Where To Watch Saturday’s Triathlon Event

April 25, 2018

Organisers are gearing up for Saturday’s World Triathlon Series, which is hosted on our shores for the first time, and have provided information on where to watch.

“There are several key vantage points for watching the racing live as competitors cycle and then run through the streets of Hamilton. Maps of the racecourse are available at www.tribermuda.com,” the organisers said.

“Fan Zones will be set up along the route, by a variety of community groups and the public is encouraged to join in or set up their own Fan Zones and family camps along the streets, with noisemakers, tents, chairs, coolers, picnics and refreshments. Hamilton restaurants and cafes are all open, including those with balcony-views of the racecourse

“World Champion Flora Duffy is calling on Bermuda to come out and enjoy the atmosphere of race day this Saturday, encouraging the public to bring noisemakers, flags and banners!

“Fan Zones – make a wall of noise to support the athletes. A number of mascots will make surprise appearances in Hamilton for more family-friendly fun. Schools and community groups are encouraged to set up their own Fan Zones anywhere along the course for Saturday’s race day.

Front Street: No 1 Car Park, transformed into a blue-carpeted ITU triathlon transition zone packed with bike racks, a finish chute and a public viewing deck with large screen TVs are available from free, on a first come, first served basis. All the sidewalks of Front Street are optimal viewing for the bike and run legs of the morning’s Age Group Amateur and the afternoon’s Elite races.

Port Royal Primary: Fan Zone is on the corner of Reid St and Burnaby Hill, optimal viewing for cyclists in all races flying down Reid Street from Cavendish Rd and taking a sharp turn at the bottom of Reid St onto Queen St. All alumni, students, parents, teachers and friends of Port Royal Primary are invited to join in. Support Flora Duffy, an alumni of the school.

“International Fan Zone: The area in front of the Cabinet Grounds on Front St will see flags of all nations waving on the hundreds of visiting athletes from 33 countries. Community groups and Consulates are inviting their members to come out in a show of support for their countries’ athletes. The male World Champion Mario Mola represents Spain and will race in Bermuda on Saturday. Countries competing include USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Mexico, Israel, Barbados, Australia, Czech Republic, Spain, Slovakia, Austria, China, Japan, Germany, UAE, Cayman, Denmark, Portugal, Costa Rica, Korea, New Zealand, South Africa and Pakistan.

Warwick Academy: Fan Zone is at the bottom of Crow Lane, a prime spot to see cyclists in the morning’s Age Group race take Trimingham Hill and then with the momentum of the downhill take the first switchback into Corkscrew Hill. Amateur racers will do this 2 to 4 times each, depending on their race distance and Elite racers will lap 10 times. The Elite racers turn immediately in front of the Warwick Academy Fan Zone. They invite all alumni, student, parents, teachers and friends to join them in their support for Flora Duffy and all of the athletes competing. Parking is free at Botanical Gardens and the Arboretum.

“Corkscrew Hill: At the top of Corkscrew Hill, DJ Chubb will be pumping the tunes and fans can gather for the day at Avocado Lodge Park. Ashley’s Lemonade will be in place for refreshments. This is a great place to enjoy the day with friends, park for free at the Arboretum and see the best cyclists take on Corkscrew without breaking a sweat!”

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