Church ‘Profoundly Disappointed’ Permit Refused

October 24, 2016

[Updated] The Stewards and Trustees of St. Paul AME Church expressed their “profound disappointment” at the decision to refuse the work permit application for Rev. Nicholas Tweed, and said they “stand united in support of Rev. Tweed.”

A statement from the Church said, “The Stewards and Trustees of St. Paul AME Church express their profound disappointment at the Minister’s decision to refuse the work permit application for Rev. Nicholas Tweed, Pastor.

Rev N Tweed

“The appointment of pastors in the AME Church in Bermuda is made by the Bishop of the First Episcopal District of which Bermuda is a part. In Rev. Tweed’s case, he was so appointed in March 2016 by the Bishop and remains the duly appointed pastor of St. Paul.

“Since 2013 the church has been well served by Rev. Tweed and there has been no change in his circumstances since his initial appointment that would justify this action by the Minister of Home Affairs; herself a former member of the church.

“This action amounts to a total disrespect and disregard for the Doctrine and Discipline of the AME Church and the rejection of the long standing custom and practice surrounding appointments of pastors in the AME Church in Bermuda.

“The Stewards, Trustee and the entire congregation stand united in support of Rev. Tweed and will support any necessary action to reverse this decision of the Minister.”

Update 4.20pm: In response, a Ministry spokesperson, “The Department of Immigration has this afternoon responded to media reports of the work permit for Reverend Nicholas Tweed of St Paul AME Church.

“It should be noted that the Department of Immigration does not respond to individual cases, but all matters that come before the department are dealt with in accordance with established rules of the department in order to provide consistency.

“It should be noted that when a work permit is required for clergy, there are established procedures and all denomination are treated equally.”

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  1. All distorted says:

    Get ready. Amazing what can and will bring the island to its knees. But this storm to shall pass.

    • David says:

      PLP/People’s Campaign slogan is going to have to change to:

      “Standing strong for expatriates who don’t follow work permit renewal rules” :)

      Stand and be counted puppets!

      • Pride says:

        I imagine Betty will be quite active on this. She’s got more time on her hands now she’s given up the post.

        • Wake up Bermuda it's called strategy says:



          • Tolerate says:

            Owww, my ears. I do agree with you that it will be the nastiest and will put the American Elections to shame.
            Poor Bermuda…..

          • Double s says:


            Is it also normal for a work permit renewal to be submitted one day before expiration?

            • Question? says:

              How do you know the application was submitted one day before? Only a few people would know that.

              • Build a Better Bermuda says:

                It was highlighted when this was first brought up, so pretty much everyone knows about it

          • Cha says:

            And your proof is where?

          • Up D Hill says:

            1-learn to type
            2- have a clue what you are trying to say
            3-the caps lock key is on the left of the key board
            4-know when you have been lied to by your own!
            5- go to Tweeds AME Church and let him brainwash you some more cause I don`t think you have had your fix today!
            6- puppets on a string you are @ WUBICS

          • jt says:

            Proof? I call total B.S.

      • Black Soil says:

        If Tweed was in any way getting paid or compensated by the PLP, BIU or the Peoples Campaign (or any one) then that is a huge infraction of his work permit. Work that he does outside of the his official job must be voluntary work only. If Tweed had any brains, he would understand the importance of having a pathway to full citizenship. In fact the OBA seems to care about his status situation more than what the PLP/BIU/PC does!

        • Catherine D says:

          You also need permission from immigration to do voluntary work outside of your permit.

          • BermudaRat says:

            Thank you Catherine. Now can anyone tell us why Reverend David Matthews at St. Anne’s Church , Southampton had his work permit not continued earlier this year?

          • Cow Polly says:

            Actually no. You need permission from your employer to do voluntary work outside your permit.

            • Let there be hope says:

              Yes you do need immigration approval. I had to get it to do a hair show that I volunteered for.

          • George says:

            The conversation I had with Immigration when I arrived as an expat in 2010 was that unpaid voluntary work **for a registered charity** was acceptable and did not require approval. Is the PLP a registered charity??

            • James Rego says:

              Working for free or volunteering is against immigration policy because it prevents Bermudians being gainfully employed. In other words, it takes money from Bermudians.

      • David says:

        Hmmm… # of dislikes on my initial comment jumped from 3 to 118 in a matter of minutes! That’s at least one puppet doing what they do best :)

        • DarkFader says:

          Sounds like you need a job or hobby David. Smh@you laying in wait.
          Get a life dude.

