Bermuda International Film Festival Goes Digital

March 21, 2017

The Bermuda International Film Festival [BIFF] – which is set to take place from May 1 to May 7 – has gone digital, with the Chairman saying they have “escaped the dark ages.”

BIFF Chairman Rod Ferguson said, “We no longer have to receive these heavy reels, as BIFF has gone digital; we have escaped the dark ages.”

A spokesperson said, “BIFF Purpose Trust is a registered charity #465 and is one of the few charities focused totally on the arts, which is so needed in today’s confusing environment. As a benefit to our donors, BIFF offers valuable benefits.”

Rod Ferguson Bermuda March 2017

“The Festival is a showcase for a wide spectrum of films with the aim to entertain. The festival features top films from the world’s leading filmmakers while it also introduces new talent from around the globe.

“BIFF’s week long celebration of cinema consists of Main Slate of both narrative and documentary feature films, programmes of short films, provocative and controversial late night shows and a day devoted to Bermudian filmmakers. In addition, there is the BIFF Kids programmes in the mornings for both primary and secondary school students.

Patrons and sponsors are able to return their pledge forms by April 1. For further information on how to be a sponsor and patron please e-mail or call BIFF at 293-3563. Patron and Sponsor forms are also on

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  1. Jim bob says:

    I wonder if they know, BIFF has been digital for over 3 years….

    • Nicky says:

      BIFF does know. We are just highlighting this for the 20th Bermuda international Film Festival. We will be doing a retrospective short film of the last twenty years of BIFF. We hope to have the communities support for the twentieth BIFF Anniversary May 1st -7th.