School Lunch Challenge Winners Announced

March 22, 2017

The winners of the School Lunch Challenge 2016-17 were announced, with entrants judged on the nutritional content of the lunches they took to school in an effort to promote the importance of healthy eating in Bermuda’s schools.

The School Lunch Challenge is the one of the main nutrition components of the Premier’s Youth Fitness Programme, which aims to equip Bermuda’s young people with the information and skills they need to live a long, strong, healthy life.

First Place Winners_HEALTHY_SCHOOL_LUNCH_CHALLENGE_AWARDS bermuda march 22 2017

This is fourth year of the Challenge, and the first year that four of the schools had every student participating. Winners were judged on the nutritional content of the lunches they took to school.

The Argus Group, the Bermuda Dietitians Association and the Ministry of Education have been steadfast partners in supporting the Department of Health as it promotes the importance of healthy eating in Bermuda’s schools.

Generic_HEALTHY_SCHOOL_LUNCH_CHALLENGE_AWARDS_General  bermuda march 22 2017

Minister of Health and Seniors Jeanne Atherden and Minister of Education Cole Simons, as well as Michelle Brock-Jackson, Executive Vice President, Group Insurance, The Argus Group and Mellonie Furbert, Government nutritionist representing the Bermuda Dietitians Association were on hand to congratulate the winners, all from Primary 1 to Middle 1. The Ministers extended their appreciation to parents, teachers and all students who participated, and to Argus for sponsoring this initiative.

Second Place Winners_HEALTHY_SCHOOL_LUNCH_CHALLENGE_AWARDS  bermuda march 22 2017

Minister Atherden told the students assembled, “When you eat healthy food it makes you grow, it makes your brain work better and it gives you energy. It can also keep you at a healthy weight, which is very important to your overall health as you get older.

“I am proud of all of you, and everyone else at your schools who joined in because everyone who participated in the School Lunch Challenge is doing something great for his or her body and brain. I hope that you will keep this healthy eating habit for the rest of your lives.”

Teachers_HEALTHY_SCHOOL_LUNCH_CHALLENGE_AWARDS bermuda march 22 2017

Minister Simons, who also congratulated the students, added, “You students are my conscience. Parents, listen to your children. They have really learned a great deal about how to eat healthy, nutritious food.”

He also acknowledged a group of dedicated educators for their encouragement and support of the School Lunch Challenge as a very important part of the success of this programme.

Third Place WInners _HEALTHY_SCHOOL_LUNCH_CHALLENGE_AWARDS bermuda march 22 2017

“My Ministry appreciates what teachers are doing to make Bermuda’s future adults healthy, productive members of society,” added Minister Atherden.

Marie Beach Johnson, Healthy Schools Coordinator, Department of Health, closed the award ceremony by urging all students to participate again next year.

Argus Sponsored School Lunch Challenge Winners 2016-17

First PlaceSecond PlaceThird Place
P1  MiCha Lewis West Pembroke PrimaryP1  Shannon Smith Dalton E. Tucker PrimaryP1  Marcus Evans West Pembroke Primary
P2  Dylan Walker Somersfield AcademyP2  Mitsuki Shimbara Somersfield AcademyP2 Max DeCouto Somersfield Academy
P3  Genesis Payne Heron Bay PrimaryP3  Jahzy Simmons Heron Bay PrimaryP3  Nylan Tyrrell Somersfield Academy
P4 Taylor Herzog Somersfield AcademyP4  Marleigh Howes Somersfield AcademyP4  Connor Redcliffe Somersfield Academy
P5  Milan Nisbett Bermuda Institute of SDAP5  Jalijah Caines Heron Bay PrimaryP5  Taliah Wade Somersfield Academy
P6 Sterling Brown Heron Bay PrimaryP6 Ava Gabai-Maiato Somersfield AcademyP6  Caiden Millett Somersfield Academy
M1 Destiny Matthie Warwick AcademyM1 Taya Simons Warwick AcademyM1  Tayla Horan Warwick Academy

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  1. Glenn Blakeney Jr says:

    Great job MiCha! Uncle is very proud of you!