must cringe when they read some of these posts :-(

  7. Match Report says:

    Triangle Drifter… BBCC does not receive one single penny from the Department of Youth and Sport. Stop the BS… Keep your stupid comments to yourself..

  8. Varied says:

    The controversy continues. Was there a match referee appointed for this contest, by the way, and if so what was their report? Just messed up that this whole match had to be decided by the committee after the event, and then reversed some day later.

    Again, cricket is the loser here.

  9. Terry says:

    Me thinks someone is adrift in the Triangle………………….

  10. Dread says:

    Bermuda sports again going down the drain!

  11. blazer says:

    lets not forget our history. It was a friendly game between the
    farmers and the fishermen. Tuckers Town aka CCCC and St. Davids.
    Flatts and Baileys Bay got invited in as guest. Lets all relax and get ready to watch some cricket. CCCC forever!!!

    • Islander says:

      note the names of the following Clubs Cleveland COUNTY Cricket Club Flatts Victoria Cricket Club St David’s COUNTY Cricket Club Baileys Bay Cricket Club who are the County Clubs for sure Cleveland and St David’s

      no ill feelings with Flatts who have stood firm over the years many people have cast them down – stay strong Flatts be of good courage

      • smh says:

        who brings the fans and money? BBCC and St.DavidsCC! GTFOH with your dumb chat.

  12. Rica says:

    As a Warriors fan I am truly saddened by the actions of the players on the 18th, it was a disappointment and embarrassment. Even more saddening is the lack of full disclosure reactions of the situation. The whole series this year has been soiled by negativity, starting with the theft of the monies collected for the spots. As the President of St. David’s CCC said we need to stand united against this current ECCA administration to see the required results.

    Let us bring the quality of the game and the legacy back to where it needs to be.

    St. David’s Boyz 4 eva

  13. Jus' Wonderin' says:


    • Time Shall Tell says:

      Except for the breeze flappin from ya chops, Gold & Blue all day everyday… #warrior4life

  14. Gina says:

    Ok well all good things must come to an end. Shame, shame, butthis community event got out of hand when they first started to charge for spots,lack of sponsorship to support host clubs. It cost the supporters for a 3 day event an average of $1000.00 & to attend based on 2 spot allocation. The list goes on, this year ( wow over $30,000 got stolen) its just been drama, so bow out in peace and stop it all together, makes no sense only 2 teams playing. Like the rest of the island sports, its lacking community support.Bad decisions come in all sports, suck it up and move on, not the first time this has happened, Umpires make the final decision, ( or get a 3rd umpire) ECCA.
    Look at cupmatch!! horrible cricket, like playing in your back yard, ridiculous.

  15. He-Must-Go says:

    After all of this and what I was at the between CCCC & BBCC, the first person who should step down is The President of ECCA, Mr.Steven Douglas

  16. Time Shall Tell says:

    Ever notice that ever since they formed the ECCA that the Eastern Counties has been plagued with nothing but controversy year after year after year? Look back & really think about it.

  17. cotty says:

    Excuse my weighing in…..I have a problem with government providing one penny to cricket in Bermuda….last I heard Dr. Brown gave $10 million (or was it $11 million) to the devolopment of cricket…yet since this huge outlay our international representation has been nothing short of embarrassing…..any money’s donated to cricket are either absorbed by the exrcutive or spent on Elephants….it surely hasn’t been spent on the improvement of cricket….BUT….if it has been spent on the improvement of cricket then our community has proven it is a total waste of tax payer’s money….sorry…but I just can’t get past the truth.

    • PBanks says:

      It’s been nearly a decade since the whole “11 million dollars” was implemented, with the aim of turning our top cricketers into professionals and taking the sport to the next level… which admittedly failed utterly (due to the administrators? the players? both? probably).

      But cricket no longer receives such large sums, hasn’t in some time now. And yes, the men’s game has dropped in quality, while the women’s game couldn’t sustain itself. But the youth leagues remain strong and we’re seeing fruition in terms of players with potential developing.

      So, not a total waste, the investment in the sport. But perhaps, it’s time attention shifted somewhat.

  18. cotty says:

    Excuse my weighing in…..I have a problem with government providing one penny to cricket in Bermuda….last I heard Dr. Brown gave $10 million (or was it $11 million) to the devolopment of cricket…yet since this huge outlay our international representation has been nothing short of embarrassing…..any money’s donated to cricket….it surely hasn’t been spent on the improvement of cricket….BUT….if it has been spent on the improvement of cricket then our community has proven it is a total waste of tax payer’s money….sorry…but I just can’t get past the truth.