          • Double s says:

            Sounds like you’re the autobot.

            People that take the time to manipulate likes/dislikes on a news forum are life’s true losers.

    • Bobby Jones says:

      No it won’t pass, this Island is going to be destroyed by the PLP, BIU and AME, all in the name of taking power, not in Tweed’s name.

      • Serious Though says:

        The whole opposition party and supporters are the island problem. i often wonder why the other side, those who blame the PLP and its supporters don’t take responsibility on some very serious social, economic and educational decision that were taken prior to 1998 for 30 yrs have affected half of Bermudians? Would like to explore this further..and find out who is really is for Bermudians for the last 50 yrs plus ,

        • Bobby says:

          The past 40 years have been incredible for Bermuda. Both black and white Bermudians have prospered in unimagineable ways. All of us, who wanted to get ahead in this life have done better as a group than any other country in the world.
          I hate to say that this has come to an end during the end of the PLP rule, the OBA will not be able to change Bermuda’s future as the PLP/BIU will ruin the future in the name of power.

          • Serious Though says:

            Bobby Bobby Bobby, hmmm where do i start , Front Street or Reid St..or court street. or Schools,work places wages, please proceed…do the honor

      • James Rego says:

        Goes to show, the PLP / BIU / AME / Combined Opposition is anti Bermudian or is this only for their favorite foreigner? Why are they not protesting that there are Bermudians qualified for the job and are purposely ignored? Stand strong for Bermudians!

        • James Rego says:

          Goes to show, the AME Church is anti Bermudian. Why else would they fight for a foreign agitator to lead their church?

    • Help says:

      I’m a Bermudian in need of a job. What do I need to do in order to apply for this job?

      • simple says:

        How good are you with children?

      • Rick Olson says:

        Faith based politic’s should be a new job category.

        • Serious Though says:

          social, economic truth of many advocated by anybody should be a humanity faith category not political faith base category

    • Bill says:

      I agree. Something sounds a bit fishy. In the back of my mind, I think this was a big setup by the PLP/BIU and Tweed. They wanted the PLP supporters to rally up the people against the OBA once again, and this was the best option since nothing else is controversial at the moment.

      • Widget says:

        Hey Bill? Let the Peoples choice group go back and occupy Sessions House. Reason being it’s been shut down for mold reasons so NO ONE IS HOME. Knock yourself out. Just maybe we’ll lock you in.

        • Bill says:

          Widget thanks for your comment. I think the Peoples group should re-think what they were really marching for and let Tweed lead the group. They should be marching for equal rights on a case by case basis. But no it seemed they were just marching mainly because of political influence by (PLP/BIU) and anti “oba” government. The worst case senerio was planted in people heads and made to think that the island is going to be overrun by new Bermudian status workers. You don’t realize I am a union member and was shocked at some reasons why we marched sometimes. I totally support the Union and whats its done for the country over the years but there is a right way and wrong way to get your point across. For the last 5 years it has been the wrong way. Let me take you back when guys accepted no overtime and straight time across the board. And if you said i dont want to work overtime then when overtime came back you would be blocked from getting it when it turned back to time and a half or double time. This was all to help the PLP governments situation. There were no marches and 99% of the members agreed to it. But for the rest of us got USED for the whole year. And we hardly even got a pay increase matter of fact seemed like the pay decrease with insurance fees rising. If the UBP or OBA was in power that time we would have been a strike till it was sorted. So lock me up in Sessions house if you want but thats how i feel bout it.

    • Widget says:

      @PLP, Peoples Campaign, bIU. You simply can’t have it both way when it suits you. You make the rest of Bermuda live by those rules now so should you. Thank you to this Minister for standing up for what is correct and following procedure.

    • Onion Juice says:

      They got rid off his Dad, now its his turn.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        He wasn’t even that big of a player in the Progressive Group . He left on his own accord .
        Funny how no-one else left the island ‘in fear of their lives’ from the same group.

    • Onion Juice says:

      Just look at de History of those who spoke up for Blacks in Bermuda and what happened to them, same S!@# different day.

