“It’s Time To Punish The Deed, Not The Breed”

February 24, 2016

Local advocacy group ‘Punish The Deed Not The Breed’ is again calling for a change to Bermuda’s dog policy, following a call to boycott Bermuda made on social media by the California-based Bad Rap group, which said “until you move forward with ending your breed ban, we fully support a boycott of Bermuda and its businesses.”

A statement from the local group said, “Bad Rap, a California based organization that had been working to rescue Bermudian dogs threatened with execution by our current breed­specific legislation, announced on Tuesday [February 23rd] that they are calling for a boycott of Bermuda as a tourism destination. In a statement on their Facebook page they said:

Dear Bermuda,

Sixteen weeks ago, your government took this dog away from his family and their children, claiming he was not fit to be their companion ­ all based on nothing but a misguided and outdated belief that a dog’s behaviour can be predetermined by his appearance.

His owner ­Miss Salintae Tuzo ­Smith ­ fought hard for his life and he came to our corners in Oakland, CA as a political refugee. ‘Dayo’ won our hearts and just this past weekend, he went home with a young couple to start his life again.

Since we accepted him, several more dogs just like Dayo have been seized and destroyed on your island and a small handful of others were lucky enough to survive by being exported to the states.

Our taking your dogs was supposed to be a stop gap solution while your Ministry of Health, Seniors and Environment began looking into “a sustainable long­term solution.” “We ask that you remind your government and the Bermuda SPCA that the time for ending the cruel and inhumane practice of killing family pets is now.

There are numerous responsible ownership laws on the books in our country that you can draw from and willing dog experts [see National Canine Research Council] who can guide you in your search for humane, progressive policy.”

Until you move forward with ending your breed ban, we fully support a boycott of Bermuda and its businesses. We look forward to the day when this dark history is a part of the past, and we can be proud to promote your beautiful island as a friend to companion animals and the families who love them.

“This post by Bad Rap has been shared [at the time of writing] over 600 times and received over 2,700 ‘likes’. Additionally, the post has over 80 comments supporting the call for a boycott,” the local advocacy group added.

“While Punish the Deed Not the Breed does not support the call for a boycott of Bermuda, we are sympathetic with the frustrations expressed by Bad Rap.

“Similarly, Punish the Deed Not the Breed shares the sentiments of the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviour [AVSAB] that breedspecific legislation [BSL] is ‘ineffective, and can lead to a false sense of community safety, as well as welfare concerns for dogs identified [often incorrectly] as belonging to specific breeds’.

“We also share the AVSAB’s position that ‘matching pet dogs to appropriate households, adequate early socialisation and appropriate training, and owner and community education are most effective in preventing dog bites’.

Screenshot of the social media post calling for a boycott of Bermuda:

Fullscreen capture 24022016 91536 AM

“Punish the Deed Not the Breed also agrees with the American Kennel Club’s [AKC] statements that: Like racial profiling for dogs, BSL unfairly punishes responsible dog owners without holding owners of truly dangerous dogs accountable.”

“Banning a specific breed punishes responsible dog owners who have welltrained dogs of that breed, while irresponsible owners who want a ‘dangerous dog’ as a status symbol will simply choose another breed.

“Some communities have attempted to define a dangerous dog as any dog that has certain physical characteristics. This forces local officials to focus more on a dog’s appearance than its behaviour – and often results in incorrect identification.

“Punish the Deed Not the Breed also recognises the position of the American Bar Association [ABA], which passed a resolution in 2012 urging ‘all state, territorial, and local legislative bodies and governmental agencies […] to repeal breed discriminatory or breed specific provisions’.

“The ABA simultaneously issued a comprehensive report detailing the many problems it identified with breed­specific legislation, notably significant questions of due process, waste of government resources, documented failure to produce safer communities, enforcement issues connected with identifying the dogs to be regulated or seized and infringement of property rights.

“Breed­specific legislation doesn’t work. If anything it compounds the problem by [i] enhancing the ‘status’ appeal of banned breeds amongst criminal elements; [ii] drives the breeding and sale of such breeds underground, involving cruelty and inbreeding; [iii] hinders adequate veterinary care for such breeds; and [iv] hinders adequate socialisation of such dogs. All of these [and more] actually increase the potential for dangerous dogs.

“Punish the Deed Not the Breed is calling for comprehensive reform of our dog legislation to put the emphasis on owner­responsibility and on dog behaviour rather than the superficial appearance of dogs, including an objective and fair process by which a dog is deemed ‘dangerous’.

