FMG Offer RMail Secure Messaging To Clients

February 23, 2016

Freisenbruch-Meyer Group [FMG] announced that it is the first Bermuda insurer to offer RMail® secure messaging services to its clients.

“FMG uses RMail services and its Registered EmailTM feature to send electronic messages with certified proof of e-delivery and encryption to ensure data privacy. RMail is built on RPost’s patented technology offered in Bermuda by the Bermuda Post Office,” the company said.

“As a leading insurer and innovator, we recognize that business will be increasingly reliant on electronic communication,” remarks FMG Executive Vice President William Madeiros.

“The email encryption and tracking features of the RMail service help FMG comply with best practices in data privacy and cyber-security. We are also exploring additional innovations including RMail e-signatures. Furthermore, we recognize that our clients and for that matter, the world, expect greater environmental accountability.”

“RMail has enhanced our transition to implementing a paperless system,” said Chief Underwriting Officer Graham Hiller. “It offers our clients the convenience of electronically receiving secure documentation and can also verify receipt.”

RMail is offered in partnership with the Bermuda Post Office [BPO]. BPO has been offering the RMail service to customers throughout Bermuda with Bermuda government agencies using these services for years.

“BPO is focused on delivering digital and non-digital information safely and securely. RMail is an important part of how BPO delivers services in the 21st century,” said Postmaster General Allan Wayne B. Smith.

International insurers are using RMail to protect customer data and comply with data privacy laws. “Certain data privacy laws are being aggressively enforced through audits and fines,” said RPost CEO Zafar Khan. “RMail also improves productivity and helps insurers close deals faster.” RPost works with large and small insurance companies around the world.

Customers can learn more about RMail by visiting:

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