      • Anbu says:

        Blah blah blah same old same old. Hilarious how because this particular “foreigner” its ok for him to stay in your mind. Hypocrite much OJ? Typical from you tho. No surprise. So rather than start a pointless argument due to your one sided view, ill just use your logic. By him being denied his renewal, one of your “real bermudians” can get his job now. There u go.

        • Onion Juice says:

          De A.M.E. churches have mostly always had foreign Pastors.
          This is not de first time someone has had an application hiccup but because of de person it was easier to deny compaired to someone who is less threat to this Government.
          Like I said HISTORY will ALWAYS repeat itself in one form or another.

      • SMH! says:

        No, that was not his dad!

  2. Kim Smith says:

    From what I understand, the issue is one of process… that Rev. Tweed’s position needs to be advertised to ensure that Bermudians are informed about the opportunity and to apply if they are qualified. It seems a reasonable reason for the decision.

    • Pride says:

      Not his biggest fan, but rules are rules. If no suitable Bermudian applies and the AME want him to stay then he should be able to.
      Also, although I don’t necessarily agree with his political stances, I fully support his right to have them and that they should in no way affect his position.

      • h20 says:

        And the Church did not follow the rule of advertising the job for X amount of days and then had the gall to submit his renewal application ONE DAY before expiration of his initial permit.

        Those are the rules.

        • Truth Teller says:

          And so because of that – if true- the nuclear option was exercised to reject the church’s application for a renewal of Rev. Tweed’s work permit.

          It sounds more like pretext to me as opposed to cause.

          This is not some renewal of a work permit of some Canadian bookkeeper I might point out.

          The basket of “deplorables” that is the OBA base wanted their pound of flesh and now they think that they have it.

          The people of course will have the last word.

          First the Pathways to Status legislation and now this.

          I am reminded of the old saying, beware what you ask for as you may just get it.

          • h20 says:

            Can I ask why this particular work permit doesn’t need to be subjected to the same rules as all others?

            Isn’t work permit abuse one of the points that were marched against earlier this year?

            All this shows is that those protesters either a) only marched against certain colored work permit holders or b) were used by the so called protest ‘leaders’ as they were not genuine in their work permit abuse concerns.

            So I ask again why do you and others believe that this particular individual should be immune from the established rules everyone else must follow.

            Anyone else who doesn’t advertise the job and doesn’t submit a renewal within the stipulated time frame will be rejected as is the case for this matter.

            but because you agree with this man’s views you believe he should be exempt.

            And now you are threatening unrest so he isn’t subject to the same rules as all other work permit holders.

            You’re very hypocritical.

          • smh says:

            How is Rev. Tweed entitled to different treatment from a Canadian bookkeeper to use your example. Notice I used the term “entitled” because that’s what this is all about.

          • Double S says:

            If the Government renewed any other work permit application that broke the rules as this one did you and yours would be screaming at how the Government is favoring non-Bermudians, how they are anti-Bermudian seeking to displace the locals.

            Now they are applying the same rules to this situation as all other applicants, somehow in your mind this is terrible and civil protest is needed to protect your ‘favorite foreigner’ (thanks to Col. Burch for that phrase).

            Pretty disgusting and hypocritical stance to take. But I am not surprised in the least as anyone with a half a brain knew the anti-expat/immigrant protests were only directed at one type of people.

            • Tolerate says:

              you may be on to something here Double S…. I ask myself WHY would an individual such as Rev.Tweed put themselves in such a position, or at least his employer… It has been stated 1.the work renewal came in days prior to expiring 2.was not advertised….If you was Rev. Tweed or his employeer would you not cross all your t’s and dot all your i’s…. this action seems to have been done to achieve one of two things 1.flout the Immigration policies in the Governments face or 2. incite people… Yes, I know the Immigration Minister has been quoted in the past of not being his fan…so again I ask WHY….if your answer is because the AME Church has always done this in the past, than I can not support that… If they did; it was wrong, and even they should recognize the controversial individual they are backing…. to come on here with “profound disappointment” …. well guess WHO I’m disappointed in…. It was not too long ago a story ran about an alleged meeting held with AME representatives of eleven churches informing the PLP they would not support the party with Marc Bean at the helm…. I was disappointed in that as I am disappointed now. I hope this is not true and they understand church’s need to stay out of political involvement….

          • had enough says:

            Please tell me what makes him any better than, as you say “Some Canadian Bookkeeper”.

          • Up D hill says:

            Tell me this you so called “truth teller” have you considered the Ame church itself wants this guy gone? Or don’t you go that deep?

