Around The Island Power Boat Race Entrants

August 7, 2015

The 2015 Rubis Around The Island powerboat race will take place this Sunday [Aug 9] with some 20 boats planning on taking to the Ferry Reach start line at 2pm.

BPA Vice Commodore Kim McCallan said, “This year the Power Boat Race is being sponsored by Rubis Energy who have graciously put up a $7,000 prize money for the event. The race starts at Ferry Reach and proceeds through the Pylons at Coney Island, along North Shore and Around a Buoy off Gibbets Island.

“Boats continue along North Shore and around Hog Fish Beacon through, Two Rock Passage and around Whites Island, from there, boats continue along the Harbour Road shoreline, around Buoys at Five Star Island, along to Commissioner’s Point, around Daniels Head and on to South Shore.

“Boats then continue along South Shore to St. David’s Head then around St. Catherine’s Point, Down North Shore and back to Ferry Reach for the finish. I would like to thank the crash boat volunteers and all of the volunteers at Ferry Reach and all of our community partners.”

B – Class Competitors

  • Driver – David Selley-
    Co-Pilot – Jordan Fletcher
    Boat Number – B8
    Length of boat – 21 feet
    Boat Color – Orange/Silver
  • Driver – Ryan Davidage
    Co-Pilot – Andrew Osbourne
    Boat Number – B16
    Length of boat 23 feet
    Boat Color – Red
  • Driver – Dennis Trott
    Co-Pilot – Darius Zuill
    Boat Number – B37
    Length of boat 21 feet
    Boat Color – Green, Blue and Yellow
  • Driver – Newton Adcock
    Co-Pilot – John Adcock [Rookie]
    Boat Number – B55
    Length of boat 19 feet
    Boat Color – Black & Blue hull / Black bottom
  • Driver – Jody Carreiro
    Co-Pilot – Tony Carreiro
    Boat Number – B77
    Length of boat 22 feet
    Boat Color – Blue/Orange
  • Driver - Luke Parker
    Co-Pilot – Ryan Resendes
    Boat Number – B118
    Length of boat 19 feet
    Boat Color – White
  • Driver – Craig Nisbett
    Co-Pilot – Craig Nisbett Jr
    Boat Number – B177
    Length of boat 21 feet
    Boat Color – White
  • Driver – Kentwoin Jones
    Co-Pilot – Joshua Holder [Rookie]
    Boat Number – B211
    Length of boat 22 feet
    Boat Color – White Hull / White & Red bottom

C – Class Competitors

  • Driver – Derek Simons
    Co-Pilot – Desmond DeShields
    Boat Number – C94
    Length of boat 23 feet
    Boat Color – Orange/ White
  • Driver – Damon Simons
    Co-Pilot – Jeff Sousa
    Boat Number – C941
    Length of boat 23 feet
    Boat Color – Yellow Hull / White bottom

D – Class Competitors

  • Driver – Kenny Maybury
    Co-Pilot – Wayne Williams
    Boat Number – D88
    Length of boat 21 feet
    Boat Color – Blue,Yellow,White, Grey Hull / White bottom
  • Driver – Steven Eversley
    Co-Pilot – Brandon Franks
    Boat Number – D187
    Length of boat 23 feet
    Boat Color – Multi/ White
  • Driver – Mark Selley Jr
    Co-Pilot – Tyler Smith
    Boat Number – D707
    Length of boat 22 feet
    Boat Color – White & Lime Green Hull / White bottom
  • Driver – Stuart Durham
    Co-Pilot – Mackie Wilson
    Boat Number – D999
    Length of boat 24 feet
    Boat Color – White, Blue & Black Hull / White bottom

S – Class Competitors

  • Driver – Shaki Easton
    Co-Pilot – Derek Seymour
    Boat Number – S7
    Length of boat 32 feet
    Boat Color – Silver Hull / White bottom
  • Driver – Steven Bridges
    Co-Pilot – Keith Bridges
    Boat Number – S20
    Length of boat – 30 feet
    Boat Color – Multi Hull / White bottom
  • Driver – Cameron Harris
    Co-Pilot – Westmore [Andy] Stoneham
    Boat Number – S22
    Length of boat 28 feet
    Boat Color – Yellow
  • Driver – Neil Fox
    Co-Pilot – Steven McCallan
    Boat Number – S122
    Length of boat 24 feet
    Boat Color – Black

The full information follows below [PDF here]:

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  1. With Newton Adcock strapping-up and joining his son this weekend, just maybe we’ll see Mark Selley Sr. behind the “helm” having his son with him as co-pilot?

  2. I and I says:

    Ray Ray you instigator you! Lol!

  3. Franklin Jr says:

    power gives way to sail

    • Mariner says:

      Not always the case

    • Boating Public says:

      Different rules apply to race competitors, otherwise you are correct. Hope the spectator boats abide by the rules, particularly cowboy show-offs, and arrive at their viewing spots in plenty of time. Safe boating everyone!

  4. Pookie Boo says:

    Newton and son, best of luck and do it for us old retired racers. Show these newbies the way to go and how we did it.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      Newton is far too modest to admit it , but he was a MAJOR crowd attraction back in the 70′s in the days of really fun c/c racing.
      No disrespect to the all time favorites like Ken Dear , Ed Hamiton , Larry Robinson , Dick Christensen , Chucky Renaud ,Stan Burrows , Tonky Trott and many , many others.

      People went to see the fearless antics of Newton ! I wish he and his son all the best … but a safe race to all ! And a big shout out to Chicken and Des and the Selly twins too .

  5. Tom Cooke says:

    Sure would like to see the AC 45s do a go around….

    • @ Tom Cooke: Now, that would be some “spectacle”! Just maybe someone can look into the possibilities…

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      They’re all in Sweden prepping for the next series, would be a hell of race around the island though. On a good wind day, they would probably put in a fairly close time to the PB’s

  6. imported fisher says:

    Hope all is safe, but guaranteed at hog fish or the pylons there will be boats and JET SKIS being a nuisance!

  7. Best of luck…and please return to us.

  8. Double M Quad Twos says:

    I wish all the best to the racers today. I am presently overseas visiting Disney World with my sweetie so I will miss all the action. As a newly responsible and mature ex yachtsman I pray that the Lord watches over every entrant and spectator. God bless you all.

  9. Elbow Beach Spectator says:

    I was sitting at Elbow beach this afternoon and 3 boats came by on the inside of the inner reef closest to the beach. I was just getting ready to snorkel there with the kids. This is totally unacceptable to have these boats on the inside of the reef. Luckily no one was out there snorkeling as they might have been killed. But hey, as long as they win the race. Those racers should be disqualified for risking human life. Once again, Bermuda at its finest!!!

    • next time says:

      Well the entire island knew what was happening, so why would you go out snorkeling knowing full well there is a race. Maybe they need officials to warn people at beaches like you. Can’t hold off your personal agenda for an hour? But hey as long as you get your snorkeling in. Perspective is a funny thing isn’t it?

    • Mariner says:

      Who knew RTI takes place in Bermuda every August…since the 60′s…

  10. Wildflower says:

    Wish all the entrants good speed! Wonderful to see such enthusiasm along the shore as we drove around today. Wildflower!