Photos: Youth Sports Expo Held At Sports Centre

September 12, 2015

The National Sports Centre, in partnership with the Department of Youth Sports and Recreation, hosted the Youth Sports Expo 2015 at the National Sports Centre today [Sept 12], with the event serving as an opportunity for children aged 5 through 16 to learn more about the sports they love, to discover new sports, to enroll, to develop skills, make new friends, and to be inspired by those in the game.


A spokesperson previously said, “At the Youth Sports Expo 2015, national sports governing bodies will provide visitors with information, demonstrations and the opportunity to participate and to give them a real feel for the sport.

“There are many opportunities for those driven by recreation to those driven by the highest level of international competition and all of those in between.

“The following sports will be present: Equestrian, In-Line Hockey, Archery, Volleyball, Triathlon, Sailing, Netball, Athletics, Tennis, Hockey, Gymnastics, Cricket, Cycling, Diving, Water Polo, Baseball, Motor sports, Swimming, Fencing, Golf and Football. The America’s Cup 2017, The Bermuda School Sports Federation, SCARS and the Bermuda Sports Anti-Doping Agency will also be participating vendors.”

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  1. Continue progress says:

    Great effort.. Surprised I didn’t see Mr. Wilkinson and his team of martial artists there. They are great role models and ambassadors for their sport!

  2. Varied says:

    Looks like the kids had a good time, hope the event was successful in generating interest in these organisations and activities.

    Will this become an annual or bi-annual event going forward?

  3. I heart 441 says:

    It turned out to be a great event for kids to be exposed to various sports. I can’t think of a way to enhance it further.

  4. Garon Wilkinson says:

    Bermuda Sanshou Association was indeed invited and we were looking forward to taking part in this great initiative. However our competition in Mexico that was initially scheduled for December was rescheduled to the same weekend and unfortunately we just did not have the resources available to do both. We do hope the invitation is extended to us once again. It looked like a great time.

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