HSBC Celebrates Customer’s 100th Birthday

August 29, 2016

HSBC Bank Bermuda Limited recently marked a milestone for one of their customers, helping Lefroy Brownlow Place to celebrate his 100th birthday.

A spokesperson said, “Loyalty is defined as ‘devotion and faithfulness to a cause, country, group or person.’

“If looking for a local example of someone who epitomizes “what it means to be loyal” as one of their attributes, we need look no further than in the direction of Mr. Lefroy Brownlow Place, who – in addition to being a staunch supporter of The Somerset Cricket Team, has been an equally loyal and popular customer of HSBC Bank Bermuda Limited.”

Renee Bullock-Cann, Head of Retail Banking Wealth Management; Mark Watkinson, CEO HSBC Bank Bermuda Limited; Lefroy Place; Wendy Trott, Manager, St. George’s Branch:

HSBC Bermuda August 26 2016 1

“Over the years, employees at the St. George’s Branch of HSBC have looked forward to Mr. Place’s visits, where they have learned about not just his love for local and international cricket but also his interest in politics; the fact that he gets up early every day; prefers a ‘simple life’ and enjoys taking neighbours out for the occasional drive – facts all the more interesting, considering he recently celebrated his 100th Birthday.”

Mr. Place with members of his family and Wendy Trott, St. George’s Branch Manager:

HSBC Bermuda August 26 2016 2

“To help mark this very special occasion and to thank Mr. Place for his continued business, members of the bank’s management team and employees surprised him with a presentation at the St. George’s Branch this week to share with him and his immediate family, just how much he has meant to them over the years.”

HSBC Bermuda August 26 2016 3

In making the presentation, Mark Watkinson, CEO, HSBC Bermuda said, “We are very pleased today to be able to acknowledge this very special time in Mr. Place’s life and to thank him for the relationship we have shared with him over many years.

“On behalf of the management and all employees of HSBC Bermuda, we offer our sincere congratulations and wish him the very best for the future.”

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  1. Islander says:

    Congratulations Mr. Place, God continues to smile upon you. Charlene T., you look wonderful.

  2. Nice, would be nice to hear his political views.


    way to go papa Brownnie

  4. Malachi says:

    Maybe, as a kind gesture, the bank might want to pay interest on Mr. Place’s accounts with no charges. You know, the way banks used to be back in the day!