“Such a law reform should also impose appropriate penalties on irresponsible owners and place an emphasis on proper training, care and socialisation of all dogs. Critical to a humane approach to dog ownership is a focus on public education efforts, as this addresses the root issue of irresponsible dog ownership.

“Breed­specific legislation is not the solution to dangerous dogs. It’s part of the problem. Punish the Deed Not the Breed has proposed comprehensive legislative reform and call for an immediate amnesty for ‘banned’ dog breeds until such reform is completed.

“We do not support this boycott of Bermuda, but we are aware that until the counter­productive breed­specific legislation that we currently have is repealed, this boycott call is likely only the beginning of a bad rap for Bermuda

“It’s time for change. It’s time to punish the deed, not the breed.”

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  1. Jenny says:

    Some breeds deserve to be punished. Pitbulls for example are not like other dogs just simply dangerous! These dogs are territorial, nice to their owners but no one else! Ban them and the mixed pitbulls!

    • Matthew Sousa says:

      Just so you know every dog is territorial. Not saying I support the illegal breed of Pitbulls but any dog can be trained to attack people.

      • ron,b says:

        i see people’s point, what other dog locks its jaws and rips its prey to pieces, i mean just them being naturally capable of doing that, trained or not is a very frightening thought ,, i think bermuda is just to small for that breed the chances of an attack is higher because of that.

    • Wha ya a dreama? says:

      And what makes them dangerous hmm? You seem to have your doctorate in dog psychology please share your opinion, oh no wait you don’t your just another dreamer that thinks they really understand these animals. Considering my evil pitbull had his leg nearly ripped off by a prominent public figures Rhodesian ridgeback which is now allowed, I think your confused on what the real issue is and that’s poor owner management for ANY BREED!

    • Izzypop says:

      What an ignorant comment. You apparently have no knowledge of the Pitt bull. All dogs bite.

      • Family Man says:

        But a bite from a Yorkie is an annoyance, a bite from a Pitbull can be lethal.

        • SweetSaltyOnion [[SSO]] says:

          Dogs who can have legal bites:
          German Shepherds – tons of shepherds in Bermuda!
          belgian malinois
          labs – “family dogs”
          golden retrievers – “family dogs”
          The list goes on and on and on. Any medium to large sized dog can be lethal. Pitbulls in Bermuda are on the smaller side.

          I had a pit in the states, her name was Honey. We were walking in our neighborhood as we did every morning. A very large, male german shepherd “broke” through his invisible fencing and came at us and my girl stood in the middle of him and me. He was much more interested in me than another dog. She possibly saved my life. She didn’t attack the other dog but didn’t back away from him and stood her ground, offering a few nips and growls and showing lots of teeth. He backed away and never bothered us again on a morning walk.

          • Its me again says:

            SSO is right.

            German shepards have killed the most people in America to date.

          • Onion says:

            Prohibited breeds may not be imported or bred. All of the below breeds were also prohibited under the previous prohibited-breed list.

            American Pit Bull Terrier
            American Bulldog
            American Staffordshire Terrier
            Argentine Mastiff / Dogo Argentino
            Brazilian Mastiff / Fila
            Cane Corso
            Presa Canario
            Neapolitan Mastiff
            Tosa Inu
            Wolf / Wolf hybrid
            Any crossbreed of above
            Restricted breeds can be imported or bred, but there are restrictions on ownership, such as special enclosures, property inspections, etc. Some of the below breeds were previously on the prohibited breed list, and some of the below breeds were not previously restricted or prohibited. I have noted the changes. Restricted breeds are as follows:

            Akita (previously prohibited)
            Australian Cattle Dog (previously unrestricted)
            Belgian Malinois (previously unrestricted)
            Bouvier Des Flandres (previously unrestricted)
            Bull Terrier (previously prohibited)
            Bullmastiff (previously prohibited)
            Chow Chow (previously unrestricted)
            Doberman Pinscher (previously unrestricted)
            Dogue De Bordeaux (previously prohibited)
            German Shepherd (previously unrestricted)
            English Mastiff (previously prohibited)
            Rhodesian Ridgeback (previously unrestricted)
            Rottweiler (previously prohibited)
            Staffordshire Bull Terrier (previously unrestricted)
            Any crossbreed of above

        • Anbu says:

          Still a bite none the less. Terriers were designed to kill. Any dog that bites should be killed immediately. Especially yorkies

          • mdb says:

            LOL SO you’re saying my Boston Terrier would kill YOU?????? what are you smokin. I love Pit Bulls. had to of my own and they were 2 of the best dogs i’ve had. never any problems with them. It’s the owner not the dog. You can make any dog lethal. Maybe you should be put down instead of the dog’s for the trash your talking. You Bite don’t you ???