        • Pride says:

          True, but if they now follow due process then it should be approved (if no suitable Bermudian applies).
          The Church should own their mistake and apologise to their congregation.
          The cynic in me can’t help thinking that there was more to this late application than meets the eye.

          • Pride says:

            The AME have dated their press release letter 2106.
            They also did not follow procedure. I suggest they repent and correct this rather than rile people up.
            Instead they are casting stones. Somebody once said something quite profound about that.

    • marge says:

      Rev Tweeds, congregation has been dwindling for months.. they got fed up with his so called preaching.

    • Pure Madness!!!!! says:

      I can truly understand that there maybe a process and rules are rules but why is it that processes and rules only apply to some. Case in point Immigration can have someone come here and stay who has come here to work but the work permit is still pending approval. LIKE SERIOUSLY!!! How about immigration having someone here on a work permit and have their foreign partner come and be a damn dependent LIKE SERIOUSLY!!! Or you have how ever many Bermudians her unemployed yet you have people here on work permits being cashiers, my 16 year old niece and nephew can do those jobs(hypothetically speaking)without having to import people or better yet my sister who has been unemployed for over 4 YEARS, can. LIKE SERIOUSLY!!!! This crap is for the flipping birds…. Fair is fair, what should be for one should be for the other.. IJS!!!!

  3. Marge says:

    When one goes to church it is to worship….not to hear political rhetoric.
    The decision to not renew Rev Tweeds work permit is long overdew..

    • Too True says:

      Marge, I agree.. but the political rhetoric was not the issue.. The position was NOT advertised.. Therefor the application was NOT approved..

      Watch the Union get involved…

    • Onion Juice says:

      Jesus preached political rhetoric, he called de Scribes,Pharisees and Roman System, vipers and Devils.

  4. h20 says:

    How come the AME church believes they should be above the law regarding work permit processes? Why didn’t they advertise the job position before seeking a work permit renewal as all other house of faith have to?

    And I thought that the good Reverend and his supporters marched against what they view as a work permit process that is unfair and prone to abuse?

    But somehow he and his supporters expect that his renewal be approved without the required advertising of the position which is designed to protect Bermudian jobs or at least provide an opportunity for locals to obtain the position held by a foreigner.

    The hypocrisy stinks.

  5. hmmm says:

    Why is the AME the church blaming people for their own error on not following the proper procedure for work permit renewal.

    Other churches comply with them.

  6. Pride says:

    This should be good!

  7. binchy says:

    The church was at fault by not advertising the job – they should correct that before commenting. But surely, once they advertise it, he can apply and they can accept him?

    • New Bermudian says:

      Exactly- I don’t even see how this is, unless we’re descending once again to gutter politics around this whole issue. I’m sure that the Reverend can have a little holiday, the church will do things how they were meant to, and back he can come. If that’s even required in the first place. Now, if proper process were followed and THEN he was denied, that would be a whole different kettle of fish. Other denominations follow the rules, and indeed this one usually does, someone dropped a ball. But this isn’t a matter of national importance unless he was dealt with unfairly. He is, from what I can tell, being dealt with perfectly fairly at the moment. No special treatment or unusual bias at work here. Move along…

      • binchy says:

        I fear it will become an issue of national importance once the marches start ,….

  8. Lady Bug says:

    Everyone buckle up, just don’t give in. Right is right, wrong is wrong. A church should know better and not expect to bring an island to its knees for their wrong-doing.

    • bdaboy says:

      It’s not about being good Christians, it’s about upholding racism and preaching hatred.

  9. Rocky says:

    Tweed. I guess you don’t understand how karma works.

  10. Mary says:

    the whole thing smacks of love triangle gone wrong

  11. hmmm says:

    Do not worship false idols !!!!!

    • aceboy says:

      Tweed is a career political agitator.

      This HAS to be a stunt. All an effort to get the marchers back out again.

      To use this though……it just boggles the mind. He was out leading marches against foreigners on a work permit (which HAS to be contrary to his own work permit)and then expects his permit to be renewed when he doesn’t follow proper procedure.

      Truth is stranger than fiction sometimes.

  12. Sherildeen says:

    A blind man coulda seen this coming. Brother Furbert isn’t going to let this happen. We know once he says to the hill we go the mice will follow.

