Police Seize Cannabis Plants In St. George’s

June 8, 2017

Police have seized “several mature cannabis plants” which were located on Smith’s Island in St. George’s. The seizure took place on Wednesday [June 7] and police have confirmed that “no one has been arrested in connection with the matter”.

A police spokesperson said, “On Wednesday, June 7th police officers attended Smith’s Island in St. George’s and located several mature cannabis plants, which were seized.

“At this time no one has been arrested in connection with the matter and inquiries are underway.”

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  1. Aqua cadit resurge says:

    It is a plant…OK?…an herb…anti depressants are common cause in each case of mass shootings and other violent irrational incidents.
    Please regulate that.seize that.

    • jim hill says:

      If you want to fight to make it legal, come up with better arguments. Provide peer reviewed studies that proves it cures this, or prevents that. Provide facts and statistics that show, in the places where it IS legal, crime has fallen, suicides have fallen, use by minors has not increased etc. STOP with the ‘it’s just a plant’ nonsense. Some of the world’s deadliest poisons come from plants. That’s not an acceptable argument.

      • jredmond says:

        Suck an egg

      • sage says:

        How did cancer sticks and booze become and remain legal? They can’t come up with anything positive or fulfill any of your points,so why is the bar set so high for herb? World of hypocritical idiots.

        • Say So Say Right says:

          Just because Poison Ivy isn’t illegal to smoke doesn’t meant is a good idea? Clearly alcohol and cigs were a bad idea and maybe should never have been legalized. And I would even probably agree that for many it is far worse than alcohol or cigarettes. That does not mean we should legalize it! maybe we should ban those bad ideas, not introduce another bad one.

          If you think weed is harmless, you are either too young or a user yourself. We all have friends that smoke weed. But there is always the one guys that smokes day and night, alone or with friends. If you know someone like this, that smokes weed every day…. check back every five years or so and watch their hygiene, motor skills, memory, desire to do things, and their brain power deteriorate rapidly after about 25? If you don’t know anyone like that – bad news – it is probably you.

          • sage says:

            Oh, so you a ‘non-user’ know better than people who have smoked it for decades? Do you drink? If so, have you heard of wet brain (may want to ask your doctor)? It seems to affect large numbers of hypocrites who attempt to shift blame away from their drug of choice, booze, to the worlds historical scapegoat, ganja. Herb does not kill brain cells it is a neuro-protectant utilized to treat trauma to the brain and your imaginary weedo stereotype shows your severely limited, discriminatory mindset.

            • Herbert Smoker says:

              Excellent points! I think I really like you now.

          • Sara says:

            We all know that person that becomes an alcoholic and drinks day and night. But we all know the majority of people drink in moderation and enjoy the legal alcohol responsibly. Why can’t the same hold true for marijuana? No matter how you try to justify it in your brainwashed minds, it is hypocritical. It’s illegality is rooted in racism.

      • Nikon says:

        Exactly Jim, In Colorado the state police have already released the numbers showing accidents/fatalities have actually increased due to pot heads driving impaired on these newer generation, hybridized, high THC “super plants” – same as in Washington State – it will only get worse as these fiends continue to flock to these states in ever increasing numbers…

        I also agree with Aqua credit whatever…pharmaceutical drugs are a way worse problem than weed… I have a question though Why are people so weak that they need stimulants or depressants to begin with? It is all a crutch for a pathetic life lived.

        • Sorry Sir says:

          What about the tourism numbers? Tourism in Colorado has increased substantially.
          Increased traffic can also cause a higher amount of accidents.

          This is what happens when not every state is onboard.

          Either way, you introduce anything new, there are always going to be initial problems. That doesn’t mean you stop. I’m pretty sure it’s the reason why we have speed limits and it’s illegal to drink and drive. Those things were legal when cars were introduced.

          Did we ban cars because of the increase in road accidents? No
          Did we ban alcohol because people were drinking and driving? No

          • Say So Say Right says:

            People in communities will accept higher tourist numbers and more accidents – when they are truly accidents caused by higher tourist numbers and not because someone was drunk or high and their bad decisions caused the accident.

            Are you even old enough to remember college weeks in the 80s and 90s? They were insane and lots of fun if you were a college kid. Not so fun for the police and residents that had to teal with increased accidents, fights and violence.

      • Hotgog says:

        you should try smokeing some you may like it.

      • Llewellyn D says:

        If alcohol is legal and is the most deadly drug by far,what more do you want.

      • Sara says:

        If you think that marijuana is legal for a legitimate reason then you need to educate yourself as to why it was made illegal in the first place. It should be the law that has to prove why marijuana is illegal not the other way around. It is purposeful and those that want to keep it illegal will go down kicking and screaming because they know once it is fully legal (which will be over the next ten years) they will lose out big!

  2. Hope they left behind 9 grams.

  3. N/A says:

    Good work Bermuda police. I know I feel much safer that our tax dollars are being used to combat a plant. Anyway, gotta go buy cigarettes and alcohol now…

  4. We are like…the only place that hasn’t made this available and taxed it…..a personal choice should be just that…personal.
    Look here…what conditions are attached to the nine gram ruling…because if it is all the same to you…let’s just package up some nine gram baggies and divy up the loot?!

