Around The Island Powerboat Race Results

August 12, 2018

The 2018 RUBiS Around the Island Powerboat Race was held today with a fleet of 17 boats registered to race.

“The race started at 2pm with the four A Class boats. A 29 [David Selley and Matthew Smith] dominated the race with a good close following from A 26 [Shaki Easton and Shane Madeiros],” the Bermuda Powerboat Racing Association said.

Around The Island August 12 2018

“B Class was the largest class this year with eight boats competing. A few new boats racing this race from the season races with a battle for first coming from B441 and B9. D Class had two boats and S Class battling it out with three.”

The final results for this race:

A – Class

  • Mathew Smith & David Selley – A29 in 55:11
  • Shaki Easton & Shane Medeiros – A26 in 56:04
  • Ryan Davidge & Richard Davidge – A16 in 59:40
  • Jody Carreiro & Tony Carreiro – A77 DNF

Audio comments from Mathew Smith & David Selley following the race:

B – Class

  • Quince Dowling & Tai Bean – B441 in 57:02
  • Cleveland Maybury & Joshua Usher – B9 in 1:04:35
  • Craig Nesbitt Sr. & Craig Nesbitt Jr. – B177 in 1:06:30
  • Esperanza Sobroda & Shae Johnson – B113 in 1:19:15
  • John Cook & Sanchea Douglas – B135 in 1:26:40
  • Rodrae Wilson & Sanjay Ramatar – B100 DNF
  • Jordan Fletcher & Mark Selley – B8 DNS

D –

  • Geoffrey Willoughby & MaKinday Johansen – D505 in 1:05:43 [9 min penalty assessed due to incorrect start and times adjusted]
  • Shawn Butterfield & Alex Gibbs – D69 DNF

S – Class

  • Andrew Cunningham & Henry Talbot – S22 in 40:09
  • Justin Renaud & Daric Seymour – S7 in 1:10:56
  • Steven Bridges & Keith Bridges – S20 DNF

Audio comments from Race Director Chris Roque following the race:

The Association said, “First across the line goes to A 29 who also took class honors, also setting an A Class record in 55:11. B Class honors goes to B441 in 57:02. D Class honors goes to D505 in 1:05:43 [9 min penalty assessed due to incorrect start and times adjusted], S Class honors go to S22 in 40:09

“During the race S20 was involved in an accident with one of the racers [Keith Bridges] being ejected from the boat and transported to KEMH. As of this time reports back to me have confirmed that he is ok and resting comfortably in KEMH under observation. We wish Keith Bridges a very speedy recovery.”

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  1. Point boy says:

    I hope the guy who went swimming is good. A lot of big swells out there!

  2. Think about it says:

    Well done David! Solid performance and record breaking run on a tough South Shore day!

  3. Sheila says:

    Shae you made it great job

  4. Congrats says:

    Well done David & Matthew !! Big Up Shaki same way! Shout Out to Shae and Esperenza !!

  5. Good job, Cleveland and Joshua.
    Sure glad that both of you finished the race unhurt!!