  13. suffer now says:

    Well we are going to suffer whether we renew it or not. If we don’t renew it its going to cause trouble, but if they do renew it he will cause trouble with the upcoming elections etcc.. Im going grab my popcorn, couple caollies and sit back.

  14. MB says:

    Come on! The most anti work permit group of all
    is going to defend Rev Tweed??
    And the AME’s defense is ‘we’ve never advertised for a pastor before’.
    Ever heard two wrongs don’t make a right??
    Put your big boy & girl pants on and stop blaming others for your oversight of the laws of your country.
    He may have been thru in post in 2013,
    months after OBA came to power, perhaps it was an oversight by department

  15. New Bermudian says:

    My question would be why the church elected not to follow process here? The Anglican churches, SDA’s, Catholics, and Ethiopian Orthodox all have, to name but a few. This is about process, so instead of issuing press statements about their profound disappointment, they should be following proper channels to retain their beloved Minister. To suggest that it’s some sort of oligarchical discrimination based on his political views is misleading. Or, was this all engineered to provoke a reaction? Just apply through the correct procedures, advertise- do what you need to do, and then he’ll be back, I’m sure.

  16. Paradise says:

    The nail in the oba’s coffin.

    • Pride says:

      I thought issuing work permits to foreigners was.

    • New Bermudian says:

      Exactly how? Other denominations can and do follow process when seeking to retain foreign faith leaders. Are you suggesting that Immigration (who aren’t ‘OBA’, but rather the civil service) breaks the rules in this case because it’s politically palatable? If they use the same process that EVERYBODY ELSE uses, I bet that he’d get his permit. No process = no permit, this isn’t political except for those who would construe it to be in order to score some perverse political points. Just. Follow. Procedure. It’s actually not that hard. So, as I see it, one of two things happened here: either someone in church administration dropped the ball, or, someone wants to stir up sentiment and trouble around something that isn’t about politics at all.

    • Bobby Jones says:

      Sorry nail in Bermuda’s coffin. The PLP and BIU have been wanting this so they can destroy Bermuda. Strikes, strikes and more strikes. Their plan has been to take over by any means, even if it destroys Bermuda.

      • Widget says:

        Well said BOBBY JONES. They want Tweed and any cost even if it means they destroy Bermuda. Sad day it is.

    • Spit Bouy says:

      @ Paradise,

      & Bermudas if it results in the PLP getting back in power anytime soon.

  17. Peter says:

    But all on all a great day for Bermuda a chance for one of our own to apply

  18. Terry says:

    Don’t even have to read the comments.
    The first one made sense.


    That the irony of all this.
    A stands for…………………..

    The rest is history and the PLP is using the church to change it.

    Best of luck Bermuda.

    Af Berm Chur

  19. UmJustSayiing says:

    Smart people do not fight fires with fuel.

  20. G30 says:

    Must be gods plan

  21. karen says:


  22. steve says:

    Hope it all works out for Tweed cause we need him. After all, he is the only expat that can speak without PLP placing him on the next plane outa here.

    • MB says:

      Rev T is a special ex pat thus shld have special treatment

    • Stevie says:

      Heard tweed joined the union.How many members of the clergy are in the BIU? Rascisim back again.

  23. binchy says:

    we don’t know from the Government’s statement who took the final decision: the Ministry or the Minister …

  24. Jus' Wonderin' says:



  25. Fur says:

    Well done OBA See you later alligator. Now St Paul’s can get a nice Bermudian Rev….sure there are lots on this Island quite capable.
    They showed Bermuda that they do not have double standards when it comes to work permits. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.
    How long before he has to leave????? ASAP!!!!!!

  26. Jahstice says:


  27. John Young says:

    No more free rides for Churches…or for servants of some make believe entity!!! Pay your fair share and follow the rules…just like the rest of us have too!

  28. Terry says:

    When you fools figure out for who/whom he was working for it it be too late.

    What the difference between AC 35 and AME.

    The final days will be horrid.

  29. St Geo says:

    Is he not married to a Bermudian???

  30. Politricks says:

    How do dislikes nearly quadruple in less than 5 minutes?

    Not only are his supporters rampant hypocrites, but they are willing to manipulate to justify their incoherent, hypocritical be racist stance.

    Disgusting individuals.

    • bob says:

      People and their like/dislike obsession rofl

    • Smh says:

      His supporters are racists??