    • Dark Star says:

      Wrong—-it is still illegal in many countries and islands

    • Say So Say Right says:

      Aqua Cadit?????? Even in the US the Federal government has not legalized it. AQt any minute hey can raid these businesses in Colorado. Banks can NOT legally accept money deposits from this type of business either. So before you say we are last and wrong. I would rather be the first country to get the laws right , then to rush and be the first to get it wrong.right.

      • Herbert Smoker says:

        Banks yes, but the IRS wants their taxes from said businesses. Go figure.

  5. Mumbo-Jumbo says:

    Genisis 1:29

  6. Oh,I see now says:

    It becomes a problem when the money allocated for household neccesities and bills is used to purchase herb.

    • sage says:

      Or alcohol or cigarettes or fancy clothes, jewelry, makeup, hairdos, 60″ tv’s, tithes etc., etc. At least you can grow herb for free.

    • Nikon says:

      Exactly…I know a man that is a habitual user – see nothing wrong with it…meanwhile his house is in a sad state of repair, children largely neglected, and has moved absolutely no where in his career for the last 12 years…can’t be the weed addiction though…got to be something else…

      • Medic says:

        I know a man who is a habitual user—see nothing wrong with it…meanwhile he has started renovating his second home, is about to put his second of three children through university, and has worked his way to become the head of the department in the company he works for…..can’t be the weed….got to be something else….(every person is different and creates their own path in life)

        • Say So Say Right says:

          Imagine how much more he could have done if he wasn’t stoned most of the time.

          • Herbert Smoker says:

            Maybe he gets it done because he IS stoned. People have different circumstances, personalities, experiences, drives.

    • inna says:


  7. Garrus says:

    What they wanna do? Arrest Mother Nature?

  8. Bermudian girl says:

    Police still wasting their time and the tax payers money over a plant. Stupid fools

  9. De Truth says:

    If importation of the plant is illegal then the only step for us to take is cultivation!! Simple!!!

  10. Blindbutcansee says:

    Well done BPS. Check all the islands to see if trees are growing. Money and time well spent.

  11. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Could have staked the patch out for a week and probably caught the culprits watering them in this dry weather. Then again you have speeders to catch with loud mufflers…NOT!!!!

  12. Jr Smith says:

    free the cannabis, in the future we will look back on this and shake our heads…

  13. Nikon says:

    If weed was growing on my our your property for example ,we would face the consequences of the law – especially when there is clear evidence that that plant in question was cultivated (as is the case here) and not simply growing wildly. Yet no one is arrested with connection? Bull – find the survey of that island, from the survey find who owns that particular division of the island and arrest them. It is really that simple – if they have nothing to do with the plants truly, then I am sure they will begin to sing a very sad song.

    • sage says:

      Go purify yourself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka.

  14. L. Viera says:

    It’s a PLANT. It grows naturally. Who are they going to go arrest-God?

  15. Truth is killin' me... says:

    The poppy is a plant that causes much damage socially as well. Go ask the families of heroin addicts!

  16. Will says:

    I’d be pretty peeved if they used all that manpower and resources for several plants. Legalise please so we can move into the future.

  17. stiffnecked says:

    with over a 100,000 years of ganja smoking/consuming in are existence, which gave such great history to the development of men thru health n spirit which built tolerance in the most stressful conditions. we have allowed are truth to be replaced with a ghost story. and yes the ganja was different then, much more healthy. But who got rid of the healthy herbs and who is allowing these modified versions, who is making fertilizers and additives to grow these unhealthy crops, who is the real beneficiary of this deceitful strategy. YOU CAN NO LONGER SAY WE CANT HAVE IT BECAUSE ITS NO GOOD FOR U! IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN GOOD FOR US. PEOPLE TAKE GOOD THINGS AND MAKE THEM BAD, WE MAY CALL IT A BAD DECISION, NOT A BAD PLANT!

    • Zevon says:

      If you weren’t stoned all the time you might spend less time wondering why other people do better than you in life.

      • sage says:

        Zevon you moronic imbecile, we aren’t wondering, we are acutely aware of the ignorant, bigoted and totally misguided beliefs you and your ilk shamelessly display towards one group of humans who smoke herb, whilst deriding others for saying similar derogatory BS about your darlings the LBGTQ… crew, congrats you are Hypocrite of the Week, and you are no better off than anyone.

        • Zevon says:

          Still having trouble with comprehension?

        • Anbu says:

          Well most of the ones who try it and cant handle it automatically switch to “its the devil” lol. Obviously a light weight. Can prob knock back a six pack before feeling anything though. Smh

      • Herbert Smoker says:

        You can still get healthy organic stuff.

      • Herbert Smoker says:

        Did you watch / and / or like the movie “Avatar?” You know James Cameron is a daily Herb Smoker, right? Can’t tar all or even 1/4 of all with the same ignorant brush.