Should Bermuda Care About Climate Change?

November 15, 2017

Mark Guishard Bermuda Nov 2017Meteorology expert Dr Mark Guishard is to deliver a presentation on climate change at the next instalment of ThinkFest.

The presentation, titled “Should Bermuda Care about Climate Change?” begins at 5 pm at the Bermuda College’s North Hall Lecture Theatre on Sunday, November 19.

Mark Guishard, PhD, leads the Risk Prediction Initiative at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences.

He has 20 years’ experience in atmospheric science, including work in operational forecasting, research meteorology, catastrophe risk analysis, and as Director of Bermuda Weather Service.

He has served on numerous local and intergovernmental committees on natural hazards. He holds a PhD in Meteorology, an MSc in Atmospheric Sciences, and has trained at the UK Met Office and the US National Hurricane Center.

Dr Guishard is a Chartered Meteorologist, American Meteorological Society Member, International Society of Catastrophe Mangers Member, and Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society.

Dr Guishard said: “While there has been public discourse on the impacts of climate change in many countries, there has been little discussion here in Bermuda about the consequences that we may already be experiencing, and indeed our children will inherit.

“With the recent hurricane and flooding activity around Bermuda and the region as context, this talk will revisit current thinking about the changing climate, and examine how it may impact Bermuda. We will discuss some of the environmental changes we are detecting already, and examine some important implications to Bermuda’s resilience.”

He will take the audience from basic definitions through to an examination of Bermuda’s mechanisms for analyzing climate change risks.

Attendees will gain an understanding of extreme weather events as they relate to Bermuda and climate change, a sense of Bermuda’s risk profile and resilience, and an awareness of possible strategies to enhance Bermuda’s resilience.

Ayo Johnson, founder of ThinkMedia which is producing ThinkFest, said: “Climate change is not often talked about publicly in Bermuda. We thank Mark Guishard for proposing this talk and hope that the general public will take advantage of the opportunity.”

The newest event on the Bermuda calendar, ThinkFest is an opportunity for the island to celebrate and acknowledge Bermudian academics and independent thinkers, a platform for networking with potential employers, funders, other academics and researchers and a forum for discussing the latest research in a wide variety of fields.

Each of the ThinkFest presenters dive deeply into a single topic for an extended period, followed by a chat with a host and audience Q and A.

For ThinkFest 2017, more than a dozen academics have been invited to present on topics such as the latest developments in cancer research, linguistics, media and race, ethnobotany and crime talk.

Several of them have agreed to take time off from their work and research to come to Bermuda specifically to participate in ThinkFest 2017.

Tickets for ThinkFest 2017 events can be purchased online or at the door.

Offline sales are being managed by Age Concern during office hours at its new location at Fort Knox [#1 Burnaby Street]. Five dollars of every ticket purchased [standard price only] through Age Concern will go directly into the seniors’ hardship fund.

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  1. bdaboy says:

    Bermuda doesn’t care about the environment.
    Bermuda dumps its garbage and sewage into the ocean. and burns copious amounts of fossil fuels.
    Bermudians will actively fight against, and even vote in a government that promises to remove human rights.
    Bermuda is another world.