      Please. You don’t even know what that word really means

    • Paradise says:

      lol get a life! You need likes to make you and your comment relevant?? who cares about likes/dislikes…did you win a prize or do they(likes/dislikes) decide whether you have a good or bad some people are real losers!! Does this make me a racist now? I don’t think so…I love black people!

  31. steve says:

    I see the PLP fired up their Like/dislike machine in the last hour.

  32. Bobby J says:

    Well, well, be prepared to the S*1t to hit the fan. The BIU, the PLP and all the rest will be closing down the island.
    You know something will happen to destroy what the OBA has tried to fix. Bermuda is finished. All because of this trouble maker.

  33. kyron says:

    Where is the congregation on this ?? THEY need to SPEAK OUT and 1st and foremost WHY was there a delay in not applying for the renewal on time. Was this intentional by the officers of St.Paul AME Church ?? Well, let’s just prepare ourselves for the marches. The good Rev needs to march everybody right to St.Paul and put some money in the offering plate to save the church building. So strange how so many “TITHING MEMBERS” have left. Question is WHY. Statement is “WHEN FOLK LEAVE, MONEY LEAVES” and who is left to pay the Mortgage ?? The MARCHERS ?? I DON’T THINK THEY SO. Mr. Chris, you’ve been preparing for this a long time. GET THE MARCHING STARTED (sigh) HERE WE GO AGAIN. It would be nice to hear from the BISHOP and PRESIDING ELDER

  34. kyron says:

    here we go with the marches. (sigh) Tweed and Chris, try and end the march at St.Paul Church and you all put some money in the offering plate to assist with the Mortgage. QUESTION: Was it intentional that the officers of the Church took so long to apply for the work permit and isn’t there a process ? WHY, are the people getting so rouled up ?

  35. Tired says:

    How many company’s don’t advertise in the correct way and even to that they would interview well capable and qualified locals and still say no one who applyed was suitable. Anyone that speaks out they want to get rid of!!! We Bermudians need to wake up its soon going to be to late!! Immigration needs to do a proper clean up oops I forget they are collecting far to much from work permits. THIS IS A SAD STATE AND I BLAME US THE PEOPLE AS WE ARE ALLOWING IT!!!

    • MB says:

      The point is they advertise…that’s the starting point here you are missing. Maybe in this case some well capable locals will apply and be turned down so your Rev Tweed can have a job. But I guess that’s OK, in this case.
      Let me ask you Tired, who hires all these expats?
      Bermudian companies. ah I see. So Bermudians hire them?

      • Tired says:

        If you havent witnessed or expericenced it i guess you will never know.. I speak from experience and witness first hand…its sickening and that is the bottom line!!! I see unqualified family members get work permits ones that taught language and job when they arrive the very same job a qualified local can do.. Rev Tweed you are in my prayers andnits a really sad situation you are in and i applaued you for standing up for Bermudians!!!

        • Double s says:

          Standing up for Bermudians by circumventing the work permit process?

        • Rhonnda O says:

          I’m not certain how you can stand up for Bermudians by standing up for non-Bermudian who works for a business who is openly flaunting the immigration laws that are in place to protect Bermudians.

          St Paul’s AME needs to apologize to the public for their expectation of special treatment above the law, go through the process properly and move on.

          • New Bermudian says:

            I’m still trying to get my head around why they’ve had special treatment for all this time, if indeed they’ve never filed a work permit application for any reverend they’ve had in the past. I can say my company’s policy is to appoint overseas employees, but that wouldn’t hold any water with Immigration. As I’d said above, other denominations do it all the time, why is this different? The Presbyterian ministers have to be advertised, as do the Catholics, the Anglicans, etc.- one could argue that St. Paul’s actions in the past were contrary to established Immigration rules, and should not have happened. Why is this such a problem for Tweed’s supporters?? Isn’t it hypocritical of them to want an exception for Tweed and not for anyone else? And, sorry to put a finer point on it, but if ‘Bermudian blood runs in his veins’ then why hasn’t he gotten his Bermuda status? Is it because there might be some reform actually needed for immigration laws?? I am failing to understand the issue here, and am rapidly reaching the conclusion that it’s manufactured to deflect attention away from the shambolic leadership that’s in play at the PLP. What better way to galvanize support for a splintered party? People, wake the hell up and notice that you are being manipulated!!!! You think it’s all ‘The Man’- it’s not. Look at it please with your eyes wide open. Take off the green glasses…all that needs be done for the beloved Rev is to submit the proper paperwork!!! No one has said it’s because of his political views, it’s procedural. If after that point, when all the PROPER process is followed he is denied, THEN you have every reason to protest. But now?? Look at what else is going on and tell me with a straight face that this isn’t engineered.