  19. Discussed says:

    Ask Steven Douglas where I can get my refund for last two game.

  20. Discussed says:

    Steven Douglas – Where can refunds for the last two county games be collected?

  21. Corn Oil says:

    So much of what people are getting is the wrong information and running with it . The ECCA did not reverse their decision. The process worked it was an appeal to a committee who made the decision. The ECCA had to follow their ruling . Bay I understand you mad ok make a stand if you want good for you. Your stand demonstrates nothing more then decent and discontent with a ruling. Are you not also bringing the game in disrepute, you will judge no,t many will think different. I know you are mad cause you could not score those runs and feel cheated you will not be the first and not the last for sure. So stand out and stay away start your own Eastern Cricket League call your selves Cherry tree rebels what ever you do have that right.

    • Just Me says:

      Ya Dumb or something?

      You have the nerve to talk about accepting decisions, bringing a game in disrepute, threatening officials? But ya whole fan base can accept what they saw out on that field on August 18th.
      You sound like Corn Oil, I wonder if any of you defending this outcome can taste the crap that spews out of ya mouth.

      Get the Hell outta here

  22. CCCC says:

    Bailey’s Bay are a big bunch of cry babies . Don’t get bitter at ECCA . Get better . It sweet watching them cry . Cleveland boys 4 ever

  23. blazer says:

    I just want to know why I got 17 dislikes,:(
    its true Flatts & Bay got invited as guest.. It was told that they didn’t want to be left out, so they got invited. So now you want to pull your junior team out of the eastern league? SMH!! If it wasn’t the kindness of the “farmers” and the “fishermen” there probably wouldn’t even be Eastern County”. Now look at Bay,take your marbles and go home, NO TEAM & I MEAN NO TEAM, puts on a county game like CCCC and our wonderful & happy fans:),:o

    • Fisherman says:

      Wouldn’t be nobody west of Castle Harbor if it weren’t for the settlers in the East. I am a CCCC and Warrior Fan and support Flatts. St. David’s, CCCC and Flatts, go for it hold up the banner of Sportsmanship, Community, Pride, Integrity and the love of the game. The East has the strongest support in the Island for a county game outside of Cup Match. Bay are crying foul play because they didn’t get the cup back – suck it up. Bay, I am very very disappointed with your decision as it shows a lack of positive encouragement and leadership for your Junior players and am hoping you will encourage them to play Junior County against CCCC on Saturday.

      • A simple response says:

        You sound like a hater of Bay since you support everyone else. People normally despise the best….Go Bay….Really surprised at your comment as a Warrior fan. What we’re saying when your club took a stand for two years. How soon we forget !!!!!!

  24. Match Report says:

    Blazer… They give you 17 dislikes cause your statement is stupid. Stop being bias.. If you support what Cleveland did that says a lot about yourself.. time for a reality check.. Just saying..

    • Simply tired says:

      Match Report, You are confusing two issues. I am sure Blazer does not condone the way some CCCC players acted and those players have been disciplined by the ECCA accordingly for their actions. The issue is that the ECCA made a decision that has now been overturned on appeal. If a person or group thinks they have been unfairly punished they have a right to appeal. This was done and was successful. All of this should spur the ECCA to update their rules so that this situation is not repeated.

  25. A simple response says:

    To Enough- I totally agree with you.

    To CCCC- Always remember ” He who cries first, laughs last.

    To Blazer- We’ll gladly take your marbles and go home. We can play in our own back yard. What about you?

  26. Young Bay Fan says:

    To all you CCCC supports why did it take you 33 years for you to win the cup?? …….. Oh my bad you didn’t win it St.Davids gave it to you! If it hadn’t been for St.Davids you would have been waiting another 33 plus years. After your embarrassing display on July 18.2015 the only cup you deserve is a paper cup.

    • Do some research before you run your mouth. St d pulled out about 4 years ago and the cup was given to CCCC who defended it by defeating STD,Flatt’s and drawing with Bay.. It took 33 yrs because BBCC n STD would bat from 10 -6 or 3 – 7 to invoke a draw. This is why the rules were changed ref overs and time limits. Now that we play within the rules you want to take your ball home. Good bye and good riddance you bunch of brats. Don’t hate the player hate the GAME