          • Wha ya a dreama? says:

            Technically anbu is correct terriers were originally bred for killing of vermin, for bull or bear baiting or dog fighting plain and simple but what has changed in the last 200 years is that these behaviors can be halted or manipulated to be beneficial for modern humans, such as the shepards originally used for herding livestock now handle the brunt of k-9 duties both domestic and military duties

    • SweetSaltyOnion [[SSO]] says:

      Ever met a pit Jenny? They are just like any other dog.

    • Pitbull owner says:

      Ignorance is truely bliss!

    • Seriously.... says:

      Some humans deserve to be punished for their ignorance and stupidity.
      Let’s hope this is never enforced,
      Btw. PITTBULL is not a breed.
      It’s a classification for multiple breeds with bully traits or bully appearance.
      Killing an entire spectrum of breeds because of irresponsible ownership is just plain dumb.
      About as dumb as your comment.

    • Marslady says:

      I used to think that also but then read the Lost Dogs (the true story of what happened to 50 pitt bulls confiscated after the Michael Vick raid – all mistreated – authorities thought they would all need putting down and they were pleasantly surprised. I think over 30 of them received a certification as therapy dogs!! It’s 100% down to the owner that determines how dangerous (or loving) any dog is. Pitts have been singled out due to the monsters that engage in dog fighting – they use Pitts due to their exceptionally strong jaws and because Pitt Bulls are actually one of the most eager to please breeds – all they want to do is please their owners – if their owners mistreat them and make them violent they get confused but a few will realize that fighting and winning makes their owner happy and then they continue to do their best to please their owner.

      • Nai says:

        Glad to see you changed your mind. Life is all about education.

      • SweetSaltyOnion [[SSO]] says:

        Thank you Marslady! 27 of Vick’s dogs were sent to Best Friends Society in Utah. This is a no kill animal shelter that takes care of a lot of dogs, cats, pigs, horses, wild life. I was there this past May. Of Vick’s 27 dogs all but 4 or 5 could not be rehabilitated. Many of the dogs became certified as guide dogs, ptsd, autisim, etc. It is heart warming to know that a dog could go through the worst kind of abuse and still be a good dog!

    • Maxene says:

      Completely untrue… all dogs are territorial, and I personally have never met a bad or overly aggressive one. It is so stereotypical to blame it solely on the breed instead of how the dog is actually raised. I suggest you look up the history of pitbulls, also known as “nanny dogs”…

    • Suz says:

      ‘Some breeds deserve to be punished ?
      You are nuts!

  2. Traitors says:

    What type of Bermudians advocate for the boycotting of their own country via a foreign surrogate organization?

    And don’t tell me the Bermuda group doesn’t support their boycott call as the only way they got that much information is from a local source.

    You care about your damn dogs more than Bermuda!

    • SweetSaltyOnion [[SSO]] says:

      “While Punish the Deed Not the Breed does not support the call for a boycott of Bermuda, we are sympathetic with the frustrations expressed by Bad Rap.”

      Literally spells it out for you that PDNB is not part of the boycott.

    • Seriously.... says:

      The article clearly states the punish the deed group did not initiate and were not a part of bad raps decision to boycott Bermuda.
      The article in rg sais the same too!!

      • SweetSaltyOnion [[SSO]] says:

        There is a follow up article and facebook post saying PDNB is not part of the ban nor do they support it. Which would make sense cause you know …. they all LIVE AND WORK in Bermuda.

    • New Bermudian says:

      People who value dogs’ lives more than peoples’ lives, that’s who.

    • Bermy says:

      What kind of idiot types a stupid response without reading the entire article

  3. The Truth says:

    If a child misbehaves, what do you do? You take away their toy, right? Same concept.

  4. boo hoo says:

    Really a boycott? No easier way to lose my support. Personally I am boycotting the USA until you lot stop voting for Donald Trump!

    • SweetSaltyOnion [[SSO]] says:

      “While Punish the Deed Not the Breed does not support the call for a boycott of Bermuda, we are sympathetic with the frustrations expressed by Bad Rap.”