  36. Up D Hill says:

    Tweed was in breach of his work permit the first time he opened his mouth. Should have been deported then. He is getting off lite! AME will support, big feckin deal! Go away Tweed!

  37. John says:

    Political bedfellows

  38. wondering says:

    isn’t tweed married to a bermudian?

  39. Serious Though says:

    When this happens i always look at the close election in different constituencies.. them THE OBA trolls take to the blogs and they go so deep to places where they are not supposed to go .. institution that have sustained a people for over 200 yrs.. during the darkest hour of humanity

    • Double s says:


      Do you agree that work permit jobs should not be advertised going forward?

      Or is that only reserved for ‘special’ people?

      Are you guys pro-Bermudian or not? Or just simple hypocrites?

      • Game over UBP says:

        Ask the Minister if all work permits are advertised. The truth will kill you.

        • Up D Hill says:

          Game over Tweed! Ask yourself and the PLP about work permits dreamer!!

  40. Serious Though says:

    OBA, just went there ,if you challenge Caesar and it’s supporters for NOT listening to the people you become a victim , Oh Hail Caesar and supporters, 2017 is coming

    • Double s says:

      Why do you hate Bermudians so much?

      • Bobby J says:

        Tweed is no Bermudians and is not even close to be one. He is born in England and some how has a US passport. Ah must be AME.

      • Serious Though says:

        DOUBLE STANDARD not sure why 2017 is hate or love? waiting patiently

    • bluwater says:

      But didn’t the PLP just say they would withdraw their support from the PLP if they didn’t turf Bean?

  41. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    If we all are survive as a nation then this island nation of ours need to get our act together because if we do not, other nations and big business will eat us alive.

    We recovered from WW11 and the Great Depression, we may no be so lucky next time.

    Time has come to plant the seeds of forgiveness tolerance and unity.

    Don’t you all know that we all are good hard working people money is not every thing except to oil the wheels of Big Business . Are you burdened with taxation?

    We all have built a beautiful island together.

    Can any body tell what is to be gained, by dissension,other nation have courted self destruction and paid the ultimate price.

    If we are to to survive, it is time to put on a happy face as there are those who would take it all away.

    • JUNK YARD DOG says:

      Only 32 of you ! obviously i have many more supporters
      Positive thinking always prevail over the alternative.

  42. Terry says:

    Wrong yard Junk.
    Digest what garbage you wrote.


    • JUNK YARD DOG says:

      Mr.TERRY you obviously have nothing positive to say !

  43. steva says:

    Out with the deplorables!

  44. Sherildeen says:

    They won’t strike. Tourists are pretty much finished. No one to hurt but the locals.

  45. O.M.G says:

    Do you know how many work permits were issued when the PLP were in power. He should have nothing to do with any political subjects he was brought in to stir the S..t. I don’t blame the minister leaving his church services. I have walked out of a church because they started talking about another religion. You are supposed to be preaching about the lord not politics.

  46. TimBuc says:

    Wow as a young swing voter to see these comments is rather scary!!!
    How can we as Bermudians move forward with pure hatred. These remarks sounds like sugar coated racial slurs in my opinion.

  47. Cedar Stump says:

    “This action amounts to a total disrespect and disregard for the Doctrine and Discipline of the AME Church.”
    Looks to me that the AME church disrespects and disregards the law of the land !

    • sandgrownan says:

      Why should a church (of any stripe) demand respect?

  48. Rocky5 says:

    Unfortunately poor Minister Gordon-Pamplin doesn’t have the godd judgement to understand that the pro-PLP Civil Servants in the Dept. of Immigration are “THROWING HER UNDER THE BUS” on this one. Or as they say, “Common sense is not that common anymore”…….

  49. bluwater says:

    So, why doesn’t the AME just advertise? Follow the law. Pride goeth before a fall.

  50. Serious Though says:

    New OBA Caesar Rules to the Church, give to Caesar what belong to Caesar, don’t oppose Ceasar rule or else…

  51. T says:

    Thank you for the early morning commentary.
    Rules are rules.

