Video: Shiona Turini Visits With Luxury Retailer

February 2, 2017

Bermudian fashion expert Shiona Turini recently guided a team from luxury goods retailer Bergdorf Goodman around Bermuda, showcasing the island’s natural beauty, attractions and cuisine.

A video of the excursion captures Ms. Turini as she leads the team to various locations, including the Nonsuch Island area, Crystal Caves, the Unfinished Church in St. George’s, Woody’s Bar, the Botanical Gardens, Jobson’s Cove and more.

The video’s description says, “Come along as fashion stylist Shiona Turini takes us to some of her favorite spots on the beautiful island of Bermuda. Get the ultimate travel times, from hidden caves to the Unfinished Church ruins, and her top picks for local fish sandwiches or beachfront dining.”

Ms. Turini has had a very successful career in the fashion world, having worked for both Cosmopolitan and Teen Vogue magazines and being featured by numerous publications including the New York Times, Huffington Post and Elle Online. Her skills have seen her work for stars such as Pharrell Williams and Beyonce, and to be invited to speak at the White House.

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  1. Just love my Bermuda Culture.

  2. Hope_Faith_Love says:

    Shiona is an amazing ambassador for Bermuda! By the looks, she is well connected and can have great influence in her circle to give Bermuda world stage exposure

  3. Jus' Askin' says:

    Awesome Promo :-D