  5. archy says:

    If people did not insist on breeding these dogs in Bermuda it would not be a problem. Let’s punish those who breed and sell them. Problem fixed.
    I will never support this cause – through my line of work and through my father’s line of work i have seen the horrific injuries which have scarred people – children – for life and left them with memories they cannot shed.
    If I had my way I would introduce a dangerous dogs act. I feel very strongly about this – oh and by the way, while we argue over dogs and share petitions and expend an enormous amount of time arguing over the issues, people are going hungry in Bermuda, people are leaving the country cos they cannot get jobs here, we are going to be worse off due the payroll tax rises etc – get a life people.

    • Izzypop says:

      All dogs bite and can do major damage. Pitts should be put on the restricted breed list. Where owners can be monitored. Those who do not abide by the rules hv their dogs taken and owner penalized

    • SweetSaltyOnion [[SSO]] says:

      Archy, the issue is that there are numerous [[possibly hundreds]] of pitbuls in Bermuda that no one knows about. We, the public, do not know where they live, what their life is like, their training, if he/she is fixed most importantly because of this “ban” people are keeping these dogs under ground. Some with no medical care, no training or socialization. The big issue here being socialization. If an amnesty was granted these dogs could be assessed. Some of them are fine to continue to live in Bermuda – others may not be.

      Hiding these dogs is creating a greater risk to the public than allowing well behaved ones to live and be licensed.

      • archy says:

        as I said: If people did not insist on breeding these dogs in Bermuda it would not be a problem. Let’s punish those who breed and sell them. Problem fixed.

        • Nai says:

          Think you missed the point…Pitbulls are not the problem, whether you breed them or not. Dogs are a living creature. They need to be socialized and trained. Education is everything. You dont give a 16 year old a 500cc bike….and if you did they would have to have extensive training before someone felt comfortable letting them on the road with one. Why is it any different giving someone who is uneducated on how to train a dog one of the most powerful breeds…..very similar to giving a 16year old a police bike instead of a v50. Hope the analogy makes sense…trying to make it more relatable.

        • SweetSaltyOnion [[SSO]] says:

          I do agree that dogs in Bermuda should be fixed. No matter what. Owners who want to have their pits license – it should be mandatory that they are fixed by a local vet before receiving the license (With proof and confirmation that the dog has been fixed).

          This way the pit owners get their dogs, but they are not creating more of them.

          ** I also do not believe in Breeding for any dog ** adopt, don’t shop!

          • Nai says:

            if you don’t breed you are killing the breed! doesn’t make much sense. If no one bred in your case pitbulls then there would be none. No one breeds golden retrievers then there will be none….obviously adopting is great but breeds are good because you get a dog with a specific look, temperament as well as personality traits associated with that breed. But in any case still comes down to education. Responsible breeding and real breeding programs are almost non existent on the island. Not to mention specific genetic health testing.

  6. Onion says:

    Yes, punish the deed. Instead of tiny fines for owners of dangerous dogs let’s give them jail time. If their dogs hurt or kill another person or animal let’s prosecute the owners as if they had committed the crime themselves. Seeing a few pitbull owners get 5-10 years after their dog injures a child would certainly change things.

    • archy says:

      Agreed – let’s campaign for a Dangerous Dogs Act: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1991/65/contents

      • archy says:

        This is from the above Act:

        Muzzling and leads.


        In this Act—


        references to a dog being muzzled are to its being securely fitted with a muzzle sufficient to prevent it biting any person; and


        references to its being kept on a lead are to its being securely held on a lead by a person who is not less than sixteen years old.


        If the Secretary of State thinks it desirable to do so he may by order prescribe the kind of muzzle or lead to be used for the purpose of complying, in the case of a dog of any type, with section 1 or an order under section 2 above; and if a muzzle or lead of a particular kind is for the time being prescribed in relation to any type of dog the references in subsection (1) above to a muzzle or lead shall, in relation to any dog of that type, be construed as references to a muzzle or lead of that kind.


        The power to make an order under subsection (2) above shall be exercisable by statutory instrument subject to annulment in pursuance of a resolution of either House of Parliament.

        • Jr. says:

          And with this act you’ll be crying “KILL KILL” because some child walked into a dogs yard and got bit…oh wait didn’t that happen a few weeks ago?

          These dogs need to be monitored, assessed, socialized, and fixed.

