Duffy Wins By Largest Margin In WTS History

May 13, 2017

Bermuda’s Flora Duffy — the reigning world champion — has added yet another big international win to her resume, racing to victory in the ITU World Triathlon Yokohama in Japan today [May 13].

She recorded a commanding victory, crossing the line in a time of 1:56:18, almost two minutes ahead of the second place athlete, which according to the International Triathlon Union website, is the “largest winning margin in WTS history.”

Graphic courtesy of the ITU:


After having to pull out of the first two races of the season due to injury, Duffy lined up in Japan and produced yet another winning performance.

“I didn’t know what I would have in the tank for today, I was pretty nervous coming into the race today, I felt like a WTS first-timer, but I had to keep reminding myself that I am the World Champ and I need to ride with confidence. So the race worked out great to my strengths and I am super happy,” said Duffy.

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Rain made the race day a little more challenging for all the women out on the course, but it was Duffy who used it to her advantage to get her first gold of the year.

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  1. Impressed says:

    Fabulous! Bermuda is proud of you!

  2. Rasta says:

    Well done!

  3. Sage says:

    Absolutely Fantastic!!!

  4. Tony Brannon says:


  5. Lisa Dolan says:

    You are awesome! Many, many congratulations!

  6. Benita Kropman says:

    Well done Flora – a magnificent result!!!!

  7. Up D Hill says:

    Yet another feather in the cap of Flora and Bermuda, awesome feat Flora you make all of Bermuda feel proud and good!

  8. Zina Edwards says:

    Awesome race. She’s Dufftastic!

  9. Timbuc says:

    She’s a monster. Hat off to you

  10. Debrina says:

    You Go girl! CONGRATS!!!!

  11. Gray Matter says:

    Wow – that is simply awsome!!!! Congrats to Flora. You are rockin it girl!!!! Well done!!

  12. wahoo says:

    Wow! You go girl!

  13. Jus' Askin' says:

    Congratulations Flora!!! :-D

  14. Lady Jane says:

    Congrats! Remarkable achievement, Flora! After a rest, You Go Girl Again!

  15. Ronnie Viera says:

    Congratulations! Awesome performance.

  16. outkasted says:

    Straight Beasting it!

  17. Ashley Finnigan says:

    You are an incredible athlete! Congrats!!!

  18. Bermuda tartan says:

    Wonderful. Many congrats on this and your engagement. World Champ wedding in December beckons.

  19. Street Smart says:

    OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!!!! Again…… You’ve done Bermuda very PROUD!!!!

  20. Counting says:

    So proud of you Ms. Duffy, you are Bermuda strong. Straight beastmode!

  21. Alexander Y Outerbridge says:

    Astounding result.

  22. charles daniels says:

    She is really amazing. Gotta do something special for her !