Photos: Olympic Wall Unveiled At Sports Centre

October 15, 2016

Past and recent Bermuda Olympians and their families were joined at the National Sports Center along with Members of the Bermuda Olympic Association and Government for the ‘unveiling’ of the Olympic Wall.

Acting Governor Ginny Ferson, Premier Michael Dunkley, Minister of Social Development and Sports Sylvan Richards, Director Youth Sport & Recreation Norbert Simons, and former Sports Minister Patricia Gordon Pamplin were all in attendance as the historic wall was displayed for all to see.


The Wall serves to help mark the 80th anniversary of Bermuda‚Äôs participation in the Olympic Games, and the name of Bermuda’s sole Olympic medalist — Clarence Hill — is inscribed in a different colour on the wall.

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Comments (8)

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  1. Family Man says:

    Did I miss the part about where Mr. Richards made his large contribution to the Bermuda Olympic Assoc. to help our athletes train and compete? After all, he saved an awful lot of money by sticking the tax payers with his hefty travel bills.

  2. Moonbeam says:

    What a disgrace that Bermuda’s Paralympians are not included ! When will Bermuda realize that Paralympians are Olympians too ? A form of discrimination in my opinion !

  3. mmm says:

    I agree that the Paralympians should have been present, so much is said to those who achieve, but isn,t it a lot more courage, a lot more will-power to feel a bit of acceptance for those who struggle with disabilities. And the Minister of Sports should have flown general class, I understand his booking was after his recent appointment, thus the excessive costs, but does it cost that much to change the name of the ticket=holder from Pamplin to Richards since Pamplin was no longer the Minister of Sports.

  4. archy says:

    Great stuff! (Can’t wait to see Sylvan Richards’ expenses claim for this!)

  5. Kathy says:

    YES, Paralympians have made a huge contribution to sport in Bermuda and have also put Bermuda on the map! I call for a petition to get their names ADDED!

  6. Lisa Anne (Bardgett) Stevens says:

    How disappointing that not all past Olympians were contacted about this event. My father, Walter, represented Bermuda in the 1948 & 1952 Olympics as a swimmer. He is probably one of the oldest surviving Bermudian Olympians. He only found out about the events after the fact and would have certainly enjoyed attending the events commemorating the 80th Anniversary.

  7. Robert Cook says:

    They missed the names of three Olympians in the 1948 Games: Derek Oatway, Phillip Tribley and Donald Shanks. I swam with them.