Mirrors Appeals For Summer Camp Volunteers

June 21, 2017

The Minister of Social Development and Sports, Nandi Outerbridge is appealing for community volunteers to assist in Mirrors’ 6-day summer programme for middle school students.

A spokesperson said, “Volunteers undergo 2 days of training and assist as a Team Leader for 6 days of SuperCamp, and in turn receive free cutting-edge training in the Quantum Learning Network’s Quantum Learning methods and 8 Keys of Excellence.

“This 6 day Mirrors SuperCamp will give 50 middle school students an incredible opportunity to develop their socio-emotional skills while learning to learn more effectively using the innovative neuroscience-based learning techniques developed by the Quantum Learning Network.

“SuperCamp uses a structured curriculum to provide students with intensive personal development as well as academic strategies to be more effective learners. Students are supported in identifying their personal learning preferences and learn valuable strategies to enhance their learning through visual, auditory and kinesthetic methods. Students also work on personal development through the 8 Keys of Excellence, which focus on developing values-based behavior. Mirrors SuperCamp keeps students’ minds engaged and bodies moving throughout the day through a range of activities focused on communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and character.

“Over the course of the camp, students will explore their beliefs, behaviours and attitudes, define what’s important to them, why they learn the way they do and how to make use of their knowledge to learn and live better. But most importantly, Mirrors SuperCamp is about having fun in a safe and supportive environment that nurtures young people’s ability to develop personally.

“To create the environment necessary for young people to make personal breakthroughs, Mirrors relies on community volunteers,” said Minister Outerbridge. “It is the caring and engaging interpersonal relationships between young people and volunteers that ensure Mirrors has maximum impact.

“Mirrors is appealing for volunteers to spend one week, from Saturday August 19th to Saturday August 26th to support SuperCamp. Included are two days of personal development and skills training in quantum learning methods, ensuring that volunteers also grow and develop as a result of their Mirrors SuperCamp experience. This is an especially exciting opportunity for any educator to boost their teaching skills for free.”

“If you are interested in making a difference in the life of a young person in Bermuda, and would like to volunteer for Mirrors’ Summer SuperCamp, or any of ourother volunteer roles, please contact Mirrors’ Enrolment Manager, Nicola Feldman, on nmfeldman@gov.bm or call the Mirrors office on 294-9291to schedule a volunteer orientation.

To find out more about Mirrors Programme and what it has to offer, please visit the programme website on www.mirrors.bm.

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