Flora Duffy Wins World Championship Title!

September 17, 2016

[Updated] Cementing her status as a world class triathlete, Bermuda’s Flora Duffy has just won the 2016 World Triathlon Series title after a tremendous showing at the World Triathlon Grand Final Cozumel in Mexico today.

Duffy came into the event as the points leader and had what the event’s live coverage called the “run of her life” to win in Mexico today.

In second place was the 2016 Olympic gold medalist Gwen Jorgensen of the USA, while Charlotte McShane of Australia was third. Duffy has just crossed the finish line and we will update as able.

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Update 8.51pm: This was a very dominant showing from the Bermudian to claim this world title, with Duffy finishing some 90 seconds ahead of the second place finisher — who is the reigning Olympic gold medalist. A photo below of Duffy on the podium just now, these photos are courtesy of TriathlonLIVE.

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Update 9.17pm: Just for clarity — as this is very big news — Duffy won the World Triathlon Grand Final race in Mexico which gave her enough points to also win the overall series to become the 2016 ITU World Champion.

Photos of new ITU World Champion Flora Duffy running with the Bermuda flag courtesy of TriathlonLive

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  1. mmm says:

    congratulations, hard work and perserverance… a tribute to your sacrifice..it also speaks to the many, many athletes who strive to win, strive to keep fit…a source of encoragement to those who need to do a bit more exercise.

    • question????? says:

      Wow congrats and you did this without receiving a penny from the $30,000 that Minister of Social Development & Sports Sylvan Richards spent on TRAVELGATE. He complains about the plp but I can’t take him serious anymore.

      I say we fire Sylvan and make Flora Duffy the new Sports Minister.


      • Why says:

        Keep politics out of this

        • T. Smith says:

          Why! The information above wasn’t politics it was the truth. The Bermuda Government didn’t give one red cent. Does this man understand that some poor family could have really used that money. When the OBA screw up their cronies go hush. Who’s keeping tabs on these bimbos a circus clown name Dunk!

          • Longtail says:

            Because the article is all about Flora Duffy’s achievement in winning the World Championship title in Mexico. Why denigrate her achievement with your political rant? However valid your comments may or may not be they belong elsewhere.

          • RedLine says:

            Perhaps if the PLP had not given $4 million to cricket $4 million to football not to mention the money that many of the football clubs were awarded plus millions more to 20/20 and so on…there might be a bit more for everyone else.

            • Sports Fan says:

              Lets be fair…Bermuda cricket deserved the money that they received. How many countries the size of Bermuda have participated in a World Cup especially considering we had a pool of about 30 cricketers that have the ability to play at a higher level! Remember 4 million dollars to a sports organization is no money when you have professional players who make that in a year…Think about it!!

              BTW what monies were given to 20/20? Any 20/20 event was sponsored and paid for by the organizers of that event. At least do your research before making false allegations.

            • BlackLine says:

              Keep your mouth closed! The oba guarantee up to $165 million for Morgans Point without seeing a wall built & paint dry.

              That guarantee is going to take place because the hotel will need every dollar from it. The oba clan might as well say here is the $165 million dollar check have fun.

  2. Nkosi says:

    Well done!!

  3. Jus' Wonderin' says:

    That’s for the loss at Rio Jorgensen! WELL DONE FLORA WE’RE ALL PROUD OF YOU!

  4. Outkasted says:

    Bermuda needs to Welcome home Flora! Arms wide open!

  5. Island Musings says:

    Congratulations – what amazing dedication. Well deserved and inspiring.

  6. Gemini says:

    Well done. Congratulations

  7. Bermuda tartan says:

    Outstanding and many congrats to Flora and her family and team. She is truly a shining example of hard work.

  8. Mary Sumpter says:

    Well done, Flora! Bermuda is so proud of you!

  9. Robert says:

    Awesome!!, Excellent!!, Congrats!!…wonderful new.

  10. Thinker says:

    Congrats Flora!!! You are an amazing and persistent champion!!!

  11. Desy says:

    CONGRATS FLORA..we watched you fight hard at the olympics….we were proud of you then…and we are proud of you now..Thank you for being a Bermudian warrior
    “Proud to be Bermudian”

  12. Point boy says:

    Really and truly a great athlete!! Well done.

  13. Widget says:

    I would guess to say every hand in the land we call Bermuda is clapping for you with the achievements you have made. You have represented Bermuda with honor and now we must all reciprocate.

    Congratulations.Flora Duffy

  14. Wow! says:

    What day time and flight does she arrive. We need to greet her at airport.

  15. Karla says:

    Flora “Super Woman” Duffy I knew in my heart you could do it. Congrats to you and your family. This is so wonderful. I am extremely proud of you. You deserve great recognition upon your return. Thank you for representing Bermuda!

  16. Widget says:


    Did you vote for yourself?

  17. O.M.G says:

    Congrats what great news. You make us so proud. Keep up the great work flora

  18. Me says:

    Omg wow!truly amazing and outstanding go Flora.#1podium

  19. Sickofantz says:

    Totally blown away by your effort and strength. You are fantastic.

    You are the best, the World number 1.

  20. swing voter says:

    wow….the story behind her achievements needs to be told. sometimes you have to just do it in the face of obstacles. She had 2 choices, walk away sulking n kicking stones, or chase the dream without the perks her competitors have enjoyed. truely a story worth telling ….true grit, guts,glory!

  21. Oh,I see now says:

    Sport wise you have done a great thing Bermuda is in your debt.

  22. Jean Foggo Simon says:

    Congratulations. Bermuda is very proud of you and so am I. Excellent. Your hard work has paid off.

  23. Glenn Blakeney Jr says:

    Congratulations Flora! Wow this is amazing accomplishment! Have always been a fan of yours ever since way back when we met at a local sports store. My son and I have been following you on the Xterra circuit and was in California earlier this year and watched you compete. When told about your achievement this morning my son proudly boasts about the day he met you.Im sure many other kids will do the same as you are considered by many as a role model and will inspire many others to dream of becoming a “WORLD CHAMPION”. I don’t know if you will be heading to Colorado or returning back home to Bermuda but we need to line the streets when you arrive to show our appreciation for a real WORLD CHAMPION!

    Many Blessings

  24. Real Deal says:

    O well Williams sisters lost in the Olympics this year too I guess we will find out what happen in 10 years.

  25. hmmm says:

    Meep Meep …our tri star Flora did a roadrunner !!!!
    Congratulations Flora, what a massive achievement ! #Proud

  26. You've made Bermuda Proud says:

    Flora, congratulations on a job well done. A title well earned. As a Bermudian I say thank you for representing your country with such passion.

  27. Bdabye says:

    Flora may not have achieved a metal in the Olympics but we tend to forget this is but only one race. She achieved this title through many races ,hence the Olympic gold medalist is standing below her on the podium . Well done Flora you are No 1 in the world. Congratulations.