  52. aceboy says:

    Disrespect? The church feels disrespected? They disrespected our entire immigration process and when called on it they claim to be disrespected? Just who do they think they are?

    • aceboy says:

      Wow. The PLP *dislike* crowd are really good at clicking the button. Not so good at defending their special friend. The actual number of pro Tweed posts are seriously lacking in this thread…most amount to a threat. What a spineless bunch.

  53. wahoo says:

    So AME are above the law is essentially what I am getting from this. This is the mentality that is driving people away from church, but the church is fighting back and threatening us because we are not bowing anymore?

    • wahoo says:

      Dis-likers, you all seem to have pushed your button all at once – great choreography guys! But now you need to ask yourselves what you dislike about my comment, it was an accurate assessment of the situation I thought. If someone wants to write a reply I will check in later for enlightenment.

  54. Northshore says:

    The arrogance of Tweed, here on a work permit and speaking outside of his work permit! Do that in some countries and be jailed or worse. Whats worse is the AME Church is mouthing off and blaming their BS on others!!!

  55. Spit Bouy says:

    Well the PC, PLP & the BIU have been calling for changes to work permit applications/renewals etc & they wanted immigration reform. Well the OBA have made changes to work permit applications etc. Employers like me have to jump through hoops of flames if you need to bring someone in, but the AME Church feels that they should just do as they please. Right, got it.

    The aforementioned groups also feel that expats shouldn’t have a ‘pathway to status’. Umm Umm that is unless it’s thier ‘favourite foreigner’. Karma’s a **** LMAO

  56. vamos says:

    Hopefully religion doesn’t “Trump” the government and the law.

  57. Enough says:

    The irony of this whole situation is hilarious.

    Goodbye Tweed.

  58. what man says:

    The amount of people who are supporting this man is unbelievable. Maybe if he had supported pathways to status he would have had an opportunity to stay here and be Bermudian in the long run, but no, he wanted to kick out individuals who have been apart of our society for decades and be a political instigator and not follow by the rules. Now look what happens. Job 4:8, brother “As I have seen, those who plow iniquity and sow trouble reap the same”. The BIU/ PLP won’t be happy until this country is destroyed, and the rest of us sane Bermudians have to pay the detrimental price. I sure hope that the UK has a spare space for a few thousand Bermudian refugees in the next 20 years.

  59. Y-Gurl says:

    Wah Wah Wah…..we arte against work permits…oh wait not if applies to us!

  60. G says:

    Churches as of late forget thy place.

    Thy place is in the heart of others and not in their political persuasion.

    Reverend Tweed must revert and repent thy political sins and return to enriching the hearts of others! Leave politics to Satan!

    So endeth the lesson!

  61. Jus' Wonderin' says:

    The FUNNIEST thing about this all is that his name isn’t even Tweed….wonder who Genevieve is? HE’S NOT BERMUDIAN!

  62. Forethebest says:

    A few years ago the Anglican Church of Bermuda was made to face the same stringent regulations and certain non-Bermudian vicars were sent home much to the annoyance of some parishioners. It seems that the AME people are being made to face the same regulations.

  63. Let's Keep It Real says:

    Let’s keep it real….there is currently two Pastors on this Island that have pastored AME Churches as big as or bigger than St. Paul AME. One is the spouse of a Bermudian and the other is a born Bermudian who has decided to step back and according to him “evaluate the direction of the AME Church and its local leadership in Bermuda”. Both of these gentleman are known to the local leadership as well as the current Bishop of their work oversees.

    So my question to the Bermuda AME Church “when is Bermuda for Bermudians”, is it only for your secular jobs, but when it comes to your church your preference is non-Bermudians. That seems a little hypocritical.

  64. You Do You says:

    How long before the tools are down and people are holding up misspelled signs?

    Getcha popcorn ready…


  65. Really says:

    I’ve been off the Island, just read his permit was revoked! What great and positive news!

  66. Cynical says:

    Pretty sure that Tweed is Bermudian. Saw him driving at lunchtime and he didn’t indicate at the roundabout. Definitely Bermudian.

  67. Point boy says:

    If mr Tweed has so many ties to Bermuda, why was he against imigration reform? Talking out of both sides I guess.

  68. Unus sed leo says:

    A guest should not take possession of a hosts home…or …act to hell up in his yahd…