    • Pitbull owner says:

      Ok JAIL TIME… i think Bermuda is spending enough money on projects that are already too expensive (airport, america’s cup)… to be paying for more individuals to be “locked up” at an expense of around $80k per year! This is a stupid notion unless you like how our land and payroll taxes are higher. More tax rises to come with this dumb idea!

  7. Takbir Karriem Sharrieff says:

    We and do’nt need your breed either …..Rap organization of California…..your bad rap is worse than Pitbulls or any other breed.You are both raised and bred for violence and ignorance.You both need to be banned from Bermuda forthwith.Peace.

  8. Seriously.... says:

    BAD RAP are clearly a reputable and independent organization/charity.
    They can boycott whatever they want to.
    Fact is, their network consists of bully lovers, so why wouldn’t they tell their networks not to spend their money in Bermuda??
    The organization clearly sais in the article that they look forward to the day when they can promote the island. Meaning they can’t promote the island with the current dog policy. Your all crying about tourism but not one of you would spare a thought for the thousands of families torn apart by this archaic policy. Why not cry for the hundreds of thousands of dogs out to sleep for looking a certain way???
    You want to look good to the outside world and hide the ugly
    And when your exposed…
    You cry….

  9. Family Man says:

    So Pitbull owners are threatening to boycott Bermuda.

    And that’s supposed to be a bad thing?

    • SweetSaltyOnion [[SSO]] says:

      Yes, considering may people own pitballs and are sympathetic towards pits. That could impact tourism and Bermuda is not in an economic state to turn away any type of tourist!

    • Anbu says:

      Right cause all pitbull owners are bad people. Smh. Christ there are some stupid people in this country. Stereotype much.Get a life

    • Toodle-oo says:

      lol , quite true .

      If they keep advising against travel to places with pit bull bans they’re going to all end up staying at home for their vacations !

      I wonder if the (at least ) 28 other countries are suffering from their lack of patronisation ?

  10. mmm says:

    Pit-bulls, above all other breeds, have a reputation of tearing into the body of a person, causing deep puncture wounds, such injuries may even be life threatening. It is quite difficult to get that particular breed to rel ease his grip. The authorities may not have it right in putting this breed to death when caught in the act, so we need try other methods, such as the pitbull being required to wear a muzzle.

    • SweetSaltyOnion [[SSO]] says:

      Dear god. Any medium to large sized dog can do this!

      Lock jaw is a myth.

      I am sure that pit owners here would welcome muzzles if that meant their dogs could continue to live* in Bermuda. However, you still have people [[like that kid a few weeks ago]] who was teasing a unfamiliar chained pitt in the pitt’s yard and the kid was bitten with no adult supervision. The people of Bermuda need to be educated on how to deal with dogs (ESPECIALLY CHILDREN). This is a small island – you do not walk into someones yard if they have a dog!

    • Wha ya a dreama? says:

      It is a myth that this breed locks its jaws in fact most dog breeds especially larger all have similar psi in bite force only the rotti having a slightly higher number. So again any large breed especially considering how many are much larger than APBT’s, they pose just as much if not a greater risk. It is a giant myth to think a Shepard or even boxer can’t damage or kill you just as fast.

      • FYI says:

        The highest PSI bite force out side of a wolf is a German Shepherd!

  11. Jrsmith says:

    Ahh yes Bermudian hatred it is indeed flowing strong through this post. Bermudians can be some vindictive spiteful people when they want & it is clearly evident with most of the above comments. I wish you lot would get a dog and experience what peace love and happiness really feels like.

    • Rita Realistic says:

      Totally agree with you Jrsmith

    • Cow Polly says:

      And befriend a gay couple as well, then we won’t marginalize the LBGT tourist as well. Actually I know a gay couple with a pitbull…. any takers?

  12. Two Cents says:

    I just don’t understand why people really need to have a pitbull. Every experience in my life that I have had with a pitbull i can sincerely say that i have never felt safe around these dogs. Our island is too small to have a dog potentially hurt and kill someone. Furthermore the people with pitbulls are probably up to no good anyways. Im sure there are exceptions but until people can be trusted with these dogs no one can have them. They are used as a status symbol and for intimidation and the owners probably do feel safe with them but really, this is bermuda who is really coming after you that you need a dog that is almost if not bigger than some young kids. It is all just unnecessary. That being said I don’t think they should be put down, it is clear that the americans want them; let them take them, its their problem now.

    There are tons of breeds that do the same thing but are less likely to be subject to this backlash.

