UK Luxury Lifestyle Magazine Features Bermuda

February 15, 2016

Bermuda is featured in the March edition of Tatler, a luxury lifestyle magazine in the United Kingdom, with writer Emma Kennedy writing about the “pink sands and friendly parrotfish of the oldest British Overseas Territory.”

Tatler reaches about 200,000 readers online and in print who have an average household income of £131,000 [about $189,500] per year.

In addition, this spring Moët & Chandon is scheduled to run a photo shoot in Tatler which was shot on location in Bermuda. The shoot was originally planned for Miami, but following Moët’s visit to Bermuda during the America’s Cup Louis Vuitton World Series and discussions with the Bermuda Tourism Authority’s sales and marketing team, the brand decided to host the shoot in Bermuda instead.

Screenshots showing Tatler’s feature on Bermuda are below:

Tatler Bermuda feature febmar16 1

Tatler Bermuda feature febmar16 2

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Comments (7)

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  1. cmbbda says:

    Excellent. This is exactly the type of publication we need to be in.

  2. Eve says:

    Emma was on the island during the AC races courtesy of taxpayers/BTA and stakeholders. It would have been much nicer if Bermuda was mentioned on the front cover or under the list of articles on the first pages. Getting into this type of publication isn’t free as many may think it comes at a cost and unfortunately we never hear what it does cost!

    • Attention “Eve”! please note the headlines, “Bermuda Short by Emma Kennedy etc.” (One can click onto the ad at the top of (left corner) first photo of the beach)and then continue by clicking…

  3. MB says:

    So indicative of the cliche Bermuda that successive highly paid Tourism big shots have been unable to shake…
    Has anyone in Tourism ever even asked WHAT IS OUR BRAND?
    If they dont start asking the right questions we will keep getting stupid articles like this that go on about the Bermuda triangle and preppy looking tourists.
    There is tons more to Bermuda than this, tons more depth, and way better spa treatments that pouring honey over you.
    Sorry,just saying.
    Hopefully those in charge of the current unsuccessful Tourism lot saved only by Grant Gibbon’s America’s Cup coup, will take heed, that even rich Tatler readers are looking for a bargain these days, so it’s time to stop selling the snob’s paradise and adventure light angle.
    Sell the fun, ask Bermudians where it is, and sell the beach until we have decent hotels.

  4. Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

    ATTENTION BERMUDA: No one is interested in visiting or investing in a tumultuous political arena…dissention among its populace…pink sand just AIN’T cutting it anymore…abrupt and drastic changes are needed to prevent MOST of us going down the drain…OR…is that the “plan”..?

    Bermuda for Billionaires…no room for beggars or bums…which some of us will soon become.

  5. Aware says:

    This is excellent coverage targeted at the perfect demographic for us. Well done.