ThinkFest: Is Tourism Better Under An Authority?

September 16, 2019

Cordell Riley ThinkFest Bermuda Sept 2019Researcher Cordell Riley is to probe the performance of the Bermuda Tourism Authority at the next ThinkFest event on Thursday.

In a talk entitled “Getting beyond the spin. Is tourism better under an Authority?” Mr Riley will present data and performance metrics on Bermuda’s tourism before and after the establishment of the BTA.

“Mr Riley’s Bermuda College presentation will be the first independent assessment of the performance of the BTA since it was established in 2014,” a statement from ThinkFest said.

Now the institutional researcher for the Bermuda College, Mr Riley has served as a government statistician, market research officer for the Department of Tourism and for many years ran his own firm, Profiles of Bermuda conducting human resource assessments, training and development, as well as market, business and tourism research.

He said: “I want to look at things like contributions to GDP, I want to look at proportion of the budget to salaries, things of that nature to get a real feel of the outcome. For instance, the budget itself – I’ll have to bring that up to real terms so I’ll probably use 2016 and 2017 dollars so we do a fair comparison.”

ThinkFest is Bermuda’s first seminar series featuring an all Bermudian cast of outstanding academics and independent thinkers.

Ayo Johnson, founder of ThinkMedia which is producing ThinkFest, said: “We were happy to accept this presentation proposal because policy evaluation is rarely done in a public setting if at all. All residents should be interested in an objective assessment of how well this relatively new institution is performing.”

The newest event on the Bermuda calendar, ThinkFest is an opportunity for the island to celebrate and acknowledge Bermudian academics and independent thinkers, a platform for networking with potential employers, funders, other academics and researchers and a forum for discussing the latest research in a wide variety of fields.

Each of the ThinkFest presenters dive deeply into a single topic for an extended period, followed by a chat with a host and audience Q and A.

The festival of Bermudian thought leaders ends with a talk by historian Theodore Francis on Sunday. Tuesday’s event – “Bermuda’s economic train wreck” with Robert Stubbs – has been cancelled. Tickets for ThinkFest 2019 events can be purchased online or at the door. Visit the website for more information.

All ThinkFest events take place at the Bermuda College.

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  1. J Starling says:

    Is there a rain-check date in the event that this Humberto causes some issues?

    • Ayo Johnson says:

      This event was postponed. New date to be announced soon. Stay tuned.

  2. Eve says:

    Very good timing, BTA has had plenty of time to study Bermuda tourism and formulate a sustainable tourism plan.

  3. sailor says:

    I wonder what this pro plp guy will say about the BTA. I must admit that he and his party are experts in Spin