    But that’s my Two Cents ;)

    • YADON says:

      Most ignorant statement I have ever read. I have a pitbull (fully licensed) for LOVE. Once you have been loved by a pit, no other dog will do.

    • Nai says:

      Thats a good honest and unbiased opinion. Again I think it all comes down to education. If you are going to tie up a pitbull on 10ft chain 24/7 for some sort of alarm system then yes you have a loaded gun on your property (which like you said many do). But to be fair if many other dogs were left in this same situation/environment you would have the same outcome. Hell if you tied yourself up to a 10ft chain and left outside you would turn a bit crazy yourself. Even if you had a button to totally wipe every pitbull off the face of the earth we would end up having this conversation/issue with another breed. People have just exploited these dogs because of certain characteristics. A few decades ago before drug dealers etc. got a hold of them they were a top family dog and even considered a perfect nanny dog. Even Theodore Roosevelt owned a pitbull. Education is key….

  13. Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

    Humans have killed man woman and child as they saw fit yet y’all rally to prevent the euthanasia of said humans…go figure.

  14. Truth is killin' me... says:

    That’s the problem. Bad dog owners do not suffer enough penalties in the courts!

  15. Rhonnda aka Blue Familiar says:

    The problem is not with the breed.
    The breed is exactly as humans created it to be.

    The problem is with the owners who use the animals as weapons.
    The problem is with the owners who use the animals for ‘entertainment’.
    That’s why the law exists.
    The problem then is with the people who ignore the laws, which have known consequences.
    If you don’t want dogs put down because of this law, don’t have a dog that is subject to it until you succeed in having the law removed. Because if you do have an illegal dog, the only one responsible for that dog’s death, is you.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Pitts. They’re great dogs, with some great traits, but … and this is a HUGE but … there were particular traits that were wanted in the breed that make it a danger to people. There are people who are working to breed those traits out while keeping the great ones, but if you don’t know the breeding of an animal you have to assume those traits exist. If you don’t, if you assume that ‘my dog would never hurt anyone’ because s/he’s so great with me and the family, then you are putting anyone around that animal in danger.

  16. Sorry Sir says:

    Time to punish the deed and not the breed.

    Fine people $20000+ for owning an illegal breed and $30000+ for breeding.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      And then the breed is gone !
      I bet that’s the LAST thing on everyone’s mind who keeps parroting this nonsense ‘punish the deed’ .

  17. Giveachance says:

    These dogs are what you make them, as are any dogs. I know a pitbull that loves children, people and other animals and she jumps up for love and licks but as with any dog she protects her home by barking at strangers and any dog does not like being tormented or teased. I fully agree with temperament tests on pitbulls and all large dogs and any dog that doesn’t pass can be taken to the spca and they can see for themselves if this particular dog is safe or not. Also to prevent further litters why not ask the owner of all pitbulls to have the dog neutered and if they don’t then the dog is taken from them. This can hopefully help those with concerns and those who want to have the chance to keep their pet.

    • FYI says:

      Does any dog like being tormented or teased?

    • Asking or Telling? says:

      Not “ask” them to have their dogs fixed. Make it mandatory. If you want a pit it is mandatory that they are fixed! If not they can be seized.

  18. Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

    I for one admire the pit bull breed…I’ve never had the privilege to own one…Ive had Shepards and Rotties…not for toys but for work…security of my property…I enjoyed not having to lock my windows and doors everytime i stepped out…I’ve never been a fan of dog fighting it’s a sick sport passed down from centuries ago…So until I raise one from a pup I too have a phobia of a Pit because I know their utmost capabilities…It hasn’t happened but it could…I’m on the fence on this one.

  19. Y-Gurl says:

    Catchy phrase doesn’t change the facts

  20. Suz says:

    There sure are some very ignorant comments on here by people who have no other opinion except they hate

  21. John Steele says:

    What’s next, the freedom to own and carry firearms because “guns don’t kill people, people do”?

    All dogs can be dangerous, but pitbulls especially so because of their musculature and breeding. The cachet they have amongst some elements of the community just make them even more dangerous.

    Ban ‘em.

    • HillyBilly says:

      ….guns do not kill people. People kill people.

      When I lived in the states I carried a loaded gun on my hip at all times With a concealed weapons permit i have never shot or killed anybody.

      A loaded gun never sat on my deck and just “went off” or “misfired” and shot somebody. Don’t be an idiot.

  22. UmJustSaying says:

    Some Breeds are just smarter than those making the rules.