Photos & Results: Wednesday Night Sailing

August 17, 2017

The Wednesday Night Sailing Series continued in the Hamilton Harbour, with 16 boats going to the start line for the latest racing.

Crossfire was the first boat to cross the line, they clocked a time of 53:00, their corrected time of 58:08 saw them finish 4th overall, Smokin was the next boat to cross the line that were clocked at 57:18 and with their corrected time of 52:58 saw them finish 1st overall on the night.

Airforce was second on the night with a corrected time of 55:21, with Yabsta third on the night with a corrected time of 56:18 and Back in Black rounded out the top five finishers on the night with a corrected time of 58:23.


Wednesday Night Sailing Series 3 Race 2

  • 0:52:58 Smokin
  • 0:55:21 Airforce
  • 0:56:18 Yabsta
  • 0:58:08 Crossfire
  • 0:58:23 Back in Black
  • 0:58:48 Fat Tuesday
  • 1:01:50 Mayhem
  • 1:05:39 Solaise
  • 1:06:06 Passion
  • 1:07:24 New Wave
  • 1:08:25 Shogun
  • 1:10:32 Cyclone
  • 1:12:33 Chequemate
  • 1:15:35 Vixen
  • TLE Merrimist
  • TLE Dark Star

*TLE- Time Limit Expired

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  1. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    Bermuda is the sailing capital of the world.

    What is it about sailing that make it so different yet the same as any other competitive sport ?

    It is certain is not just for the rich and famous!

    Is it only just game we play with the wind gods ?

    Is it, the comradely of the crew members working together as a team, and the new friends they make ?

    Is it about fitness and exercise we all need to live a long life?

    Is it about “the team” where they participate where every one plays their part all with a common goal of being the best at what they do, simply just to get to the finish line for the sense of accomplishment.

    Sailing is a sport where every one if interested and even if they don’t own a sailboat can participate as the job openings on deck are numerous, this is where people even the race committee give of their time and effort to join in.

    What lessons in life does sailing teach us , too many to list here, for me,I have always said if you work hard you have the absolute right to play hard.

    Sailing is where you can let off steam and say good bye to the stress and strain of life, as is not easy playing the 9 to 5 game.

    Sailing around the cans is mentally and physically hard work and even harder out on the ocean crossing the pond.

    Who said it was easy ?.

    If nothing else, sailing builds Moral and strength of character.

    “you can only know what it is like to sit on a silk cushion
    until you first sit on a burlap sack.”

    Go down to the sea in ships.