Two Hour Video: “The Peaceful Way Forward”

March 24, 2018

Reverend Jeffrey Brown from Boston, National Security Minister Wayne Caines, and Gang Violence Reduction Coordinator Pastor Leroy Bean are today speaking on “The Peaceful Way Forward: The Courage to Listen.”

Sponsored by Sandys Rotary Club, this community conversation is taking place at the Hamilton Princess, and the organisers said the purpose “is to generate a space of solution focused collaborative action to create the ‘Bermuda Miracle.”

Reverend Brown is a Baptist Minister who learned to work with at-risk youth and significantly reduced the youth violence in Boston, creating what is known as “The Boston Miracle”.

Reverend Brown will share his experiences and expertise, while Minister of National Security and Pastor Bean will speak on the initiatives and actions occurring in Bermuda.

“We will close by looking at what brings the community together, how we can collaborate & where we can take committed actions toward resolution,” the organisers said.

Update: The 2 hour live video replay is below

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